14 Best Jeans Brands For Men: Get The Right Fit And Style

best jeans brands for men

Jeans are a staple in the closet of every man. They’re just so versatile and can be worn with anything! But it’s important to get the best jeans for your body type because not all jeans are created equal.

In this article, we will discuss 14 best brands of jeans for men that will help you find the perfect fit and style for your needs.


APC has been one of the most popular brands for denim jeans since the company was founded in 1987. It is known as a premium brand because its products are often more expensive than other brands, but they also last longer and have a better fit. APC’s designs come from Parisian designers and can be found throughout the world in their stores or through their website.

The company offers clothing, accessories, and more all with the same focus on quality design. One thing that sets APC apart from other brands is their commitment to non-gender specific designs. They offer clothes for both men and women which makes it easier to find something appropriate for everyone no matter what their style preferences may be! This blog will explore the best of APC’s jean offerings as well as some helpful tips on how you can get them tailored to fit your body perfectly!

G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw is a Dutch clothing company that was founded in 1989. The company has been on the forefront of fashion for over 30 years and now offers a wide range of products including jeans, sneakers, t shirts and more. The most popular brands are G-Star Raw Core, G-star RAW Standard and the newest addition to their line: G-STAR RAW Black Label. These jeans come in many different styles such as slim cut or straight leg to fit any body type. They also offer a variety of colors like black denim, indigo blue denim with white stitching or dark red leather patches on the back pockets. 

The company has become one of the most recognizable brands in Europe and North America as it was ranked number 61 in Forbes’ 2018 Global 2000 list of largest public companies in the world. With so many different styles to choose from there’s something for everyone – including skinny jeans with a straight leg or bootcut jeans with a wider, more relaxed fit at the bottom. One thing they all have in common is an authentic look due to being made from 100% organic materials such as natural indigo dyes, organic cotton and linen.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a designer of men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories, eyewear, watches and fragrances. The company was founded in 1924 by Hugo F. Boss and is headquartered in Metzingen near Stuttgart in Germany. The company produces over 2 million jeans per year for both sexes as well as casual wear.

It also has the license to produce clothes under various other labels including Calvin Klein Jeanswear label since 1999 when it purchased CK Jeans International from Calvin Klein Inc., which includes the following brands: Calvin Klein Collection; CK All Day; Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren; Karl Lagerfeld Paris; Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Collection; DKNY Jeanswear Label (in Japan). These jeans are still of very high quality despite their lesser price tag.

Best Jeans Brands


Diesel is a company that produces jeans and other clothing items. They are one of the best jeans brands to choose from as they have been in business for many years and produce quality products. The company has been producing high quality denim since 1978 when it was founded by Renzo Rosso in Italy. The company’s headquarters is still located there but they now also operate in the U.S., China, Russia, and Romania.

Their signature style is known as ‘dieselism’ which often includes destructed detailing on various pieces such as jackets or shirts with asymmetrical zippers or buckles which reflect the punk rock style from the 1970s. The best part about Diesel jeans is that they don’t just cater to those who are in their 20’s and 30’s because of how popular they’ve been since their inception, but also for people over 40 years old. If you’re looking for some new pants to add to your wardrobe this season then head on over to Diesel online store today!

All Saints

All Saints has been one of the most popular jeans brands for years. With so many styles and fits, finding your perfect pair is easy. From stretch denim to cotton jeggings, All Saints has it all. They also offer a wide range of sizes from 00-24, making them accessible for everyone! You won’t be disappointed in these high quality jeans that will last you season after season.

The company has some of the most popular and well-made jeans in the industry, including their signature Superfine Stretch denim that will grow with your body over time. They also have a wide variety of colors, styles and washes to choose from. So you can find exactly what you want!

Best Jeans Brands


Levi’s has a history that dates back to 1853, when Levi Strauss came up with the idea for his famous blue jeans. One of his most popular brands is the 501. And that was first introduced by him in 1967 and is now available around the world. The company still produces these jeans today in its original factory in San Francisco. They come in various colors such as black, stone washed, dark rinse and more. You can also purchase them online at Levi’s website or through your favorite retailer like Macy’s or JC Penney! 

With a history that spans over 160 years, Levi’s is one of the most recognizable names in denim. They offer plenty of options for both men and women, in addition to other clothing items like t-shirts and jackets. The company has also remained committed to their roots by using sustainable practices while continuing to innovate on new fabrics and finishes. Levi’s also offer a variety of other cuts, from straight leg to boot cut, that suit any body type or style preference. One thing all Levi’s jeans have in common: they’re made with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Fendi is a luxury brand that was established by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925. The company has been known for producing high-end fashion items, such as handbags, clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes. They have also ventured into the world of denim with their latest line of premium jeans.

