Double-Breasted Tuxedo: How to Perfect Your Look for Formal Occasions

Double-Breasted Tuxedo: How to Perfect Your Look for Formal Occasions

In the realm of men’s formal wear, few garments command as much respect and admiration as the double-breasted tuxedo. This timeless piece, known for its distinctive style and elegance, has been a staple in men’s fashion for decades. Whether attending a black-tie event, a formal wedding, or a sophisticated gala, the double-breasted tuxedo offers a unique blend of classic style and modern flair. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to select, style, and perfect your double-breasted tuxedo for any formal occasion.

Understanding the Double-Breasted Tuxedo

The double-breasted tuxedo is characterized by its prominent jacket with two sets of buttons and overlapping front flaps. This design, originating from naval uniforms, has been adapted into the lexicon of formal menswear, offering a distinguished and powerful silhouette. Unlike its single-breasted counterpart, the double-breasted tuxedo exudes a sense of boldness and confidence.

Historically, the double-breasted tuxedo has seen various phases of popularity. It surged in the 1930s and 1940s, symbolizing the epitome of gentlemanly elegance. In recent years, it has made a remarkable comeback, favored by fashion-forward individuals who appreciate its blend of tradition and statement-making potential.

Double-Breasted Tuxedo: How to Perfect Your Look for Formal Occasions

Choosing the Right Double-Breasted Tuxedo

When selecting a double-breasted tuxedo, several key factors come into play:

  1. Fabric: The choice of fabric is crucial. Wool, particularly in super 120s or higher, offers a blend of durability and comfort, ideal for most climates and seasons. For warmer months or climates, lighter fabrics like linen or silk blends can be considered.
  2. Color and Pattern: Traditional black remains the quintessential choice for its versatility and timeless appeal. However, for those looking to make a more distinctive statement, midnight blue is an excellent alternative, offering depth and a subtle hint of individuality. Patterns are generally best avoided to maintain the tuxedo’s classic elegance, but a subtle herringbone or pinstripe can add a touch of personality for the more adventurous dresser.
  3. Fit: The fit of a double-breasted tuxedo is paramount. It should hug the contours of the body without restricting movement. The jacket should close comfortably without pulling, and the trousers should have a clean line. While off-the-rack tuxedos can be a good starting point, consider investing in bespoke or made-to-measure options for the best fit.
  4. Seasonal Considerations: For winter events, heavier wool or even velvet can add a luxurious touch. In contrast, summer events call for lighter materials like fine wool, linen, or blends that offer breathability and comfort.

Styling Your Double-Breasted Tuxedo

Styling a double-breasted tuxedo is an art that balances tradition with personal expression:

  1. Shirt Selection: A crisp, white dress shirt is the safest and most classic choice. It provides a clean and neutral backdrop that allows the tuxedo to shine. For those looking to add a contemporary twist, a light ivory or pale blue shirt can also work well.
  2. Bow Ties and Neckties: The traditional choice for a tuxedo is a bow tie, and this holds especially true for double-breasted styles. Choose a black silk bow tie for a classic look, or experiment with textures like velvet for added depth. If you prefer a necktie, ensure it is of high quality and subdued design.
  3. Cufflinks and Pocket Squares: These accessories are where you can inject personality into your outfit. Cufflinks should be elegant and understated – think silver, gold, or mother-of-pearl. The pocket square adds a splash of color and flair. While white is classic, feel free to experiment with colors and patterns that complement your tuxedo and tie.
  4. Vests and Cummerbunds: For a truly classic look, consider adding a vest or cummerbund. These not only add to the formality but also provide a seamless transition from jacket to trousers, especially when the jacket is unbuttoned.

Footwear and Accessories

Choosing the right footwear and accessories is crucial in complementing your double-breasted tuxedo:

  1. Footwear: The ideal choice is a pair of well-polished black leather Oxfords. They offer a sleek, unobtrusive look that pairs perfectly with the formality of a tuxedo. Alternatively, patent leather shoes or polished loafers can also be suitable choices, especially for events that are formal but have a slightly relaxed dress code.
  2. Belts and Suspenders: Traditional tuxedo trousers do not have belt loops, as a belt can disrupt the clean line of the tuxedo. Instead, opt for suspenders if needed. They should be subtle, preferably in a color that matches your tuxedo.
  3. Watches and Jewelry: A classic, simple watch with a leather or metal band can add a touch of sophistication. Keep other jewelry minimal – a wedding band and cufflinks are usually sufficient. The key is to avoid overshadowing the tuxedo’s inherent elegance.
  4. Other Accessories: For a winter event, a well-chosen scarf or overcoat can be both practical and stylish. Ensure these items complement the formality and color scheme of your tuxedo.

Grooming and Final Touches

Your grooming and the final touches you apply are just as important as the tuxedo itself:

  1. Hairstyle: Opt for a clean, classic hairstyle. Whether it’s a neatly combed look or a slicked-back style, ensure your hair is well-groomed and complements the formality of the occasion.
  2. Facial Grooming: For those who wear facial hair, make sure it is neatly trimmed. For a clean-shaven look, ensure a close, smooth shave to avoid any stubble, which can detract from the polished appearance.
  3. Final Checks: Before leaving, do a final check in the mirror. Ensure your tuxedo is lint-free, your shirt is properly buttoned, and your bow tie is correctly tied. Check that your shoes are immaculately polished and that your overall appearance is cohesive and refined.
Double-Breasted Tuxedo: How to Perfect Your Look for Formal Occasions

Occasion-Specific Tips

Adapting your tuxedo to the specific event is key:

  1. Weddings: For a wedding, especially if you are part of the wedding party, ensure your tuxedo complements the wedding’s color scheme and level of formality. A boutonniere can be a charming addition.
  2. Galas and Black-Tie Events: These occasions are perfect for showcasing the classic elegance of a double-breasted tuxedo. Feel free to add a touch of personal flair with a unique pocket square or an elegant watch.
  3. Understanding Dress Codes: Always be aware of the event’s dress code. A double-breasted tuxedo is typically suitable for black-tie and formal events, but it may be too formal for business or semi-formal occasions.


The double-breasted tuxedo is a masterpiece of men’s formal wear, offering an unmatched blend of elegance, tradition, and style. By carefully selecting the right tuxedo, paying attention to styling details, and ensuring impeccable grooming, you can master the art of formal dressing. Remember, a double-breasted tuxedo is not just a garment; it’s a statement of sophistication and confidence. Embrace it, and you’re sure to make a lasting impression at any formal event.

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