Best Sustainable Jewelry Brands: Helping You Find the Perfect Pieces

best Sustainable Jewelry brand

Throughout the years, jewelry has been a symbol of love and purity. It’s no surprise that many women want to wear sustainable and environmentally-friendly pieces on their wedding day. Sustainable living is all the rage these days! From food to fashion, people are seeking out ways to be more environmentally conscious.

However, it can be challenging finding best sustainable jewelry brands when searching through all the options available. To make shopping easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 14 best sustainable jewelry brands!


There are many jewelry brands on the market, but few compare to AnaKatarina. They specialize in eco-friendly and fair trade products from around the world. I’ve been wearing their pieces for years because they last so long! 

I have a necklace that I bought five years ago and it still looks new. The designs are really unique too, which is always nice when you’re buying jewelry as a gift for someone else or just want to add some variety to your own collection of necklaces and bracelets. No matter what type of design you like–gold or silver, simple or intricate–AnaKatarina has something perfect for everyone who wants to wear beautiful things without guilt this holiday season.


Cadar Jewelry is a sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry brand that has been making waves in the fashion world. With their commitment to reducing waste and using materials responsibly, they are one of the most popular brands on the market today.

They have created an entire line of unique pieces with intricate designs that will be sure to impress any woman who likes fine jewelry. All Cadar products are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans who use environmentally friendly practices at every step from finding raw materials to creating these beautiful new treasures. They pride themselves on using only recycled materials and up-cycling precious stones from all over the world. Cadar also uses a hand-made process that minimizes waste, which means more profits for them and less pollution for us.

Grace Lee

There are a lot of jewelry brands out there, but how many of them prioritize sustainability? Grace Lee does. They use sustainable materials such as recycled gold and responsibly-sourced gemstones in their designs. In addition to the beautiful pieces you’ll find at Grace Lee, they’re also committed to social responsibility and giving back to the community through their philanthropic initiatives. You can’t go wrong with this brand!

If you’re looking for jewelry with a conscience, look no further. Grace Lee Jewelry is not only made from sustainable materials but also offers meaningful styles to suit your tastes and personality. Whether you want something simple or bold, there’s something for everyone at Grace Lee!

Jemma Wynne

For the eco-conscious fashionista, there are a lot of new options for jewelry. Sustainability is at the forefront of many minds in this day and age. The best sustainable jewelry brand on the market today is Jemma Wynne. This company has been making handmade goods from organic materials for years.

They produce everything from earrings to necklaces to rings and bracelets–all made with recycled or biodegradable materials and without any harmful chemicals or dyes that might harm your skin or pollute our planet’s waterways. They are committed to making their pieces in a more ethical manner by using conflict-free stones, recycled metals, and eco-friendly packaging. I love that they have a huge variety of styles and colors so there’s something for everyone!


KatKim is a jewelry company that has been making sustainable, high-quality and fashionable jewelry for over ten years. They use recycled materials to create their pieces, including gold and silver. This makes it possible for them to make pieces that are of the highest quality without hurting the environment or animals in any way.

The company believes that every person and animal should be able to live their best life without harming the planet, so they make sure each piece of jewelry they sell has been responsibly sourced, ethically made, and environmentally conscious. Every purchase from KatKim goes toward funding projects that promote sustainability around the world.

Octavia Elizabeth

Octavia Elizabeth is one of the best sustainable jewelry brands on the market. They are committed to making all their products from recycled or ethically sourced materials, and they have a wide range of styles that will suit your every need. Whether you’re looking for wedding jewelry, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces – Octavia Elizabeth has something for everyone!

This is a company that creates jewelry out of responsibly sourced and ethically-mined materials. The company has one goal: to create high quality, sustainable products for the future generation. Octavia Elizabeth’s work with sustainability goes beyond just being an eco-friendly brand; it also includes promoting social responsibility and gender equality through its production process. All of this makes them the best sustainable jewelry brand in America!

Nouvel Heritage

Nouvel Heritage is a sustainable jewelry brand that offers pieces made out of ethically sourced and recycled materials. The company’s mission is to help people reduce their carbon footprint while also giving back to the world. They have partnered with several organizations including UNICEF, which helps provide education for children in developing countries.

They offer a wide range of pieces for men and women including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Their commitment to sustainability is one reason why they are the best sustainable jewelers around! If you’re looking for an ethical way to buy jewelry Nouvel Heritage has got you covered!

