12 Instagram Accounts Every Bride-To-Be Needs To Follow

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With wedding season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all of the things that you need to do for your big day. The first thing that many brides-to-be think about is what they will wear on their special day.

However, before you can even think about picking out a dress or a tuxedo, there are several other important decisions to make. One of those choices should be which Instagram accounts you follow if you want some inspiration! In this blog post, we’ll share 12 Instagram accounts every bride needs to follow for her big day.

Willow by Watters

If you’re looking for the perfect account to follow on Instagram, look no further. With the help of an online photo editor, Willow by Watters is a feed of gorgeous wedding pictures from all over the world. The way they capture each moment is breathtaking and I’m sure you’ll find yourself wishing you were in some of these photos! While they might specialize in wedding dress designs, their Instagram feed is a treasure trove for bohemian brides and equally-stylish wedding imagery, featuring candid moments and beautiful details from a variety of photographers.

Best for: Wedding dress and photography ideas

One Fine Day Bridal Market

If you’re a bride-to-be, you need to know about One Fine Day Bridal Market. This account is one of the best wedding Instagram accounts out there, hands down. It features talented vendors, major trends and gorgeous photos of weddings from across the country. More than just a shop, One Fine Day offers an online community for brides to connect with other brides as well as share their own wedding experiences. They showcase the most stunning gowns, shoes, and accessories that will make you want to say “I Do” all over again. With photos of brides in their stunning wedding attire gracing your screen daily, it’s hard not to fall head-over-heels for these gorgeous images. Be sure to follow them today!

Best for: Wedding dress ideas

Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings is the perfect Instagram account for any bride. This page features weddings from all over the world, giving you an inside look at how other people get married and what they do after their wedding day. The best part about this page is that it’s not just pictures of one couple’s wedding, which can be boring to scroll through; instead, there are lots of different perspectives on the big day! There are also some really nice shots taken by professional photographers that show off each detail in a new way. They offer advice on everything from weddings to honeymoons, and their feed will make you feel like you’re living vicariously through all of their gorgeous pictures. Scrolling through Junebug Weddings’ feed makes me want to get married too!

Best for: Wedding décor and photography ideas

Sprig & Thistle

The first thing you’ll notice about Sprig & Thistle is the incredible photography. Every photo has a story and they perfectly capture all of the details that make weddings so special. The team at Sprig & Thistle loves to share their work with other soon-to-be brides, as well as help out on wedding days by doing things like running errands for busy moms or making sure everyone gets their food on time. They’re also an advocate for children’s charities and will donate some proceeds from each wedding booked to those organizations. Whether it’s your own big day or someone else’s, this account will be perfect for documenting every detail!

Best for: Wedding flowers ideas

Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige is the perfect Instagram account to follow for inspiration and beautiful photos of weddings. If you’re planning your own wedding, this account will inspire you with ideas on how to make it look as good as possible. There are gorgeous pictures of dresses on models as well as behind-the-scenes shots from photo shoots. The best part about this account though may be that it has a ton of inspiration for planning your own wedding day! It’s easy to get lost in all the beautiful photos and forget to plan your own big day but Hayley Paige’s account should give you some ideas about what you might want for your perfect gown or other aspects too!

Best for: Wedding dress ideas

Halfpenny London

Halfpenny London is another best wedding Instagram account we’ve ever seen. We were so enchanted with their work, that we wanted to share it here on our blog! They have a knack for capturing moments in such an intimate and romantic way. Their photos are perfect for all your Pinterest boards and you’ll want to re-gram them as soon as you see them. With an Instagram account that is constantly updated with beautiful shots from weddings, Halfpenny London’s feed has become a favorite for many engaged couples. The stunning imagery found here can range from intimate moments between partners to big group shots of all your guests – you’ll find something for everyone!

