15 Best Work Clothing Brands: List of the Most Popular Ones

Work clothing is an important part of the work environment. The best clothes can make you feel confident and prepared for whatever task awaits you in your day, while the worst clothes can leave you feeling unprepared and anxious. With this in mind, we wanted to do some research to find out which brands best represent the best work clothes that will allow you to feel confident and successful at all times!

We have compiled a list of the 15 best work clothing brands that are best suited for any office setting. With our best work clothing brands list in hand, choosing your next set of clothes should be much easier!

These companies all offer high-quality products that will last for years, but they also have different qualities and price points so it’s important to do some research before buying anything. 

& Other Stories is the newest and most promising clothing line. They are known for being a sustainable, eco-friendly company with quality products that are made in an ethical manner. The brand is known for their effortless use of color and pattern to create unique pieces that make it easy to look good without sacrificing comfort or style.

The company has been nominated as one of the best work clothing brands by The Guardian’s “Best Work Brands” list, which honors companies who lead change in this area through innovation and creativity. & Other Stories was recognized for leadership in sustainability practices such as minimizing waste production, using recycled materials whenever possible, and maintaining transparent communication about what they do to reduce environmental impacts.


Mango is a clothing company that has been around for over 40 years. They have made it their mission to provide affordable and stylish clothes for the whole family. This is one of the reasons why Mango has become so popular as their price range falls somewhere in between H&M and Zara, meaning you can get some great deals without breaking the bank!

They offer clothes in many different styles, colors and sizes. This makes it the best work clothing brand because they have something to suit everyone’s tastes. Mango also offers an affordable price point so you don’t have to break the bank just to get clothes that fit your style! The other reason people love Mango is that they are always coming out with new styles each season; from trendy prints to different cuts, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for work attire or casual wear, Mango will not disappoint.


Whistles is a British clothing company with an elegant and modern aesthetic. The clothes are designed for women who want to look their best at work, in the office or on a night out. Whistles has been nominated for many awards because of its commitment to quality and innovation.

It has a reputation for creating timeless, high-quality pieces and has been worn by many celebrities including Kate Winslet, Naomi Campbell and Lana Del Rey. Every season they release new designs which are based on what’s trending at the time but also with their signature style. Their clothes are made to last so you can wear them over and over again without them wearing out or looking old fashioned. The company also offers a range of accessories such as bags and jewelry in order to complete your outfit.

Simply Be

While the world of work has evolved and employees are no longer required to wear suits or dress clothing, most offices still have a business casual dress code. Simply Be offers high-quality women’s clothes for every type of work environment.

They offer dresses that can be paired with tights and boots on chilly days, skirts for warmer weather, tops to mix and match with pants or skirts, blouses for a more professional look, jeans in several styles (straight leg, bootcut) as well as shorts in various lengths (ankle length to capri), sweaters if you need an extra layer against the office AC; Simply Be also carries accessories like scarves and belts so your outfit is complete. From day at the office to travel around the world, Simply Be best has you covered.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer is one of the most well-known clothing brands in the world. They have been around for over a century and are still going strong today. They offer a variety of different clothes, from casual wear to business attire, as well as shoes, accessories and more. What makes Marks & Spencer so popular? It’s their high-quality products at affordable prices that make them stand out among other retailers.

The company has been operating since 1884 when they started as an online retailer. They have grown to include more than 400 stores across the UK and Ireland. Marks & Spencer’s clothing includes both classic styles like blazers, jeans, dresses, t-shirts; plus trendy fashions including jumpsuits and bodysuits. What we love about them? Their chain store gives us all access to their amazing products at any time! If you’re looking for something new to spice up your wardrobe – head on down to M&S!


COS is a clothing brand that offers fashion for the modern woman. With clothes from head to toe, COS provides everything you need to create your best work outfit and be comfortable at the office. Known for their versatility, quality materials, and feminine silhouette, COS has become one of my favorite brands.

The company is one of the best work clothing brands. Because they have a variety of clothing that you can wear to different types of jobs. Their clothes are very comfortable and will last for years. They also have the latest designs, so you’ll be able to stay up on what’s new in fashion without spending too much money.


Everlane is a company that sells clothing and accessories with a focus on quality, transparency, and sustainability. They offer workwear made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, linen blends, and more. Everlane’s clothes are also ethically sourced—the factory workers get paid fair wages in safe conditions. If you’re looking for the best work clothes brand for your business or yourself then Everlane may be the answer! 

It’s the perfect place to buy workwear for women and men alike. You can find everything from pants to blazers, dresses to shoes. The best part? Everlane is based on transparency – they offer full prices and have no hidden costs or markups like traditional retail stores do. Everlane offers women’s wear as well as men’s wear. So you can find what you need to look good at all times of the day!


