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15 Amazing Saint Laurent Bags That Will Make You Want to Splurge Today

best YSL Bags at senseorient

There are few things in life more satisfying than buying a new bag for yourself. I mean, who doesn’t love picking out the perfect outfit to go with their new handbag? But sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one. That’s where Saint Laurent comes in! The Parisian fashion house has been creating […]

Top Sustainable Lingerie Brands: 13 of The Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Lines

best Sustainable Lingerie Brands at senseorient

Sustainable fashion is a movement that is gaining more and more momentum. More people are becoming aware of the environmental impact clothing production has on our planet, and they want to do their part in making it better. What you wear can have a big impact on your personal health, so why not consider sustainable […]

The 12 Best Luxury Lingerie Brands to Show Off Your Sexy Side

SenseOrient Best Luxury Lingerie Brands

Luxury lingerie is not just about looking sexy, it’s also about feeling confident. If you’re tired of wearing shapeless cotton underwear that doesn’t show off any curves, then luxury lingerie might be the perfect solution for you. There are so many different types to choose from – push-up bras, thongs with lace detailing, silk camisoles […]

13 Products for Dry Hair That Won’t Leave You Embarrassed

Best Products for Dry Hair at SenseOrient

Dry hair is a common problem for many people, especially during the winter months when humidity levels drop. It leaves your locks feeling straw-like and dull with no volume or shine. We all want to look our best at work or school, but dryness can leave you with embarrassing flyaways that refuse to behave. The […]

10 Natural Body Lotions That Fair Trade & Chemical Free

Natural Body Lotions at SenseOrient

There are many reasons you might want to switch to chemical-free body lotions. You might be trying out a new cleaner lifestyle, or you might have sensitive skin that requires more natural products. Whatever the reason for your decision to go natural, it’s important that you know what ingredients are in your lotion before buying […]

6 Gemstones: A Must Have For Your Jewelry Collection

Pearls senseorient

Gemstones are an important part of our jewelry collection. They can be used to symbolize different things, like love, power and wealth. Gemstones can also be used for their aesthetic beauty alone. The colors they come in range from the brightest blues to the most delicate pinks. There are many types of gemstones out there […]

The 15 Best Small Watches For Men of 2023

Patek Philippe Calatrava Small Seconds senseorient

It’s time to get a new watch. You’ve been wearing the same one for years now, but you’re not sure what style is best for you these days. We have all seen men with watches that are just too big or too small, and this can be detrimental to your look as well as practicality. […]

15 Boutique Watch Brands Every Horology Fan Should Know

ANORDAIN watches at senseorient

A watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s an accessory that can make you feel like you’re wearing the latest trends, or accessorizing with something vintage-inspired. If you’re in the market for a new watch, but want to avoid big brands like Rolex or Omega that are too expensive, then consider microbrand watches.  The […]

7 Genuinely Ethical Backpacks for the Ultimate in Practicality

SenseOrient Sustainable Backpacks

The world is changing, and people are becoming more aware of the impact their purchases have on the environment. This has given rise to an increase in demand for ethically made products. If you’re looking to purchase a backpack, there are many options available with ethical labels attached. We’ve compiled a list of seven backpacks […]

7 Beanies Style Hats for Men or Women: Winter Poetry Poets

winter beanies hats senseorient

The winter season is upon us, and it’s time to put on your beanies. If you are looking for the perfect hat to go with any outfit, this list of 7 beanie style hats will help you find what you need. From a classic black knit cap that goes well with both men and women, to […]

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