5 Simple Ways To Get Your Confidence Back

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Confidence Back

Confidence is about feeling sure of yourself and your abilities, it doesn’t mean feeling superior to other people. Confidence means believing you have what it takes to reach your goals and feeling positive. According to research, 93% of respondents believe that confidence is crucial for professional success.  

Confidence makes us ready to face the challenges of life. It makes us more likely to take risks and move forward, not retreat from people or opportunities. 

Whether it’s due to criticism, setbacks, or lack of confidence, we can all experience times when we don’t feel good about ourselves. Becoming more confident is a process, so to get your confidence back, look at some of the tips we share below.

Overhaul Your Wardrobe

If dressing up in the morning has become tiresome or you lack inspiration when selecting fashionable ensembles, a wardrobe overhaul could be just what’s needed to regain your sense of style and boost your self-esteem.

A wardrobe overhaul is more than just decluttering and organizing your clothes. It’s about compiling your very own collection of fashion items that truly reflect who you are. Sorting through your wardrobe can also help you determine what items you need.

If you want stylish yet well-fitted garments in bigger sizes, plus-size clothing can provide more choices in terms of styles, fabrics, and designs than ever before. In fact, extended plus size clothing gives individuals more opportunities when it comes to style, fabric, and design options.

Gone are the days when women needing larger sizes had limited options or were forced to settle for ill-fitting garments. Now, women can enjoy trendy, fashionable pieces that flatter their body shape and reflect their unique personalities. Invest in sustainable pieces that will stand the test of time and can be mixed and matched with existing garments in your wardrobe.

When it comes to overhauling your wardrobe, remember to donate or sell those pieces that no longer serve you and create space for new additions that will enhance your style.

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Confidence Back

Turn to Prayer

At times of doubt and uncertainty, prayer can be an invaluable means of rebuilding confidence and inner strength. People have used prayer since ancient times as a means of connecting with higher forces for guidance, comfort, and reassurance.

When we pray, we can express our deepest fears, doubts, and insecurities to a divine presence that understands us completely. This act of vulnerability allows us to release our burdens and find peace within ourselves. 

For example, if you’re Catholic, you can take a look at the readings of your favorite Catholic saint of the day to regain inspiration and confidence during difficult times. As we engage in prayerful reflection, we can focus on affirming our worthiness, strengths, and abilities. This positive self-talk can slowly transform our thoughts and make us feel more confident in ourselves.

Set Up a Fitness Challenge

Physical activity not only keeps our bodies fit and healthy but can also provide numerous mental well-being benefits. It helps build our confidence and allows us to experience the feeling of accomplishment.

Choose a physical goal and create a plan to achieve it. You can train for a 13.1-mile-long marathon, attend boot camp classes, or walk one mile every day for a whole month.

5 Simple Ways To Get Your Confidence Back

Face Your Fears

Facing our fears is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to build our confidence. When we confront the things that make us feel uneasy, we prove to ourselves that we’re capable of overcoming challenges.

By facing our fears head-on, we allow ourselves to grow and learn. This process builds resilience and strengthens our belief in our abilities. 

It’s important to remember that facing fears doesn’t mean eliminating them. Rather, it means acknowledging their presence, whether it’s fear of heights or spiders, and choosing not to let them hold us back. By embracing discomfort and taking calculated risks, we build a foundation of courage that propels us forward in all areas of life.


When it comes to regaining lost confidence, socializing can be helpful. Socializing can help us break out of our comfort zones. It is always wise to be around other people. By connecting with other people, we can push ourselves outside our comfort zones and experience new adventures.

Attending social events, joining clubs or organizations, or simply making the effort to connect with friends for catch-up sessions, making an effort to socialize can have a tremendously positive effect on restoring confidence.

Keep challenging yourself by setting small, attainable goals. You might start by showing up, and then move on to starting a discussion.

Final Thoughts

Regaining confidence can be a transformative journey, and there are simple yet effective ways to get your confidence back. Revamping your wardrobe, praying, and socializing with supportive friends or joining groups with similar interests can help rebuild confidence.

Also, by confronting fears, you can build resilience and realize that you are capable of overcoming challenges. With these simple tips, you can take proactive steps towards reclaiming your confidence and embracing a more empowered version of yourself.

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