15 Amazing Saint Laurent Bags That Will Make You Want to Splurge Today

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There are few things in life more satisfying than buying a new bag for yourself. I mean, who doesn’t love picking out the perfect outfit to go with their new handbag? But sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one. That’s where Saint Laurent comes in!

The Parisian fashion house has been creating beautiful bags since 1961, and today they offer some of the most luxurious designs on the market. In this article, we will highlight 15 of our favorite pieces that will make you fall in love all over again!

The LouLou YSL Bag

The LouLou YSL Bag is one of the best quality, most durable and high-end looking bags on the market. With its beautifully designed allure that draws you in, this bag offers a luxury experience like no other. I personally use it for my everyday work commute carrying everything I need to be productive with me; laptop, tablet, phone, keys…the list goes on! It has plenty of pockets to organize your personal items as well as an inside zipper pocket for valuable things like wallets or phones. This chic handbag also comes in many different colors so you can match it with any outfit! If you’re looking for a timeless investment that will last forever then look no further than the LouLou YSL Bag!

The Lou YSL Bag

The simple Lou bag is every minimalist fashionista’s best friend. Modeled after a camera bag, the Lou has a soft yet boxy structure, plus practical details like an exposed zipper fastening and adjustable shoulder strap. With its gorgeous, simple design and impeccable craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that this bag has been such a popular choice among celebrities and fashionistas alike. This bag can be used to carry all your essentials, such as makeup, jewelry, wallet and other items you need on-the-go! It is perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd with their unique taste and style.

The Kate YSL Handbag

The Kate is one of Saint Laurent’s most recognizable, and most glamorous, bags. It is the quintessential fashion icon. Her bold and feminine style has been an inspiration to so many women, myself included! She always looks amazing and her newest line at YSL is no exception. The Kate bag was designed for those of us who love a little glitter in our life as well as practicality. This light weight bag with beaded accents will make you feel like a princess without compromising on functionality! This is by far my favorite type of handbag because it goes well with any outfit I wear. Whether you’re looking for something professional or dressy, this is your go-to bag!

The Becky YSL Bag

The Becky bag is one of the most versatile in Saint Laurent’s accessories arsenal, ideal for those who need a bag that can transition seamlessly from day to night. It has a rectangular shape and a diamond-quilted leather finish accented by a chain strap and the YSL emblem in the center. This bag has plenty of room for your essentials with two separate compartments and a zipped pocket. It also has an adjustable strap making it easy to wear on your shoulder or cross-body style. Of course, if you are looking for the best deal possible, this may not be your first option but there are plenty of other styles available at lower price points!

The Jamie YSL Handbag

Jamie YSL Handbags are the best women’s handbags. They are known for their quality, durability, and design. The Jamie YSL bag is a must-have for any stylish woman. These purses have many features that make them stand out from other handbag brands. The leather on these bags is soft to the touch and they come in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit your taste. They also offer different styles like clutches or shoulder bags which you can find at your local Nordstrom retail store near you! The bag is versatile and can be worn with anything from jeans to formal dresses. You’ll love this amazingly stylish accessory! 

The Kaia YSL Bag

The Kaia YSL Bag is a beautiful and timeless bag from the prestigious French fashion house. With its signature double handles, this unique style of handbag can be worn on one shoulder or across the body for a more comfortable carrying option. The inside of this tote bag features two pockets that are perfect for storing your phone, wallet and other small items while you’re out on the town. It has a gorgeous color and sleek design that will make you feel like you’re carrying around your favorite celebrity’s handbag. The price of this designer bag will be worth every penny when you see all the compliments on it!

The Niki YSL Bag

The slouchy shape of Saint Laurent’s Niki bag makes it the top choice for high-low style. It can be worn with casual and more put-together outfits without ever looking out of place. There are so many colors to choose from, you’ll never get bored! The preferred finish is supple, ever-so-slightly distressed leather, which gives it a bit of a vintage feel. It also features an edgy chain-link strap, a foldover flap, and a tonal YSL emblem on the front. This versatile handbag is also great for travel or any occasion that requires walking outside for an extended period of time due to the cross-body strap feature. If you’re looking for a high quality designer handbag at an affordable price, this is your go-to item!

The Sunset YSL Handbag

The designer YSL handbag is a fashion statement, and it can be worn in many different ways. Its sturdy square construction gives the Sunset a professional finish that’s further complemented by opulent buffed matte leather or glossy mock crocodile leather finishes. This size of this amazing purse also makes it perfect for travel! It’s not too big and bulky but still carries all the essentials. It comes in many different colors. The color is beautiful and very popular among women because of its classy yet modern look. The price can be steep at times but if you are willing to spend the money on yourself then this will be worth every penny!