Best for: Wedding outfit ideas

Ulyana Aster 

I know you all are fascinated with the best wedding Instagram accounts. Well, I have found one that is not only beautiful but also creative and one of a kind! Ulyana Aster has some of the most breathtaking photography captured on her feed. It captures moments that will make your heart melt and tug at your emotions. It’s like she knows just what to say in order to get it right for every photo she posts! If you’re looking for an account to follow for your wedding day or honeymoon, this is definitely worth checking out! Her photos are eye-catching and she strives to capture your special moments in an artistic way that will make you feel like it’s your own personal movie. From engagements to bridal showers, Ulyana Aster Photography has done it all!

Best for: Wedding hair ideas


Marchesa is an Instagram account that takes the best of wedding fashion and combines it with stunning photography to create a one-of-a-kind look at weddings. The account offers everything from inspiration for your own big day, to gorgeous imagery for when you’re feeling down in the dumps. It’s an account filled with high-quality, creative and unique images of all weddings from across the world. They have a wide range of followers in countries such as America, Canada, Australia and Singapore to name a few. They show off their work on their blog page which includes rings, dresses and other aspects of the big day. Marchesa is one of many wedding blogs but it stands out. Because they are so creative when it comes to storytelling through pictures!

Best for: Wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses ideas

Under the Floral Spell 

I’ve always had an interest in weddings. The idea of love and marriage has always been something I fantasized about, even as a little kid. When my sister got engaged last year, I was over the moon with excitement for her! It was then that I realized that there is an entire world out there filled with wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, and Instagram accounts – all waiting to be explored by me! One of the most exciting discoveries on Insta is @underthefloralspell – this account features some truly jaw-dropping floral arrangements you won’t find anywhere else. Follow this account if you’re looking for inspiration or just want to be inspired by these lovely designs!

Best for: Wedding flowers ideas

Monique Lhuillier Bride

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to plan your wedding, Monique Lhuillier Bride is the Instagram account for you. This account has over 550k followers and features beautiful pictures of brides that are wearing Monique Lhuillier dresses or other designer pieces. There are also some amazing shots of flowers, cakes, and other details from weddings that have been planned by this talented team. If you love seeing gorgeous weddings then check out this account! It’s also hard not to get emotional when scrolling through the feed because of all the love these couples have for each other. You’ll never go wrong by following this fashion icon on Instagram! I am so excited to share with you this beautiful account full of gorgeous images showcasing these stunning gowns- not just on the runway but on real-life brides too! 

Best for: Wedding dress ideas

Grace Loves Lace

I stumbled across Grace Loves Lace on Instagram and was immediately hooked by the stunning, candid photos of weddings from around the world. I love how they take a traditional wedding photo and make it new again with their unique style. They specialize in documenting real moments- getting dressed for your big day, walking down the aisle, throwing rice at your honeymoon suite- all of these are special memories that will last a lifetime! So if you’re looking for an amazing wedding account, look no further than Grace Loves Lace! The Instagram account showcases stunning photos of weddings around the world that will make your heart melt.

Best for: Wedding dress ideas


If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you’ve been scrolling through Instagram for hours on end. But have you checked out Pronovias? They’re arguably the best wedding account on Instagram. Whether it’s a photo of their latest designs or an invitation to one of their trunk shows, if it has anything to do with weddings and brides, they’re there! Pronovias offers an incredible variety of gorgeous dresses, with styles ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. The most popular pieces are often seen being worn by celebrities at red-carpet events, but don’t let that intimidate you. They also offer an affordable range of options perfect for every budget.

Best for: Wedding dress ideas

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We hope you enjoyed this list of fabulous Instagram accounts to follow if you’re a bride-to-be. With hundreds of thousands of followers, these 12 fashion bloggers and influencers have done an amazing job curating the perfect mix for today’s modern woman looking for fashion inspiration or just some fun wedding planning ideas!

Remember that when it comes down to it, your personal style is what matters most on your big day. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks until you find something that suits your unique personality. And remember not to stress too much about all the little details. In the end, everything will turn out beautifully because after all, you’ll be marrying him.

Which of these 12 Instagram accounts has been helpful in planning or executing your own celebration? Let us know below at SenseOrient in the comment section. If this list has helped you find your dream dress or give you some inspiration along the way, please share it with all of your friends who are planning their weddings too! 

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