11 Sustainably Manufactured Sweaters: An Alternative to Major Brands

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Fashion is a topic that people are always eager to talk about. What’s the latest trend? Who wore it best? How can I get this look for less money? People spend hours upon hours trying to figure out what they should wear, but many don’t think about how ethical their clothing choices are. 

It’s no secret that ethical and sustainable fashion is a major trend in the industry, and often featured in Today Headline, but what exactly does that mean? The term ethical refers to brands or companies that produce products with ethical standards such as fair trade, organic cotton or free-trade. Sustainable refers to brands or companies that make eco-conscious decisions about their materials and production processes. 

Many people are looking for ethical and sustainable clothing these days. If you are one of them, you’ll be happy to know that there are many companies out there who manufacture their sweaters in this way! You can find a range of sizes, styles, colors, and prices on the market today. We have put together an article with 11 Sustainably Manufactured sweaters that will provide some insight into this ethical fashion industry.


Ethics | Fair Labor Association & Bluesign certified manufacturing, fair trade, sustainable materials & practices

Size Range | XS–XL; up to US 16 

Price Range | $118–$498

Founded by World Champion surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore, Outerknown is one of the few companies that follow an ethical and sustainable mindset when it comes to their production process. They are committed to using organic cotton, natural dyes, recycled polyester, and other eco-friendly materials where possible. Outerknown strives to create pieces that will last for years while still maintaining its sustainability goals by only creating clothes with high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship. This brand has brought attention back towards eco-conscious fashion which we believe will be a growing trend for the upcoming years!


Ethics | Ethical production, natural & sustainable materials, recycling program, powered by renewable energy, gives back, eco-friendly packaging

Size Range | XXS–XXL; up to US 14

Price Range | $90–$160

Based in Paris, Sézane is a company that makes sweaters, shirts and accessories. They are 100% vegan and sustainable. The materials used to make their products are organic cotton, merino wool, cashmere and silk. Sézane does not use animal fibers or down filling for any of their products. In addition, they do not use any natural or synthetic chemicals in the dying process of the fabrics they buy from suppliers. What sets them apart from other companies is that they have been certified by PETA as being cruelty-free! If you’re looking for an ethical and sustainable sweater, look no further than the Sézane line!


Ethics | Employs & empowers women, transparent & fair wages, GOTS certified organic materials, recycled packaging

Size Range | XS–XL; up to US 12

Price Range | $85–$150

Very few brands are as transparent or women-focused as Able. This social enterprise team is almost entirely made up of women (95 percent!) and its manufacturing partners are based in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and India. Their sweaters are made from organic cotton, recycled materials, and other eco-friendly fabrics. The use of these materials ensures that all products are environmentally friendly, but also comfortable to wear. These sweaters have been designed to be breathable and durable enough for the active person who wants a garment they can wear year round without any allergic reactions or discomfort! Plus, their designs are classic with a modern twist which also helps them stand out from other companies in the industry. 


Ethics | Sustainable & recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, ethically made, gives back

Size Range | XS–2X; up to US 22

Price Range | $65–$125

Summersalt isn’t just for summer—this brand serves looks for all seasons! They offer a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns so there’s something for everyone! This season they have added new designs like the “Vintage Sweater” which features an all-over vintage print in shades of green, blue, pink & orange on white background. It also comes with contrasting sleeves in black & cream color blocks – perfect for pairing back with jeans or chinos! The one thing that sets Summersalt apart from other brands is their commitment to the environment. Their goal? To change the way we think about clothing by mixing up classic silhouettes with modern shapes and details. With each sweater comes a promise: one of the beautifully crafted garments that will last you years without guilt or compromise.


Ethics | Ethical production, fair treatment of herders & sheep, gives back, sustainable & recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging

Size Range | XXS–3X

Our Pick | Essential Cashmere Sweater ($75)

Price Range | $75-$575

I am a big supporter of the “slow fashion” movement and I have been looking for a sweater that is both ethical and sustainable. Fashion is a trend that is always changing, but it can be difficult to find sustainable options. Naadam has created an ethical and sustainable sweater option for those in need of one! The company’s sweaters are made with organic cotton, and recycled wool, and they use eco-friendly dyes. All of this makes their sweaters not only fashionable but also environmentally conscious. Naadam’s team of designers believes that fashion should be an ethical endeavor and their goal is to provide quality clothes without compromising on ethics or sustainability. 

Back Beat Co.

