7 Best Italian Purse Brands That Will Make You Fall in Love

Best Italian Purse Brands

Maybe you’re looking for a new purse. Or maybe you’re just in the mood to shop! Either way, this article will provide some great insight into the best Italian purse brands that are available on the market today. When it comes to shopping for a new bag, most people have an idea of what they want already.

However, when you don’t know exactly what type of bag or brand is best suited for your needs, these seven best Italian purse brands can be a great place to start! Italy is best known for its world-renowned luxury brands. From Gucci to Prada, Italian designers have been setting the standard in fashion since the early 1900’s. 

ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier’s leather goods are all handmade in Italy to impeccable perfection. Just take a quick glimpse via Instagram and you’ll see how many of your favorite style stars love this brand. Plus, we also highly suggest you check out the brand’s shoes.

They offer a wide range of stylish purses, wallets, belts and other accessories. The company prides itself on its high-quality products made with the finest materials available to them while maintaining affordable prices so you can own their pieces without breaking your budget! They are known for their luxurious leathers and the attention to detail that they put into each bag. ATP’s handmade designs have a global following and can be found in over 70 countries worldwide. 


Prada is a company that was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. This company makes high-end luxury goods, including clothing and accessories for men and women. The name Prada comes from the word “praha” which means trade or market in Czechoslovakian language. Prada’s logo is a circle with the iconic ‘P’ on it, which has been used since 1917 when they opened their first store in Milan, Italy. In addition to being one of the most expensive brands in the world, they are also one of the best Italian purse brands around!

The Prada handbags are the most luxurious and expensive purses in the world. They are elegant, beautiful and made of high-quality materials such as leather. It has a lot of different options for people, whether they’re looking for something simple, like a clutch or crossbody bag, or want to get their hands on one of Prada’s iconic handbags. I personally love their clutches because they are so small and perfect if you just need your wallet and phone with you during the day.


When Marni comes to mind, so does lively colors and quirky silhouettes. That’s why it’s one of our top favorite Italian brands to finish off our outfits with. The brand has been worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to name a few. Marni purses are known for being stylish and functional with their signature quilted leather pattern on the outside. 

They offer a wide range of handbags, accessories and shoes that are all handmade in Italy. They specialize in leather goods like handbags, wallets, belts etc. If you’re looking to buy an Italian-made luxury bag that will last for years then this is your brand! Today, Marni purses have become synonymous with classically chic luxury items that can be worn by any woman on any occasion.

Nico Giani

Nico Giani is a luxury Italian purse brand that has been featured in major fashion magazines and enjoyed by celebrities. They have a wide range of styles, from classic to modern. Nico Giani’s goal is to create timeless purses with high-quality materials that will never go out of style. The company offers many different collections for any woman, so it should be easy to find the perfect bag for you!

They create beautiful handbags that are perfect for any occasion. Nico Giani’s bags come in a wide variety of textures, colors, and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re looking for an elegant bag with classic style or something more colorful to stand out from the crowd, Nico Giani has what you need!


Senreve is a brand that specializes in Italian-made purses. These purses are designed with the highest quality materials and made to withstand the test of time. They offer a variety of styles, colors, and prices so there is something for everyone on your holiday list!  When you buy from Senreve, you’re getting an item that will last through years of use while looking as new as when it was first purchased. 

They are known for their luxury handbags and accessories, which are made with durable materials like leather, silk, and suede. These purses come in many colors to compliment your style. They also come in a variety of styles and sizes, but their Italian craftsmanship is what sets them apart from other brands.


Gucci is a luxury brand that offers top-of-the-line purses. There are many reasons why Gucci has been able to maintain its dominance in the market for decades, but most importantly they have kept up with the trends and they offer excellent customer service. The company was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921.

It offers high-end designs, including clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and more. Gucci is mostly known for its leather goods such as their classic GG canvas tote bag. They also make some of the most iconic purses like their 2Jours bag which is made with black textured calfskin leather and features two top handles along with an optional shoulder strap making it versatile enough to carry either way.


Fendi is a high-end Italian purse brand that has been around since 1925. They are known for their classic, luxury handbags and wallets. Fendi’s most popular bags include the Peekaboo bag and the Sofia bag. These bags have a variety of leathers to choose from including smooth or textured calfskin, python, croc skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin and more! 

The company also offers a wide array of colors such as black with silver hardware or red with gold hardware. This allows you to find your perfect match without having to compromise on style or functionality! Fendi’s mission is to provide women with beautiful handbags that are fashionable, functional, timeless classics that will never go out of style. 

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of the 7 best Italian purse brands. If you’re looking for a new accessory to make your outfits pop, we recommend checking out these designer names! These are all high-quality options and they will last throughout many seasons without losing their shape or style.

With so many fashionable purses on this list, it’ll be hard not to find one (or more!) that suits your look perfectly. Which is your favorite? Leave your answer below at SenseOrient and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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