Top Sustainable Lingerie Brands: 13 of The Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Lines

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Sustainable fashion is a movement that is gaining more and more momentum. More people are becoming aware of the environmental impact clothing production has on our planet, and they want to do their part in making it better. What you wear can have a big impact on your personal health, so why not consider sustainable lingerie brands when shopping for new underwear?

In this article we will discuss 13 eco-friendly underwear brands that produce quality products with minimal environmental impacts. This way you can feel good about yourself while wearing something cute!


What began as a passion project to create more eco-friendly lingerie is now the empowering, zero-waste brand Anekdot. The company manufactures eco-friendly bras, panties, slips, camisoles and loungewear. They offer products for sizes A to G cups in various bra styles including strapless, longline bra with racerback straps, t-shirt bra with wide back band or convertible bra. All of their items are made from sustainably sourced materials like organic cotton and bamboo fiber. Their mission is to provide women with comfortable underwear they can wear every day. And without having the guilt about how it’s impacting the environment.


Lingerie and swimwear line Araks has implemented several sustainable practices by holding the tenets of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” close. Their bras are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and elastane to ensure comfort for the wearer. The underwear is made with an environmentally-friendly fabric called modal which feels like silk but has better moisture wicking properties. Araks also uses less water in their production process than other brands. Because they use natural dyes instead of chemical ones to color their garments; this saves on energy costs as well as reducing pollution caused by wastewater runoff. Their mission is to create beautiful pieces of clothing that will feel good on you, while doing less harm to our environment.

Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen’s bright colors prove that sustainability can be fun. Their products are made from recycled cotton, organic linen, and vegan silk. The company aims to be as eco-friendly as possible with their production process; all of their tags are hand-written by the seamstress who creates each piece in order to reduce waste and save time on packaging. All garments come in a reusable cloth bag instead of plastic packaging which can’t be recycled or composted. Dora Larsen strives for style, comfort, simplicity, and sustainability; they use quality fabrics that you can wear again without having to worry about it not being able to last through your daily life.

NK Imode

NK Imode’s vision of sustainability is that fashion products should be timeless and built to last. The majority of its items are made of premium silk, a natural, biodegradable fabric. They believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, sexy and confident in their own skin. The company is committed to using natural fabrics while staying true to the original design of the garment. NK Imode’s mission is to empower women through fashion by providing them with a wide range of flattering styles at an affordable price point. By using sustainable materials like natural fibers and dyes made from plants, NK Imode also ensures better quality garments without damaging our environment or harming the people involved in the process.  

Base Range

Base Range is a sustainable lingerie brand that focuses on simplicity and elegance. They design their products to be made from natural fibers and recycled materials, with the goal of lowering the carbon footprint by reducing waste. Base Range also uses ethical manufacturing practices in order to provide fair wages for its employees. They offer a variety of styles from full coverage to light support bras, as well as panties and nightwear. They focus on eco-friendly materials because it’s important for them not only to provide their customers with quality products. But also to have an environmentally conscious business model. The eco-friendly company has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar among others. 

Fruity Booty

Fruity Booty is a sustainable lingerie brand that offers an alternative to the traditional, disposable underwear. They use organic cotton and hemp, as well as sustainably harvested wood for their materials. Fruity Booty also uses an eco-friendly process that includes using soy ink on paper with 100% post consumer waste fiber content. This ensures that no toxic chemicals are released into the environment during production despite being chlorine free bleached white paper. The company was founded out of concern for our planet’s forests, air quality, water supply and wildlife population. Thus all products are made from recycled or natural materials to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels.

Mary Young

Canadian-based brand Mary Young was founded in 2014 with sustainability and local production in mind. With their use of eco-friendly fabrics and innovative designs, they are able to offer the best in comfort as well as style for all women. They want you to feel confident and sexy without sacrificing your environmental or personal values. All of its lingerie is produced in Montreal with livable wages and safe conditions for workers. One of the primary fabrics the brand uses is rayon from bamboo. The fabric is free of harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, dyes, and synthetic agents that contribute to water pollution.

Uye Surana

Uye Surana is a sustainable lingerie company that creates comfortable, functional bras and underwear with long-lasting materials. They manufacture their products from organic cotton, recyclable metal wiring, and no toxic dyes or chemicals. Uye Surana’s mission is to empower women by giving them the confidence they deserve in their own skin. The company was created out of the idea that there are too many clothes being made for one person to wear. Uye Surana strives to create long-lasting pieces using natural materials, all while keeping environmental sustainability in mind. 

Botanica Workshop

Botanica Workshop is a sustainable lingerie brand that uses plant-based materials for their designs. The company was founded with the goal of providing eco-friendly and comfortable bras to women, who often have no choice but to wear uncomfortable undergarments. Botanica Workshop offers a wide range of products from everyday basics like woven cotton briefs and stretch lace bra tops, to more elaborate pieces such as silk chiffon chemise dresses with matching skirts or backless corsets in vegan leather. With an emphasis on quality and sustainability, Botanica Workshop strives to empower women by offering them something they can feel beautiful in while also promoting environmental responsibility through using organic fabrics whenever possible.

Crease Studios

The future is now, with Crease Studios. This sustainable lingerie brand has created a line of bras and underwear that are made from natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and hemp. With these eco-friendly materials, they can be recycled or composted after use! Not only will you feel good about the green lifestyle you’re living by using this product but you’ll also know that your clothes last longer than ever before. Additionally they avoid waste by using natural dyes that biodegrade quickly when exposed to oxygen and sunlight. Their lace is also made with upcycled fabric which means they recycle old clothes into new products. So you can feel good about your purchase! 

Le Buns

Female-founded brand Le Buns makes sleek, versatile, and timeless lingerie pieces while prioritizing ethical practices. They offer products such as bras, thongs, briefs, and bodysuits in various colors and sizes. 100% of their materials are sourced from recycled or responsibly manufactured fibers including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo rayon spandex blend fabric blends. The sizing goes up to 3XL and they offer free shipping worldwide with all orders! Le Buns is an amazing company that has made the conscious decision to use sustainable materials for their products while empowering others by donating a portion of profits to charitable organizations like Dress for Success Worldwide which helps women gain economic independence by providing professional attire at no cost. 

Brook There

Describing itself as “beautiful by nature,” minimalist lingerie brand Brook There takes inspiration from Earth and utilizes neutral tones and minimalist silhouettes. The company offers bras and panties made from organic cotton, recycled materials, and wild-harvested sea kelp. These garments are hand-made in India by women who have been rescued or helped from prostitution. For every purchase of their products, Brook There gives one day’s worth of wages to the woman who made them. So they can continue to support themselves and their families after transitioning out of sex work. 

Aurore Lingerie

Aurore Lingerie is a sustainable lingerie brand that is all about creating an effortless, luxurious and comfortable experience for women of all shapes and sizes. They believe in the importance of empowering women by providing them with fashionable yet affordable lingerie. Aurore Lingerie uses only high quality materials while maintaining ethical practices during production to ensure product safety and sustainability. The company is committed to supporting initiatives that promote positive social change, such as their partnership with Girls on the Run, which helps girls develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running programs. 

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We hope that this list of 13 sustainable lingerie brands has made it easier for you to find the perfect eco-friendly fashion line. With so many options, we know it can be hard to choose which company is best for your needs. However, each one on our list has something unique and wonderful about them – whether they are ethical or environmentally conscious, use natural materials only, have a great selection of products in their store online or offline – there’s no wrong choice! Which sustainable lingerie brand did you end up choosing? What do you love most about them? Let us know below at SenseOrient!

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