11 Creative Ideas To Pull Off A Boho Chic Wedding

11 Creative Ideas To Pull Off A Boho Chic Wedding

When planning a wedding, there are many things to consider, such as the theme. A wedding theme that’s trendy these days is the bohemian style. Unlike other themes, a bohemian wedding breaks away from rules, emphasizing freedom of expression and frugality. It blends in ethnic, gypsy, and hippie styles through simple but eye-catching, creative touches. Its value for freedom and simplicity makes it popular with many couples who want to express their individuality on their big day or those who are planning a wedding on a tight budget. 

Whether it’s investing in creative florals or decadent drapery, your boho wedding should be relaxing, comfortable, and enchanting. Here are brilliant ideas to pull off a gorgeous, ethereal boho wedding:

#1 Hang Up Florals 

There’s something wonderfully beautiful about being in a safe space with many floral elements. But before you decide on the floral arrangements, you should make sure none of your guests are allergic to flowers. 

The great thing about adding flowers to a boho wedding is that you can mix and match different kinds to customize the venue, such as Colombian roses and Billy buttons. You can cover the altar with blooms or sprinkle flowers around the wedding venue. Design the arch with feathery flowers and tufts of tough grass. Hang up some dried floral arrangements as well to make the ambiance more magical. 

11 Creative Ideas To Pull Off A Boho Chic Wedding

#2 Get A Geometric Altar 

Putting up a teepee altar for your boho wedding will exude a mesmerizing ambiance. You can decorate the altar with florals or greenery, like vines and ferns. A unique altar is a minimalist but alluring aesthetic that will highlight the ceremony’s uniqueness. 

You can even install a teepee that’s made of different materials, depending on your style. One great option is an altar built with wood or crystal gemstones.

#3 Have Plush Comfortable Seating 

Your guests just need to sit comfortably on your wedding day. They don’t have to sit on normal average seats you see at most weddings. You can lay out some plush seating, comfortable cushions, or have custom-made seats that come with ultra-soft padding. These seats and cushions can coordinate with your color scheme too.

Moreover, you can leave small goodie bags on the seats. One lovely welcome bag you can surprise your guests with is sweet or tasty snacks, like popcorn or cookies. Another thoughtful goodie bag is a sachet of tea.   

#4 Bring In The Crystal Gemstones 

Crystal gemstones are said to hold some metaphysical properties that can rid a space of negative energy. If you want to bring in the love on your special day, scatter some rose quartz around the ceremony or put it in a goodie bag. You can even incorporate gemstones into your wedding rings or the altar. 

#5 Wear A Pretty Floral Crown 

A bohemian wedding should show effortless relaxation in all aspects, such as the setting, dress, and headpiece. Wearing florals as a headpiece will not only make your whole ensemble elegant but also dreamy. What’s more, it can spice up your simple hairstyle. 

You can leave your hair loose and place the flower crown on your head or pin the flowers into your hair. Alternatively, wear a hairband with floral details if you have a thicker hair texture, like an afro. For a regal look, go for fluffy white blossoms set at the base of a gilded topper. At a beach wedding, complete your effortless look with a flower crown of lilacs, daisies, purple berries with yellow petals, and dusty roses. 

#6 Match Your Altar With The Landscape 

Since boho weddings are usually held outdoors, the landscape will be the backdrop of your special day. Whether it be the ocean, forest, waterfall, or garden, you can match the altar with the natural backdrop. If your boho wedding is set on the beach, you can take the ideas that include some seashells on your arch. If it’s in a forested area, install a beautiful wooden arch with pine cones, which will look otherworldly.  

#7 Get An Organic Flower Bouquet 

Bohemian brides love using unique colors on their wedding day since they’re free to do what they want. You can have your bouquet arranged with a natural aesthetic instead of a traditional one. For instance, if your wedding will be held in autumn, hold a bouquet of baby’s breath, red and yellow wildflowers, and branches of gum leaves. For a boho princess vibe, select an arrangement of pink and cream camellias with leafy elements and strands of ribbon. 

11 Creative Ideas To Pull Off A Boho Chic Wedding

#8 Invest In Bud Vases For The Tables 

Florals are a main feature in boho weddings, so you can set single stem vases as decorations on the guests’ tables. Place single stems in stylish, eclectic vases that go with the color scheme and complement them with gold or silver finishing to make them pop. These vases will make the venue visually impactful. 

#9 Get Married In A Greenhouse 

If you want to save on the number of flowers, host your wedding at a greenhouse or a botanical garden. A greenhouse is one of great ideas and will be a practical choice of boho wedding venue since it features vibrant blooms and a lush greenery that will transport guests into a magical world. On top of that, it’s a charming, calm setting that everyone will appreciate. 

11 Creative Ideas To Pull Off A Boho Chic Wedding

#10 Put Up Some Drapes 

A boho wedding will look even more stunning with drapery. The drapes can serve as contrast with the floral arrangements, giving off a serene, harmonious feeling. Guests can dine under drapes, surrounded by nature, on a breezy day. 

#11 Include A Marble High Table 

The high table should be exclusive to the bride and groom and their closest relatives. A focal point of the wedding reception, it’s different from the other tables guests use. Because it’s a special feature, you can choose a marble kind, which will create a chic, natural ambiance that will make the reception sophisticated. Pair the marble high table with some silver or gold trimmings for a complete ethereal look. 

11 Creative Ideas To Pull Off A Boho Chic Wedding

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A boho wedding exudes a romantic, soft feel that blends well with nature. Without rules to follow, you’re free to add anything you want or love. These creative ideas will help you achieve a boho chic wedding that’s not only unforgettable to you and your other half but also captivating to your guests.

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