10 Fantastic Gemstones for Engagement Rings: Diamond Alternatives

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Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. They represent the unspoken promise to get married, so it’s important that you find the perfect ring for your significant other. When searching for an engagement ring, many people focus solely on diamonds without considering all their options. As we all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so the saying goes. They have been for generations! 

However, diamonds are not the only gemstone that could be used in an engagement ring. In fact, there are many other options available to you when it comes to finding your one true love and proposing with the perfect stone. This article will discuss 10 alternatives to diamond engagement rings that can be just as beautiful and special for someone who is looking for something different than what has been traditionally offered by jewelry stores everywhere.

Topaz Gemstone Engagement Rings

Topaz is a gemstone that has been mined for centuries and remains one of the most popular stones in the world. Though it is often known as a “gem of fire,” topaz actually comes in many different colors, including pink, yellow, green, red and blue. In terms of quality, there are three classifications: top-grade colorless; second-grade fancy bright; third-grade natural or earthy. Topaz engagement rings are the perfect way to show your love for your partner, and they can be found in a variety of styles.

If you’re looking for something that is eye-catching but not too flashy, then this gemstone may be perfect for you! But when purchasing an engagement ring for your loved one, make sure that they are aware of what size their finger is so that you can get them a well-fitted band. A topaz will shine on any finger where it rests!

Amethyst Gemstone Engagement Rings

In the world of engagement rings, there is a multitude of options. From solitaire diamond rings to pear-shaped diamond rings and more, it can be hard to make the right choice for you and your partner. One gemstone that should definitely be on your radar is amethyst! Amethyst is a gorgeous purple stone that has been used as an engagement ring gemstone for centuries. 

Amethyst gemstone engagement rings are an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement. It is the perfect stone for those who want their connection to be as individual as they are. They have been loved by couples for years and will continue to be loved for generations to come. You can find amethyst in purple, lavender, and lilac shades that will suit any mood or occasion. It also comes in rainbow colors with many different patterns and textures on offer depending on your personal preference.

Peridot Gemstone Engagement Rings

The peridot gemstone is the birthstone for August, which makes it a great choice for an engagement ring. Not only does its warm, yellow hue make it perfect for summer weddings, but the peridot’s meaning as one of the most powerful stones in ancient times also lends itself to celebrating love and commitment. 

For centuries it has been a popular engagement ring stone because of its beauty and symbolism. The peridot is an olivine mineral with a rich green color that can be found in Hawaii, Arizona, China, Japan, Russia and Canada. It’s also called “gem-of-the-sun” because of its association with the sun god Ra in ancient Egypt. Peridots are known for their ability to increase optimism when worn or held close to someone who needs hope!

Morganite Gemstone Engagement Rings

Morganite is a beautiful gemstone that shines with an orange hue. It is one of the many colors in the family of pink stones, but it has its own unique properties and qualities. Morganite can be an excellent choice for those who want something different than the traditional engagement ring. This stone has been said to bring good luck and love to whoever wears it.

It’s also the perfect stone for those who are looking for something with understated elegance. This is a gemstone that has grown in popularity among the fashion world. Morganite is often used as an alternative to diamond for engagement rings due to its unique color and affordability. It’s also one of the few stones that can be found in shades other than yellow, white, or pink. The most common colors are peach and lavender; however, many varieties exist with different hues. A Morganite ring also can be a unique gift for someone who prefers an alternative to diamonds!

Smokey Quartz Gemstone Engagement Rings

There’s something so incredibly sexy and unique about a smokey quartz gemstone engagement ring. The smoky hue is the perfect balance of earthy and glamorous at the same time, giving off an air of sophistication that you can’t find in other gemstones. And with its versatility across all skin tones, it’s hard to imagine someone not finding their dream ring!

If you’re looking for a gemstone that is both elegant and powerful, look no further than smokey quartz. Smokey quartz has been considered an alternative stone for centuries because of its unique coloring and healing properties. This gem has been worn by royalty in the past, but now it’s available to all!  It’s also durable enough to withstand daily wear which makes it perfect for everyday use. 

Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a ring to symbolize the eternal love that you share with your partner, then ruby gemstone engagement rings might be right for you. Ruby stones are said to be able to heal emotional wounds while giving you strength for new adventures in life. They can also help with finding the true self-expression that will lead you down a happy path of creative expression! This gorgeous collection features some exquisite ruby stones that would make any woman feel like royalty!

