Dressing for Your Personality: Finding a Dress That Reflects Your Style

Dressing for Your Personality: Finding a Dress That Reflects Your Style

Are you still shopping for great summer looks? Instead of just going for any style that you see around these days, take time to think about your personality and what kinds of dresses resonate with your personal style the most. Here are some things to think about as you think about buying new looks:

Think about your overall look

If you are shopping around for new dresses, don’t just think about the ones that you want to wear. Also, consider the kinds of shoes and accessories you would wear with your new look. You may even want to think about bras and undergarments as well, as there are a plethora of dresses that need specific types of bras to remain unseen.

When choosing a dress, you’ll want to think about how it can pair with your favorite shoes. For example, a long maxi dress may look great with open-toed sandals, while a short dress could look cute with pointed toe flats, especially if you want to visually elongate your legs.

Dressing for Your Personality: Finding a Dress That Reflects Your Style

Talk to a personal stylist

If you want to be sure to highlight your personality and style, don’t hesitate to ask a personal stylist to help. While you may have a good idea of what kind of style you want to pull off, putting together the pieces may not be as easy for you.

Talk to your stylist about the “message” that you want to convey with your outfits, so you hit the mark with your looks. Whether you’re hoping to dress more cottage-core or you’re looking to stand out with funky looks, a personal stylist can help guide you to the best clothes for your needs.

Hire an image consultant

Many people in professional environments know the value of an image consultant. If you’re someone who is looking to put together looks for your job, an image consultant can be the ideal way for you to find the perfect dresses that help you showcase both your personality as well as help you build a persona that allows you to take up room in any kind of professional space that you’re hoping to fill.

Tell your image consultant what kinds of styles resonate with you, and watch them put together pieces that have you feeling like a million dollars.

Dressing for Your Personality: Finding a Dress That Reflects Your Style

Sign up for a clothing subscription

Another way to find the perfect look for your style is to sign up for a clothing subscription. This allows you to highlight your personal style in a way that is easy and straightforward. A lot of these clothing sites allow you to pick and choose different styles that you’d like to wear, and then every month, you get new clothes that fit your personal preferences, all in your size, ready for you to wear.

It takes the hard work out of shopping and allows you to get cool new dresses and styles on a regular basis. A lot of these clothing subscriptions make it easy for you to exchange if a specific piece doesn’t fit you as well as you’d like.

Flaunt what you want

Some people don’t wear the dresses or looks that they really want to wear because they’re afraid of drawing too much attention. Wear the styles that feel good on you, whether that’s a transparent dress that is all the rage right now or an off-the-shoulder cottage-core dress that is both flirtatious and demure. At the end of the day, you’re wearing styles for you and no one else, so look for styles that make you feel good. Make sure to shop for the best accessories for your specific looks.

In Conclusion

As you look for new clothes, don’t hesitate to shop for looks that suit you and your personality. However you go about shopping for your new dresses, make sure you’re wearing styles that feel good to you and reflect the persona you want to share with the world.

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