Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring: Ethical & Conflict-Free Options

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Engagement rings are a symbol of love that is timeless and universal. It’s not just a jeweler’s promise to one person, but the commitment of two people to their shared future. The ring itself may be simple or elaborate, but it will always be an important family heirloom for generations to come. But how do you find the perfect engagement ring?

There are so many options out there – from traditional diamond solitaires to gemstones like opals and amethysts – that finding the right ring can seem overwhelming. You might even question whether it is worth all this effort! That’s where we come in: we’re here to help you find your ideal engagement ring- ethically and conflict free!

What is an ethical engagement ring? 

An ethical engagement ring is a diamond that has been mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. The KP scheme ensures that no diamonds are imported to the United States without verifying their origin, which helps ensure they were not mined in war-torn or otherwise dangerous areas of Africa. Regardless of whether you purchase your diamond from a jeweler’s store, online retailer, or certified auction house, make sure it comes with certification papers verifying its origins and compliance with the Kimberley Process.

How to find a perfect engagement ring?

The perfect engagement ring should be one-of-a-kind and reflect the love you have for your partner. There are many types of rings to consider, including diamond rings, white gold rings, and platinum rings. One important factor to keep in mind is any ethical or environmental concerns that might arise from the manufacturing process. Now let’s help you find a conflict-free option so that you can give your partner a ring they’ll love!

Ethical Conflict-Free Engagement Rings


Ethics | Recycled, secondhand rings

Best For | Affordable and sustainable vintage rings

Price Range | Starts at $500

TwiceLoved is a sustainable brand that encourages recycling by selling and purchasing vintage and secondhand engagement rings. They are a DBA of Windsor Fine Jewelers.

TwiceLoved believes that the most sustainable way to purchase jewelry is to look for recycled ones. This helps increase an item’s lifespan and minimizes using resources to create a new ring, which in turn, helps reduce carbon footprint.

They also carry an in-house DiaScan S+ that ensures the authenticity of their rings. All their jewelry is authenticated by their full-time GIA and AGS certified gemologist concierge, so you can purchase from their website confidently.

AUrate New York

Ethics | Rigorous social responsibility standards, diamond traceability, uses recycled gold, gives back

Best For | Minimalist wedding bands made in the USA

Price Range | $65–$2,500

AUrate New York is a new online store that sells high quality, conflict-free and ethical engagement rings. They offer the latest styles of diamond engagement rings such as cushion cut, pear shaped, emerald cut and princess cut. Their goal is to provide customers with an affordable option for purchasing an ethically sourced ring. They are authorized by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society) to sell all their diamonds which have been graded by these two organizations.

All their diamonds come with a certificate from GIA or AGS verifying their authenticity and confirming they are not from war torn regions in Africa where blood diamonds originate from. Whether you’re looking for an antique style ring or something modern, they have a large range of loose diamonds available to suit your needs.


Ethics | Recycled & fair trade gold

Best For | Variety of designers

Price Range | $230–$13,980

Have you ever looked at your ring and thought about where it came from? Most people don’t. But, Catbird wants to change that! They are a company with one goal in mind – ethical engagement rings. This means the metal is mined responsibly, there are no slave wages paid for production, and they support local communities by employing locals to produce their products. Catbird also offers conflict-free diamonds so you know you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to your engagement ring purchase. Their rings are ethically sourced and conflict-free. They also use sustainable materials like recycled gold and eco-friendly diamonds that will last for years, which means more money in your pocket.

James Allen

Ethics | Conflict-free, 100 percent natural

Best For | Designer collections, loose diamonds, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer service

Price Range | $240–$8,310 (setting only)

Since 2006, the four minds behind James Allen have turned the brand from idea to the largest privately held online diamond retailer worldwide. For anyone looking for an engagement ring that is ethical and conflict-free, James Allen has you covered. The company’s website features a variety of rings made from recycled metals, raw materials sourced responsibly, and ethically-sourced diamonds. With more than 200,000 conflict-free diamonds, every setting imaginable, pre-made designer collections, and even loose diamonds, you can create the ring of your dreams with confidence. 


Ethics | Conflict-free diamonds, ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals, fair labor

Best For | Affordable rings for all genders

Price Range | $215–$2,200

Mejuri is another amazing company that offers an ethical and conflict-free engagement ring. They offer diamond rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry items all made with recycled metals. Mejuri’s mission statement is to “bring the joy of love back into your relationship.” They are committed to creating high quality pieces while still maintaining their values of fairness and equality for all people. The design team has worked hard to create beautiful styles using conflict-free stones like lab created diamonds or ethically sourced materials like tungsten carbide. Mejuri has taken great care in designing ethically sourced engagement rings that not only look beautiful but meet standards of excellence in both quality and craftsmanship. 

