5 Useful Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding on a Budget

5 Useful Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding on a Budget

Planning weddings is often considered to be a relatively difficult task. With factors such as venues, guest lists, and entertainment acts inducing stress in wedding planners, couples need to think of an important day where all these elements can take place successfully.

For most couples, the ideal season is one of the most crucial parts of setting a date and planning for the event. If you are looking to have your wedding take place in Spring, here are some tips on planning the perfect event on a budget.

Budget-Friendly Wedding Tips:

  1. Scout Venues

Arguably, the foundation for the perfect wedding plan is the perfect venue. Depending on your location, wedding venues can take up most of the budget especially if it is in demand. Luckily for Spring events, wedding season usually takes place from late spring until early fall. Therefore, if you are looking to have a wedding in Spring, try setting a date early into the season to take advantage of early reservations before the demand reaches an ultimate high.

  1. Canvas Catering

Aside from the venue, the food and drinks you are going to serve at your wedding are also especially important. If you are not looking to serve a highly luxurious meal plan to your guests, you can always scout catering services in your local area as a means to keep the food and drink items budget-friendly yet delicious. 

An important thing to note is that caterers usually ask for additional charges (slicing and corkage fees) if you order extra food and drinks from other sellers at the event itself. Therefore, if you can order most of the food items from one caterer, you can save both on costs and the stress of overseeing multiple sellers.

5 Useful Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding on a Budget
  1. DIY Entertainment

Hiring popular acts to serve as wedding entertainment is not an uncommon route to go, especially if the couple getting hitched are huge music enthusiasts. To save up on the potential costs and stress to reserve an in-demand band, however, you always have the option to support local entertainers to save up on costs but still get high-quality performances.

If you know musicians or entertainers, you can always ask them to put up a performance and even ask around their peers if some of them are willing to perform at a wedding. If you have friends or family who also want to perform, why not ask them too?

  1. Limit Guests

Since planning a wedding includes factors that stretch beyond the actual day of the event itself (reserving hotel rooms for guests, renting bridesmaids gowns, etc.),  you always have the option to keep your Spring wedding budget at a minimum by limiting your guest list to your close friends and family. Aside from inducing less stress and costs, having an intimate wedding also makes the event more special to the attendees and the couple.

To add to the benefits of a smaller wedding, you can also reduce the costs of producing wedding invitations which you can make yourself. It may seem intimidating at first, especially since a visually appealing wedding invite plays a special part in the event, but there are various online tools you can use in helping you create the perfect design. For instance, there are plenty of sites that have available wedding invitation templates which can serve as your guide in creating your own. As someone who usually opts to create invitations for events, PosterMyWall has been a great help in producing high-quality yet inexpensive invites. 

  1. Make it Collaborative

While most couples often hire a professional wedding planner who oversees the whole planning process, you can always opt to make the event a collaborative one where you, your friends, and your family, can work together to plan the perfect Spring wedding.

According to research, about 80% of couples plan to DIY certain aspects of their wedding. This route will not only help you stick to a minimal budget, but it can also serve as an interesting group activity that employs the talents and skills of the people close to you. After all, why should you spend extra money on something you and your friends can achieve together? By accomplishing certain tasks yourselves, you can have proper oversight and instructions on how you want certain aspects to come out. 


Planning weddings, while stressful, can also be fun and exciting given the many factors you have to consider taking place. While planning on a budget adds another layer of challenge to an already taxing job, the important thing to note is that being resourceful will help you achieve the perfect Spring wedding of your dreams. 

By making your wedding a collaborative event with DIY elements, you can easily stick to a minimal budget while still executing a fun, intimate, and worthwhile event.

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