7 Secrets To Look Fashionable In A T-Shirt

7 Secrets To Look Fashionable In A T-Shirt

A basic T-shirt is a staple in every wardrobe for good reasons. They’re affordable, comfortable, and customizable. You surely own a T-shirt or two, even if you’re not someone who splurges on designer clothes. But do you know how to style it in different ways?   

Don’t fret if you lack a sense of fashion. Unlike tailored blouses or dresses, T-shirts are one of the most manageable clothing pieces to style. In fact, you can effortlessly improve your T-shirt game and stand out in any crowd by employing a few basic techniques. Want to find out how? Here’s how you can look effortlessly stylish in a humble tee.

#1. Consider Custom Prints

Most T-shirts come in plain colors like white and black. They’re already fashionable on their own. However, people enjoy wearing custom-printed shirts to amplify their outfits. No matter which clothing store they came from, basic tees often look alike. So, having a creative graphic on yours will make it unique. 

Many fashion boutiques already sell printed shirts. But if you buy from them, you may have a ‘twin’ in your area. If you value individuality in style, consider a company offering T-shirt printing services to design your shirt. They’ll apply your graphic or text on your plain tee using various methods, from screen printing to embroidery. 

Typically, custom-printed T-shirts look amazing on denim jeans or flowy Bohemian skirts. They’re perfect casual-chic pieces for quick errands or relaxing visits to your local café.

7 Secrets To Look Fashionable In A T-Shirt

#2. Utilize Layers

Since they’re light and breathable, T-shirts make excellent base clothing for any layered outfit. A true fashionista knows how a basic tee can create different looks using layering techniques.  

Put a structured blazer or a knitted cardigan over it to instantly change your look. You can also wear a plain white tee under a slip dress to relive iconic 90s fashion trends. There are a million ways to mix and match your T-shirt with all your other cover-ups, lace tops, and modern corsets. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might find your next Instagram-worthy OOTD and new combinations great for any occasion.  

#3. Dress Down Your Formal Attire

Do you have a cocktail or a meeting to attend? A plain T-shirt can tone down formal outfits better suited for a gala ball. Tees are the epitome of casual. So, they’ll make your sharp, dressy blazers look less ceremonious for your semi-formal activities. Certainly, you won’t be a sight for sore eyes. 

Use your favorite T-shirt to dress well on a budget. You don’t need to buy new pieces for special events if you already have a basic white or black tee. It’s an article of versatile clothing that’ll make your excessive looks less over-the-top. After all, less is more. You don’t want to commit a fashion faux pas by overdoing your accessories.

#4. Go Forth And Accessorize

Speaking of accessories, plain T-shirts are the ideal canvas for those who enjoy a statement purse or jewelry. Due to their nature, they blend in the background, and people typically don’t notice them. But if you wear your favorite accessories with a tee, you’ll likely turn heads on the sidewalk. 

Statement pieces like chunky necklaces and hoop earrings work best with a T-shirt. White or black will make the colors of your jewelry pop out more, thus attracting attention. You can wear the most basic outfit, such as a tee and jeans, and still look put together with a perfectly curated accessory. Just remember to keep it simple and classy and avoid going overboard.

#5. Try Other Colors

Another way to really up the fashion ante is to use any color aside from neutrals. Comfy, colored T-shirts can replace your fancy, delicate tops when you need to look fabulous while dressing down.   

Go for bright hues like pink or yellow for that in-your-face pop of color. Muted shades like slate blue and sage green are easy on the eyes and work well with any color of bottoms. Colored T-shirts are also fantastic for color-blocking. It may be an older trend, but with how fashion comes and goes, it may be around for a while. 

Consider getting all colors if you find a high-quality shirt. When you do, you’ll have a colored tee to wear every day of the week. Each color can also represent your mood for that particular day and encourage you to mix different accessories to match it.

7 Secrets To Look Fashionable In A T-Shirt

#6. Pair It With Statement Shoes

Try throwing on a trusted pair of sneakers to accentuate the simplicity of a crisp T-shirt. Tees are versatile enough to pair with both casual shoes and dressy stilettos. Wear your T-shirt, denim bottoms, and favorite leather boots for that rugged, country look. Alternatively, if you want people in the office to turn their heads on you, pair it with black slacks and bright red pumps. 

Let your shoes stand out if you want only one color to draw attention. Your basic tee will complement them by keeping things simple up top. Moreover, you could always modify your T-shirt to suit your tastes and body type to ensure it’s a good fit. 

#7. Match It With Prints And Patterns

The last secret you need to add to your fashion playbook is to work with prints. Your T-shirt will pair well with other patterns, even the most outrageous ones.  

Are you going out in your casual jeans-and-tee ensemble? Wrap a leopard-print scarf around your neck or use it as a headband. Remember utilizing layers? Wear your shirt underneath a floral-patterned maxi dress. Pairing a plain tee with prints and patterns is always a great choice.  

As previously mentioned, T-shirts can dress down an outfit to keep it from looking like you overdressed. If you think your OOTD is too ‘loud’, switch your printed top to your basic tee to ‘dilute’ the intensity.

7 Secrets To Look Fashionable In A T-Shirt

Basic Tees For Big Impact

Never underestimate the simple and humble T-shirt. It may be plain and affordable, but it can do wonders for casual or semi-formal outfits.  

Aside from applying the above examples, look for inspiration in your surroundings. Browse social media apps or check out your favorite celebrities’ OOTDs. You can get fashion ideas you could try for yourself.  

Keep in mind that what’s important is that you’re comfortable and content with what you’re wearing. Being confident plays a significant role in fashion. You’ll always look your absolute best if you can proudly wear anything.

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