Taylor & Hart

Ethics | Ethically sourced diamonds

Best For | Custom rings

Price Range | $825–$12,450

An utterly bespoke process, we love that Taylor & Hart walks you through creating your perfect piece. The company goes beyond the Kimberley Process to ensure that the diamonds are conflict-free, and believes that by purchasing an ethically crafted ring, one of the greatest moments of your life can also be a small step towards a better world. Their mission is to make sure your diamond purchase is one you can feel good about. They only source diamonds from reputable sources, never using conflict-free stones or blood diamonds. You can trust that they have your best interests in mind when it comes to sourcing our diamonds, so you know that you’re getting the most beautiful stone possible with a conscience.


Ethics | Conflict-free diamonds, recycled gold

Best For | Free overnight shipping & returns, lifetime warranty, IGI Diamond Certification

Price Range | $390–$12,840

Noémie jewelry is a company that offers high-quality, eco-friendly and conflict-free engagement rings. The ring I received was stunning, with an intricate design of diamonds on the band. It’s so important to find the perfect ring for your significant other but it also should be ethical. Noémie provides this opportunity for you by using responsibly mined metals and recycled gold! The diamond in my ring was mined from deep within the earth, which makes it more rare than conventional diamonds. This process protects wildlife habitats because there are no open pits or mines close to any protected areas like national parks, water sources or conservation zones.


Ethics | Ethical labor practices, lab-created diamonds

Best For | Simple, clean styles

Price Range | $825–$2,495

Committed to transparency and quality, Vrai crafts engagement rings without the markups. They believe that diamonds are not sustainable to produce or trade because there is no way to tell if they are ethically mined without damaging the environment or exploiting miners. Vrai creates high quality rings with materials like platinum alloy, gold plating over palladium sterling silver, rose gold plating over brass sterling silver, white gold plating over nickel free stainless steel alloys, 18k yellow gold overlay on chrome silicon dioxide (a faux gemstone), and recycled wood (for our tree of life collection). When you purchase a Vrai ring, you’re not only getting an amazing product but also supporting sustainable fashion practices and ensuring your love comes with peace of mind!

Sofia Kaman

Ethics | Ethically sourced, recycled metals, lab-grown diamonds

Best For | One-of-a-kind rings

Price Range | $880–$40,000

I have always been in love with the idea of an engagement ring. There is something so beautiful about being able to wear a symbol that means you are loved every day. I wanted my engagement ring to reflect this sentiment, but I also wanted it to be ethical and conflict-free. That’s when I stumbled across Sofia Kaman – Ethical & Conflict-Free Engagement Rings! They’re made by artisan jewelers who understand the importance of using ethically sourced materials for their work. The company has partnered with women artisans from Rwanda, India, Ethiopia and Haiti to produce these stunning pieces of jewelry which are all guaranteed fair trade and ethically sourced! It was easy for me to choose one because they had such a wide range of styles. I ended up getting an emerald cut diamond solitaire ring with a beautiful filigree band. It’s perfect for me!

Valerie Madison 

Ethics | Recycled and conflict-free diamonds, ethically sourced gems and stones, uses recycled metals, low waste packaging

Best For | Responsibly sourced diamond alternatives

Price Range | $685–$25,610

If mainstream diamonds aren’t your best friend, we recommend Valerie Madison’s gorgeous alternative engagement rings. The company has been designing rings for years and has an extensive collection of engagement rings that are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Their mission statement is to provide high quality products with exceptional customer service while making choices that positively impact people, animals, and our natural world. When you’re looking for an ethical and conflict-free engagement ring, there’s no better company than Valerie Madison. They provide responsible jewelry with fair trade practices at affordable prices.

Automic Gold

Ethics | 100 percent recycled gold, ethically sourced gems and stones, recyclable packaging 

Best For | Size- and gender-inclusive rings

Price Range | $225–$1,295

Automic Gold is redefining what it means to be inclusive, and we are here for it. This queer-owned brand handcrafts all sorts of sustainable fine jewelry out of their NYC studio, including earrings, necklaces, and of course, wedding rings. These beautiful pieces are made from recycled metals and ethically sourced diamonds. The gold is melted down with copper, silver, platinum, or palladium then cast into a mold that forms the ring shape. This process minimizes waste while producing an impressive product that will last for generations to come! Responsibly sourced, all gold is certified recycled, diamonds are completely natural, and gemstones are ethically mined—and it’s all affordable! Offering customization, engraving, and inclusive size options (2–16), there are rings for every gender, size, and style.

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We hope that you find the perfect ring for your significant other in this list of 10 ethical and conflict-free options. Whether it’s a diamond or another precious stone, we can be confident that these diamonds are ethically sourced with no human rights violations behind their production. Have any questions? Let us know at SenseOrient!

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