7 Questions to Help You Create a Curated Wardrobe

7 Questions to Help You Create a Curated Wardrobe

Everyone needs a well-curated wardrobe in their life. Regardless of the type of lifestyle you lead, it’s necessary to have a reliable closet collection that’s functional, true to your personal style, and filled with items that help you look and feel good daily.

If your closet is stuffed with piles of untouched garments, then it may be time to declutter and make more conscious purchasing decisions. As the old saying goes, less is more. Even if you have enough closet items to fill a small store, it’s still possible to feel as though there’s nothing to wear.

To create a well-curated wardrobe, you’ll need to reconcile what you have with what you actually need. This requires careful planning and assessment when you’re adding new clothes to your wardrobe or organizing existing ones. If you’re looking to revamp your closet, below are seven essential questions that can guide you through the curation process:

7 Questions to Help You Create a Curated Wardrobe

Does It Suit My Personal Style?

You likely have your own personal aesthetic, one that you’ve developed over the years. When assessing an item, ask whether it fits this unique style. Since personal aesthetics can change over time, pieces that might’ve looked appealing a few years ago may not have the same effect on you now. This also applies to trendy garments and impulse purchases that didn’t age well or never suited your personal style.

If a piece no longer speaks to you, it’ll be harder to put it to good use. As such, it may be best to give it away or sell it.

Do I Like the Way It Looks on Me?

Some clothes look great on mannequins, fashion models, and even friends. For many people, this is enough reason to purchase them. However, try to assess whether a piece looks good on you, both before purchasing it and during decluttering.

In general, it’s best to select pieces that are designed to flatter your silhouette, be it seamless leggings or great shapes hosiery. Remember, you’re the one who’ll be wearing an item, so it’s your input that matters most. If you’re unhappy with the way it looks on you, then it’s best to exclude it from your wardrobe.

Does It Provide a Comfortable Fit?

Comfort should be a non-negotiable requirement, no matter how stylish a piece is. A crucial part of building a well-curated wardrobe is choosing items that not only look great, but also feel great. In fact, appearance and fit go hand in hand since ill-fitting clothes are often unflattering.

Of course, you can also opt to have clothes altered, especially if they hold sentimental value or match your current sense of style. That being said, ask yourself if you’re willing to pay for these alterations and see them through as soon as possible. If not, these pieces will only take up precious space inside your closet and remain unusable.

Does It Have a Clear Purpose within My Wardrobe?

Before purchasing a new fashion piece, ask yourself if it has a clear purpose within your wardrobe. You may realize that you have ten other pieces that look just like it or serve a similar purpose. Meanwhile, there may be certain items that you actually need or lack. Reflecting on this will prevent you from filling your closet with too many of the same pieces, ensuring that every item has a niche to fill.

7 Questions to Help You Create a Curated Wardrobe

Can I See Myself Wearing It Frequently?

If you can’t imagine yourself wearing an item frequently—at least more than twice—then it may be best to exclude it from your closet or avoid purchasing it. A well-curated wardrobe should be composed of clothes that you can depend on every day. If a piece doesn’t suit your current lifestyle, it’s likely to gather dust and add more clutter to your closet.

For example, you might want to buy a sophisticated gown, since you envision yourself wearing it during evenings out with friends. However, try to assess whether this vision is compatible with your current reality. Do you really dress formally when you’re out with friends? Is an extravagant gown necessary for these outings? If not, it’s best to think twice before making a purchase.

Is It Easy to Pair with Other Closet Pieces?

Having closet pieces that easily pair with one another is a pivotal part of constructing a functional wardrobe. This helps you create multiple outfit combinations with only a few essentials. It also lessens the decision fatigue that comes with getting dressed. No matter what wardrobe items you combine, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll look great together.

7 Questions to Help You Create a Curated Wardrobe

Is It Well-Made?

Be sure to choose carefully crafted pieces that are made from quality materials. Well-constructed items last longer and create a timeless wardrobe that you can rely on for years to come. On the other hand, flimsy items made out of low-quality materials will break apart faster, trapping you in an endless cycle of buying, repairing, and replacing.

Curating your wardrobe can be made easier when you ask yourself the right questions. By incorporating the questions above into your curation process, you can ensure that your closet collection remains stylish, organized, versatile, and dependable throughout the years.

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