The Shopping Tote

What is your favorite handbag? What about the tote bag? It’s a really good question. The answer might depend on what you plan to do with it. If you are going for a day of shopping, then the YSL Shopping Tote Bag is perfect for you! Its spacious interior and stylish exterior is a dream combination, whether you’re on a spree or just window-shopping. The celebrated tote comes in many shapes and sizes, so whatever your personal style, there’s a roomy shopper to suit you. These bags have a timeless look that will never go out of style because they can be dressed up or down, plus they’re easy to wear with anything – from jeans and a t-shirt to dressy clothes for formal occasions. You’ll find that many women use their totes as an everyday purse, taking it everywhere they go so it’s always on hand when needed.

The Solferino YSL Bag 

The Solferino bag, a brand-new addition to the Saint Laurent house last fall, takes some direction from the traditional satchel with its boxy, functional design. It has an understated exterior, its foldover flap fastened by a large YSL logo plaque. The adjustable shoulder strap features matching gold-tone hardware. This bag is perfect for all occasions whether it be day at work or night out with friends. The size is perfect for carrying what you need all day without weighing down your arm like other larger purses. If you’re looking for an elegant designer purse with many different styles, this might just be the one!

The Cassandra YSL Bag 

The Cassandra is another vintage-inspired classic. Simply put, there’s not really very much anyone could dislike about this bag. Commonly seen in black or white leather with gold hardware, it has a slim, squared structure, best suited to those who pack light. The new version of this sought-after bag features a more modern look, with a lighter color palette than previous versions. This new style is both practical and fashionable, which makes it perfect for everyday use or to take on an evening out. The elegant bag would be perfect for any fashionista looking for a new way to carry their everyday essentials!

 Le Carré

Most Saint Laurent bags boast the signature YSL emblem across the front. But if you like your designer accessories on the understated side, the Le Carré is for you. This satchel-inspired bag is a contemporary classic that’s ideal for everyday wear. It has a roomy interior compartment and a zipped pocket, as well as an adjustable strap that allows you to style it over the shoulder or crossbody. In place of the YSL logo is a square clip fastening engraved with Saint Laurent text. The leather is top quality and the packaging was luxurious, including a protective dustbag that can be reused to store your new purchase when you’re not using it. This bag will last you for years to come, both in terms of style and durability.

The Manhattan YSL Bag

The YSL bag is a high-end fashion accessory. It’s for the woman who wants to look chic and sophisticated, but also want her items on hand without having to carry them. The first thing that stands out about the Manhattan YSL Bag is its sleek design. It’s made of 100% PVC leather, so it has a very luxurious feel without being too stiff or bulky. What I also love about this style is how easy it is to wear. You can put on any outfit and know that this bag will go well with whatever you decide to wear. Plus, because of the strap length, there are tons of ways for you to accessorize it!

The Sac du Jour

Launched in 2013 during Hedi Slimane’s tenure as creative director of the house, the Sac du Jour has become a cult hit among accessories aficionados. The Sac du Jour was one of his signature pieces and it has been a timeless favorite for years. This bag is a must-have for any woman who is looking to invest in a luxury handbag that will last her forever. It is made from high quality leather that feels comfortable on your shoulder and looks chic with every outfit you wear. There are plenty of colors available so you can choose something that matches your style perfectly! These bags are not only beautiful but they are also very durable which makes them perfect for any occasion!

The Envelope YSL Bag

It’s hard to think of a YSL bag without immediately picturing the Envelope. The Envelope has been around since 1960s. But recently it’s become a favorite because of how versatile it can be worn to dress up or down your outfit. This bag is as versatile as it gets, its silhouette taking the form of a slimline shoulder bag, clutch, or wristlet. Because it’s ultracompact, the Envelope works best as an evening bag or for occasions when one only needs to carry the bare essentials. There are many different colors and leather finishes to choose from. So you can find one that fits your personal style perfectly! If you’re looking for something that goes with everything, this would definitely be your best bet.

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These 15 amazing Saint Laurent bags are so captivating and beautiful. We hope this article has given you plenty of inspiration when it comes to adding something stylish and fun into your wardrobe. Remember though, these items will not come cheap. If you’re not sure what to get for yourself or your loved one this Christmas, these 15 best YSL bags are guaranteed to make any fashion lover happy. Which of these would be your favorite? Let us know in the comment below at SenseOrient.

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