Many of us are working hard to make ends meet and keep our heads above water. Sometimes, we don’t have the money for new clothes or other necessities. Luckily, there is a brand that makes work clothing that can be affordable on almost any budget: Very Clothing. They offer high-quality workwear at prices everyone can afford while also making sure their employees are paid more than the minimum wage. Because they care about them as people too!

They have clothes designed for your specific needs as an office worker. Including beautiful dresses with pockets, pants with zippers on both sides to make it easier to sit down, and more! So whether you need a new dress shirt or pants for your big meeting, they’ve got you covered. You can also find great deals on items like suits and dresses with their clearance section!


H&M is a clothing brand that has been around since 1947. The company is known for their affordable clothing, but also for the quality of the clothes they sell. H&M is undoubtedly one of the best work clothing brands because they have a wide range of styles. They also offer clothes that are affordable. And you can find something for your budget no matter what it may be.

The company offers a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to ensure that you find something perfect for your work attire. They also have great prices on their clothes so it’s easy to get dressed while still staying within budget! The company is committed to providing customers with quality clothes at an affordable price. The company strives to make shopping easy by offering comfortable-fitting clothes in different sizes and colors.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is one of the world’s leading menswear designers and has been since 1988. With an assortment of styles for all seasons, Ted Baker offers a wide range of fashion and quality. They have a reputation for being at the forefront in both design and sustainability, which means they are always looking ahead to create pieces that will be relevant years from now as well as today. 

The company takes their responsibility seriously when it comes to environmental considerations by using eco-friendly materials and processes, including waterless dyeing techniques that use less energy than conventional methods. This also helps reduce waste because there is no need to run off excess dye with surplus water – instead the garment can simply be rinsed clean after each color change.


ASOS is a huge online store with thousands of clothing options. It’s hard to find the best work clothes because you’re bombarded with so many choices. But I’ve found some of my favorite business pieces from ASOS. They have everything from dresses and skirts to blazers and trousers that are perfect for any time when you need to dress professionally. Some of my favorites are the pencil skirt, blue striped shirtdress, and oversized cardigan sweater set! 

The company is one of the best clothing brands for work. I have found them to be very reliable and always offer a variety of styles that are up-to-date on trends. If you’re looking for something more classic, they also carry pieces such as pencil skirts and blazers. They have it all! 

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is a British luxury fashion brand that was founded in 1993. This company has always been on the forefront of fashion trends. And they are now the go-to for trendy clothing brands. Oliver Bonas offers clothes for all genders, age ranges and sizes. They have many different lines to choose from including: dresses, coats, trousers, tops and skirts. The quality of their products is impeccable as well; people can find affordable pieces that will last them years without any damage or wear-and-tear!

The company has been able to stay on top of the trends by collaborating with designers from all over the world. Their goal is to be as innovative as possible while maintaining their commitment to quality and style for which they have become so well known.


Jigsaw is a clothing brand that is made for people who enjoy traveling. They have clothes that are light, comfortable and easy to pack. The clothes are designed with pockets in all the right places for you to keep your passport, phone and other essentials close by without having to take them off or needing a bag on hands at all times. Jigsaw offers something for everyone from men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear (sizes XS-XL) as well as luggage pieces like backpacks and duffle bags.

The company is a leading workwear brand that has been making clothes for over 50 years. From their classic jeans to the latest in fashion-forward apparel, Jigsaw provides the perfect wardrobe for any situation. The company offers clothing lines that are designed specifically to meet your needs and wants while balancing with your budget. With so many options available, you’re sure to find something just right for you!


Zara is a Spanish multinational clothing company that has been in business since 1975. The company was founded by Amancio Ortega, and it currently operates around the world with more than 2,200 stores worldwide. Zara offers men’s and women’s apparel as well as accessories for every season of the year. Customers can find everything from denim jeans to dresses to sweaters on their website or at one of their retail shops.

In addition to clothes, Zara offers accessories like shoes and bags as well as furniture and home goods such as pillows and bed sheets. They are known for their fast-fashion business model of introducing new trends as they happen rather than six months later like other brands do. 

Studio 8 by Phase Eight

Studio 8 by Phase Eight is one of the best work clothing brands out there. They are known for their sleek and flattering outfits that look like they were made just for you. The company designs and sells both men’s and women’s clothing, but their main focus is on the latter. Their clothes are designed for office workers with busy lifestyles who want to look stylish during their downtime as well as when they are working. 

The Studio 8 collection offers modern styles that can be mixed or matched to create an outfit perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a smart suit for your next presentation or just need some new work trousers, this range has something for everyone!

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This list of the 15 best work clothing brands should help you find a great place to start if you’re looking for new work clothes. No matter what your personal style, there is something in this list that will suit it perfectly and make sure you look professional when going into a job interview or on any other day at work.

With so many options available, we can’t say which one is “best.” We hope they all are! Which brand did you try? What was your experience with them? Leave your comments below at SenseOrient.

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