Ethics | Ethically made in China, recycled & sustainable materials, recyclable packaging

Size Range | XS–XXL

Price Range | $95–$155

At Back Beat Co., they believe in the power of a sweater to create warmth and comfort. They’re committed to being an ethical and sustainable company, which is why all of their sweaters are made from organic cotton grown by farmers across the world. Their designs are minimalistic so that you can wear them with anything, even your favorite pair of jeans or a dress! You’ll never have to worry about going outside in chilly weather again because these sweaters will keep you warm all winter long. Whether you’re looking for a pullover or cardigan, they have what you need!


Ethics | Slow fashion practices, fair wages, ethically made in Peru, sustainable & OEKO-TEX certified materials, gives back

Size Range | XS–XL; up to US 14

Price Range | $175–$265

Cuyana is a fashion brand that focuses on ethical and sustainable practices. They have a range of products from cashmere sweaters to leather bags, all with the same mission. Cuyana’s mission is to offer clothing without compromise; they believe in making clothes that are good for people, animals, and the planet by using natural materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles. The name “Cuyana” comes from the Kuna word meaning “a place where you can find everything.” It also means “to be happy”. Cuyana does not use any animal fur or down feathers, so their products are cruelty-free. This winter season, try wearing one of these sustainable sweaters to stay warm while also being kind to the planet!


Ethics | Ethically made in China & USA, sustainable fabrics, climate-neutral certified, fair wages, low-waste

Size Range | XS–3X

Price Range | $78–$228

Reformation is often touted as a leader in the sustainable fashion industry. Their eco-friendly clothing is the perfect way to show your care for the environment. Their sustainable sweaters are made with organic cotton and recycled polyester, which means you can feel good about wearing them every day – no matter if it’s winter or summer. They’re versatile too! Sweaters can be layered under a jacket in winter or worn on their own during warmer months. And they come in so many colors that you’ll want to buy more than one! You’ll look great all year round while feeling good about your choice of ethical clothing.

Universal Standard

Ethics | Size inclusive, quality materials, fair labor standards, upcycling & recycling options, gives back

Size Range | 4XS–4XL; up to US 40

Price Range | $78–$168

As a fashion blogger, I always research brands before deciding which one to buy from. It’s important for me to know the company is ethical and sustainable while also being stylish. Universal Standard has been around for a few years now, but I only recently discovered them due to their sustainability efforts. The company produces organic cotton sweaters that are made in an eco-friendly factory! These sweaters are not only ethically made but also sustainably sourced. The wool comes from sheep in New Zealand and Argentina who were raised on pastureland instead of factory farms which produce toxic waste and pollute the environment with animal feces. If you’re looking for your next winter coat or something more casual like a cardigan then I highly recommend checking out Universal Standard – their clothes are perfect for everyday life.


Ethics | Ethically made in China, organic & sustainable & recycled materials, plastic-free packaging, gives back, take-back program

Size Range | UK 8-20; up to US 28

Price Range | £22.50–£79.95

Seasalt takes social responsibility seriously—the UK brand has an entire sustainability team and puts as much thought into ethical production policies as it does garment designs, and it shows. They use organic cotton for their products which helps reduce water usage and chemical fertilizers. Seasalt has many different designs of sweaters including open cardigans, pullover sweaters, long-sleeved turtlenecks, short-sleeved turtlenecks, and more. Each design is made with soft fabrics such as merino wool or cashmere so you can enjoy the comfort without the itchiness! If you’re someone who doesn’t want to have a sweater just because it’s cold outside then Seasalt has your back too with their line of jackets and coats.


Ethics | Fair trade, sustainable & organic materials, eco-friendly practices, gives back

Size Range | UK 6–18, up to US 14

Price Range | £39.95–£74.95

Thought, this UK brand is committed to sustainable manufacturing, fair wages, and transparency for all of its customers. They source natural & sustainable fibers like bamboo, recycled polyester, and GOTS-certified organic cotton—which this striped jumper is crafted from, with a bit of wool. Their production process also ensures sustainability by creating less waste than other brands. Thought’s mission is to create comfortable clothing with the best quality materials while still being eco-friendly all through their production process. This winter when you’re shopping for your next warm sweater make sure it’s from Thought!

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Buying a sustainable sweater can have an impact on the environment and your bank account. The 11 brands we’ve listed offer quality clothing for men, women, and kids that are made from ethical materials in ways that protect both people and planet earth.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep you warm during these cold winter months or just want to do your part in making this world a better place, one of these companies is sure to have what you need! So, which one of these is your top pick? Let us know in the comment section below at SenseOrient.

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