The Fendi Jeans collection comes in Super Skinny, Regular Fit, and Bootcut designs. They also offer a variety of colors including black, blue, white, pink, red and more! If you’re looking for the perfect pair of designer jeans to wear for any occasion from casual activities to formal events then look no further than these fabulous pairs by Fendi!


Balmain is a French fashion house that has been in the industry since 1945. It was founded by designer Pierre Balmain and his partner, Eliane Palacin. The company began designing women’s clothing, but later expanded to include men’s wear and children’s lines. In 1949 they started producing some of their own fabrics for both home furnishings and clothes. They are best known for their jeans collection which includes skinny, straight leg jeans with various lengths as well as black denim jean shorts from the SS18 collection.

Their jeans are a great investment for the man who wants to look fashionable and chic. Balmain jeans will make any man feel like they have been put together with their best fashion sense in mind. These high-end designer jeans are made from the best quality denim, which means that these pants won’t stretch out or bag after just one wear. That’s why you should invest in some of these Balmain jeans!


Belstaff is one of the best jeans brands for women and men. They offer a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes in their denim line that will suit any style preference. Belstaff offers high-quality products at reasonable prices. So you can find the perfect pair of jeans to go with your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

It is a British clothing company that has been around since 1924. They focus on high quality, durable men’s and women’s clothing. Belstaff offers many different styles of jeans for all types of needs. Whether you are looking for a long lasting pair to wear while working in the yard or an everyday style, they have something for you!


Jeans can be tricky to find the perfect fit. We all know that feeling of trying on a pair of jeans only to find they’re too tight or too loose in certain areas. But Givenchy best jeans like Mother Denim and Paige Denim offer high-quality denim with flattering fits for everyone. 

There are many brands that produce jeans, but few can compare to the high quality of Givenchy. With a focus on design and high-quality fabrics, these jeans are both fashionable and timeless. Pair them with anything from a turtleneck sweater to a dress shirt for work or an evening out. From skinny styles to bootcut cuts, there is something for everyone in this selection of Givenchy Best Jeans!


Prada has been a well-known company for many years, and is now one of the best jeans brands. The Prada Company was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada as a luxury goods shop in Milan. Their first retail store opened in Paris two years later. And now they are known worldwide with over 60 retail stores. They have been designing clothing since 1983 when they designed their first women’s line.

Today, they offer an assortment of products including shoes, handbags, silk dresses and other items that include men’s collections as well. Prada offers a wide selection of high quality denim including their famous skinny jeans and bootcut jeans. The iconic brand has been around since 1913. And has helped to define popular fashion for decades with its sleek designs that will never go out of style!

Best Jeans Brands


Versace is a luxury fashion company that has been around since 1978. They are known for their high quality denim jeans, and they have expanded to offer many different types of other clothing as well. Versace’s designs are innovative and luxurious, which is why so many people love them!

Their jeans are known for their style, comfort, and craftsmanship. They create the perfect balance between price point and quality. The history of the company has led to its success in the world of fashion today. If you’re looking for something high quality that will last long after your first wear, then Versace might be just what you need!

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana, the international luxury fashion house, is known for their luxurious clothing and accessories. They are also a household name in the world of denim with their Dolce & Gabbana Best Jeans Brands including the Dolce & Gabbana D-Vine Denim Collection. The D-Vine Denim collection offers five different styles that range from skinny to bootcut jeans. All of these styles are made out of high quality fabrics and offer a variety of washes such as distressed, raw or stone washed.

These designers are known for their signature style of a modern tailoring with a glamorous edge. But also make more casual pieces like cut-offs and track pants that still maintain that Italian flair. Their newest collection includes some of the most sought after styles from this year including skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, jeggings and boyfriend jeans. You’ll be sure to find your perfect pair!

Best Jeans Brands


Gucci is a fashion house that was founded in Florence, Italy in 1921. The company has been producing clothes for both men and women since its inception. But the company started to produce jeans as well as other clothing items for men and women during World War II when their supplies were cut off from silk.

The first pair of jeans created by Gucci were actually designed for horseback riding. Because they would be durable enough to withstand the rough terrain on horseback. But now there are many different styles of jeans made by Gucci including: Italian, pre-distressed, high waist with studs, distressed with zip fly detailing and more.

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We hope this list of the best jeans brands for men has helped you on your quest to find a perfect fit and style. There are many different factors that go into finding an appropriate pair. But we think these 14 options should be able to cover any situation or preference!

If you have questions about how to choose the right brand for yourself, feel free to reach out at SenseOrient. Our team is always happy to offer guidance in navigating the denim world as well as taking care of all your needs when it comes time for cleaning them up at home.

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