Pippa Small

Sustainable jewelry is a hot topic, and for good reason. With the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans, it’s important to know which brands are doing their part to make sure we’re recycling responsibly. Pippa Small is one of those brands- they use sustainable materials like silver and gold that don’t release chemicals into the environment when exposed to air or water. They also offer pieces made from recycled metals!

They are committed to providing affordable and beautiful pieces that are environmentally conscious. Their pieces are all made from recycled metals, and some of their materials include eco-friendly bamboo, reclaimed wood, upcycled paper clips, corks, recycled glass beads and natural gemstones. All of their products come with tags that detail the origin story for every part of the piece. This includes where they were sourced from as well as who made it! Pippa Small’s mission is to give you an ethical choice when it comes to fashion items that look good too!


Saulé Jewelry is the perfect gift for someone who loves to live a sustainable lifestyle. The jewelry is made from repurposed materials and each piece tells a story about its origins. For example, one bracelet was created with old recycled bicycle chains, another necklace features vintage brass buttons collected from around the world. And yet another ring has pieces of antique brooches that are set in sterling silver. 

The company has grown exponentially in the past few years, with customers from all over the world coming to buy their products. They have been featured on major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Elle Magazine among others. Saulé is also known for its signature “no stones” collection of earrings made entirely out of recycled paper clips! Customers can choose between either gold plated or sterling silver posts and backs to ensure that they find something they’ll love!

Melissa Joy Manning

For those who are looking for a sustainable way to accessorize, Melissa Joy Manning is the best choice. The jewelry designs are not only beautiful but also made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. The company’s website offers an interactive map where you can find out all about the different materials that are used in every piece of jewelry on their site.

One of their best sellers is called “Morning Dew” which features pave diamonds set in sterling silver with an 18-karat gold overlay as well as Japanese Akoya pearls all set on a 14-karat gold band. This piece was designed by Melissa herself and it has become one of her most popular designs! It is perfect for any occasion from weddings to work parties to just general everyday wear. Because you never know when your next photo opportunity will arise!


White/Space is a sustainable jewelry brand that reflects the purity of nature. Artists use recycled, upcycled and ethically sourced materials to create beautiful pieces that are perfect for any occasion. White/Space uses eco-friendly inks and dyes so no harmful chemicals will ever come into contact with your skin. With each purchase you help support artists around the world who make their living making art they love!

The company are rooted in the idea of minimalism, but not in the sense of stripping down to bare essentials. Instead, they focus on removing everything unnecessary from their designs – such as metals or gems – while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal for customers. This means that White/Space will never use any mined materials like gold or diamonds and will only use recycled metal when necessary. 


Catbird is a brand that wants to be sustainable and eco-friendly while also being fashionable. They don’t use any animal products in their designs. That means the jewelry doesn’t have the same price tag as other designers on the market. Catbird has an assortment of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more with prices starting at $25 for one piece!

The company uses recycled metal from vehicles or other sources to create new pieces. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand that offers beautiful pieces without breaking your conscience. If you’re looking for a designer who cares about the environment but still makes your outfit look good – this is your go-to brand!

Futura Jewelry

Futura Jewelry is a sustainable jewelry company that was founded by two women, one who studied Sustainable Product Development and the other who studied Fine Arts. They are passionate about creating beautiful pieces of jewelry while also having a positive impact on the environment. Take this bracelet for example – it’s made from recycled materials and has been given a vintage patina. It looks like another piece of your favorite costume jewelry!

The company is committed to sourcing and creating high quality, eco-friendly products that not only look amazing but have a positive impact on the planet. With their jewelry being made out of recycled metals, they’re reducing metal mining and keeping tons of waste out of landfills every year! You can be eco-friendly without sacrificing style with these beautiful pieces!

Emily P. Wheeler 

Sustainability is a hot topic in the fashion industry. One of the most sustainable jewelry brands on the market is Emily P. Wheeler. They have been running their business for over 20 years and are recognized as one of the first eco-friendly designers to introduce natural materials into mainstream retail stores like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. They also offer an organic line that includes recycled gold made from precious metals with no conflict minerals or mercury used in processing.

This is a brand that takes pride in producing sustainable pieces of jewelry. Every piece of her work is made from natural materials, and the majority are created using recycled metals or gemstones. Their goal is to provide people with beautiful accessories while doing her part to reduce waste and conserve resources for future generations to come! 

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If you’re looking for beautiful, sustainable options that will last a lifetime, we hope this list has helped. No matter your budget or style preferences, there’s something here for everyone. Let us know in the comments at SenseOrient if you have any questions about our picks and be sure to browse our other sustainability articles on fashion brands and what it means to shop sustainably!

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