A gemstone is chosen to represent the wearer’s personality and life path. It should bring happiness, joy, and love into the wearer’s life. The ruby stone represents passion, energy, creativity, courage, wisdom and love. The deep red color of this stone has been associated with royalty, nobility, fire, power and courage since antiquity. Rubies can range in carat weight anywhere from 1/4 carat all the way up to 12 carats! This means there is a ruby ring out there waiting just for you!

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Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

The emerald is without a doubt one of the most popular gemstones in the world. It has been used throughout history to ward off evil spirits, bring good luck and happiness, and to symbolize rebirth. The stone’s lush green color also signifies health, vitality, renewal and growth. This is why it makes an excellent choice for engagement rings! Emeralds are often compared to other green gemstones like peridot or the tsavorite garnet. Because they all share some similar qualities with this beautiful jewel.

It’s the traditional birthstone for May and symbolizes love, faithfulness, and beauty. The green color of this stone is symbolic of eternal youth while the brown hints at earthiness and stability. Emeralds are also believed to bring peace on their wearer by bringing balance to all areas of life – physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and materialistic – giving them a sense of well-being that cannot be found with any other type of stone or metal! 

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Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Rings

The Sapphire gemstone is a beautiful, deep blue color that symbolizes purity and peace. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring to represent your undying love for one another, then look no further! The sapphire gemstone has been known throughout history as the stone of royalty. It was once believed by ancient civilizations that wearing sapphires would bring good fortune, which is why they are often worn on wedding days. These gorgeous rings are made with four prongs to keep them secure on your finger without weighing it down. They also make great gifts for anniversaries or birthdays!

Sapphire also represents wisdom, faithfulness, courage and power according to some cultures so they make perfect rings to give as a lifelong pledge to someone you care about deeply. Along with being traditionally significant in marriage ceremonies, these stones have been appreciated since antiquity for their beauty and durability which makes them a great option if you’re looking for something timelessly fashionable.

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Garnet Gemstone Engagement Rings

Garnet is the birthstone for January, and it’s also one of the most popular gemstones to use in custom engagement rings. It has a deep red hue that will remind your fiancé (or soon-to-be fiancé) of all their love for you. These rings come in many different styles and colors, so they can be matched to your personal taste. There are also some more unique gems that you might want to consider if you’re looking for something new!

They also make beautiful anniversary gifts for those who have been married for 10 years or more. The deep red color is symbolic of love and commitment, making it an excellent choice to remember that special day with. Garnets are known to symbolize commitment and enduring love. People have been wearing them for centuries as a sign of their everlasting affection towards one another, and today they’re still popular among couples looking to celebrate their engagement in style!

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Aquamarine Gemstone Engagement Rings

The aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone for March and it is a symbol of eternal youth. The stone has been popularized in jewelry because it’s beautiful, affordable, and durable. These stones are often used to create stunning engagement rings that have an elegant feel. Some people believe that wearing this stone can help you find your soulmate while others think it will bring good luck! Regardless of your beliefs, these gems are sure to be something special for any occasion!

As the traditional birthstone for March, many people purchase aquamarine rings as an engagement ring, to symbolize their love and commitment. Aquamarine rings come in all shapes and sizes: from princess cut solitaires to cushion-cut halo designs with diamonds around them. The color is reminiscent of both blue water and green forests, which makes them perfect for someone who loves nature. Aquamarine’s natural hue means that it can be cut to match your personal style without compromising on beauty.

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There are so many other gemstones out there that can be used as alternatives to a diamond. If you want something more unique, try these ten fantastic gems for an engagement ring. Be sure to check the different colors and qualities before making your decision- just because they’re all diamonds doesn’t mean they’ll work for you! Now you’ve got the engagement ring sorted, it’s time to start planning the wedding! This list of autumn wedding ideas is full of dreamy, romantic inspiration to get you in the mood for planning the big day.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog post on diamond alternatives for engagement rings. If this is something that interests you, please contact us at your convenience to learn more about how we can help with an engagement ring purchase or consultation. You may also be interested in learning about some of the other jewelry options available from SenseOrient, including loose diamonds and earrings made using natural materials like agate stone. Anyway, for any inquiry, just feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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