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It’s no secret that American-made products are becoming more popular in the era of Americana. This is especially true when it comes to fashion, with American-made denim brands leading the way.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult for consumers to find a brand that they love and that fits their needs best. That’s where this article comes in! These industry-leading American denim brands have been carefully selected by our team of experts who know these markets inside and out.

Todd Shelton

Based In | East Rutherford, NJ

Best For | Men’s made-to-order apparel

Product Range | Jeans, pants, tops, sweatshirts

Denim Price | $255–$275

Todd Shelton is an American-made denim brand that was founded in 2002. The company started as a custom jean shop and has now grown to offer ready-to-wear jeans, shirts, and hats. Their signature style of jeans is the “Folsom” which has a slim straight leg with slight taper from the knee down to the hem. Todd Shelton offers both men’s and women’s styles of clothing and accessories. Todd Shelton is committed to sustainability by using fabric made from organic cotton; they also offer products made from recycled materials such as their leather belts which are made from old Levi’s jeans scraps. They use eco-friendly dyes like indigo rather than chemical dyes for their denim garments.

Imogene + Willie

Based In | Nashville, TN

Best For | Selvedge denim

Product Range | Shirts, pants, jackets, accessories

Denim Price | $215–$295

We all know that denim is an item we can’t live without. We wear it day in and day out, but how do we know if our jeans are made responsibly? Imogene + Willie makes jeans that are made with quality craftsmanship and sustainability. This American-made brand only uses the finest materials which make their products durable and long lasting. Our favorite part about Imogene + Willie is they offer a variety of cuts and washes to suit any style! Whether you’re looking for a pair of raw selvedge denim or distressed boyfriend jeans, this brand has them all!


Based In | New York City, NY

Best For | Range of styles

Product Range | Jeans, shorts, jumpsuits, outerwear, shirts, dresses, bags

Denim Price | $110–$176

Loup is a denim brand that was designed to provide high-quality, comfortable and affordable denim for both men and women. The company’s mission is to make jeans in America by sourcing the best fabrics from around the world. They use only natural indigo dyeing processes with no chemicals or synthetic dyes which means their products will last longer than other brands on the market because they’re built with quality materials. The company’s goal is to create an American-made, sustainable product for jeans. They are one of the few companies left making their own fabric which they do in Portland, Oregon. Loup offers three different cuts of jeans: skinny, straight leg and bootcut. 


Based In | San Juan Capistrano, CA

Best For | Men’s work denim

Product Range | Jeans, woven, knits, outerwear

Denim Price | $220–$265

Freenote is a brand of denim that has been producing American-made jeans for more than three decades. They were determined to make those clothes as sustainably as possible by using recycled materials whenever possible and providing their employees with living wages. This ethos continues today with Freenote’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Freenote offers many different styles of jeans ranging from high waist cutoffs to boyfriends and everything in between so there is something for everyone! If you’re looking for quality clothing made right here in the USA – look no further than Freenote!


Based In | San Francisco, CA

Best For | Raw denim

Product Range | Shirts, jackets, pants, accessories

Denim Price | $230

Tellason is a San Francisco-based denim brand that produces high-quality jeans made from American denim. Their company started in 2008 and has grown to make a range of menswear with different fits, styles, and washes. They use vintage machines to ensure they maintain their quality standards while also supporting the revitalization of America’s textile industry. Tellason is one of many brands that are bringing back production to our country and creating jobs for Americans! And they are also one of the few brands that offer raw denim selvage jeans.


Based In | Portland, OR

Best For | Selvedge denim

Product Range | Jeans, jackets, shirts, outerwear, accessories

Denim Price | $235

Ginew is a denim company designing and manufacturing their jeans in America. They create clothing that’s both ethically made and sustainable, with an emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship. Ginew emerged as a premium denim brand with jeans made from 100% cotton threads woven on looms in North Carolina. The result? Jeans for men and women that are stylish but also durable enough to stand up to daily wear. The company’s goal is to provide high quality products at a reasonable price for the everyday person. One of their most popular items are jeans with a variety of fits including taper, slim straight, and curvy. They also have different lengths including ankle, regular, and long to fit any body type or style preference.

Detroit Denim

Based In | Detroit, MI

Best For | Customizable denim

Product Range | Build-your-own jeans

Denim Price | $300+

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for a great pair of jeans. This is why when I heard about Detroit Denim it caught my attention. They are an American-made denim brand that takes pride in their craftsmanship and high quality fabric. Detroit Denim is an American-made men’s and women’s denim brand with a focus on providing a wide range of styles for all body shapes, sizes, and budgets. They offer their customers the opportunity to customize their purchase from selecting the face fabric to custom embroidery. Detroit Denim strives to be sustainable by using eco-friendly dyes and producing 100% organic cotton products as well as donating 1% of sales back into communities that are in need.

Christy Dawn

Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Best For | Denim jumpsuits

Product Range | Jeans, jumpsuits, bottoms, tops, dresses, loungewear, outerwear

Denim Price | $178–$248

Christy Dawn is a denim brand that specializes in making jeans and other clothing items right here on American soil. The company’s mission is to provide quality clothes using sustainable practices, as well as employing local people with disabilities. All of the company’s products are made from start to finish within just a few miles of each other, which makes for lower shipping costs and shorter wait times than many competitors who manufacture their goods overseas. Christy Dawn also offers wholesale prices for retailers looking to stock up on these stylish new pieces! They are committed to employing good manufacturing practices and do not outsource their work anywhere else in the world. Their goal is to be able to provide sustainable clothing for people who care about where their clothes come from, how they fit, what they cost, and what kind of story these clothes have.

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We hope you have found this article informative and that it has helped inform your decision on what to buy. If you are not sure about which denim brand is the best for you, we invite you to contact us at SenseOrient any time so our team can help answer all of your questions!

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