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SenseOrient Ethical Handbag & Purse Brands

Ethical fashion is a trend that has been gaining traction as of late. People are becoming more aware of how their purchases affect the environment and those who make them. As consumers, we should always be mindful of the brands that we support and the manufacturing practices they follow.

In this article, we will highlight 11 brands of handbags & purses that are ethically made. These companies have a strong commitment to sustainability and offer high-quality products. They also care about the environment and consider their impact on it when they make decisions. This list is in no particular order, but all of them deserve recognition for the work they do! If you’re looking for an ethical purse or bag, then one of these brands might be perfect for you!


Ethics | B Corp, Leather Working Group member, nontoxic fabrics

Best For | Leather styles, everyday essentials

Price Range | $79–$449

Bellroy is a company that strives to make the world a better place. They have set out with the goal of being an ethically-minded brand and are working towards minimizing their environmental impact as much as possible. From wallets to weekenders—and everything in between, like totes, slings, and backpacks—the B Corp uses environmentally certified leather and nontoxic fabrics (like recycled industrial nylon and ripstop) to craft accessories that are strongly stitched and tightly woven. In addition, they provide fair wages for all employees and partner organizations who help produce their products. Bellroy aims to be a sustainable business model by using high-quality materials, producing locally in order to reduce environmental impacts associated with transportation. And donating profits from each sale to non-profit partners who promote sustainability at home or abroad.

von Holzhausen

Ethics | Animal-free leather, recycled materials, ethically made in the USA & Italy, gives back, vegan, biodegradable shipping

Best For | Plant-based & animal-alternative leathers, investment bags

Price Range | $95–$495

von Holzhausen is a new, ethical handbag & purse brand. They use natural materials like hemp and recycled cotton to create their bags. Their mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone! von Holzhausen uses high-quality materials such as leathers from European tanneries that are certified by the Leather Working Group (LFW). They also use hemp, organic cottons and reclaimed textiles in order to produce eco-friendly products. Von Holzhausen sources all of its raw materials responsibly with all suppliers being audited every year or two. The factory they work with is also audited every year. They are currently working on their final audit to become a B Corporation, which I think would be cool!

Pixie Mood

Ethics | Responsibly made, vegan, cruelty-free

Best For | On-trend vegan bags

Price Range | $55–$110 (USD)

Pixie Mood’s handbags are socially responsible, sustainable, and stylish. Since 2010, this brand has crafted functional and fun bags made from vegan leather. They offer a range of products to suit all lifestyles, from everyday totes to statement clutches. The founders are committed to producing sustainable bags that are made with quality materials and free of animal cruelty. Pixie Mood also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every purchase, so you can feel confident in your investment! With a strong emphasis on being environmentally conscious, Pixie Mood invests in renewable energy, recycles all scraps from production, and reduces water usage by using recycled materials. They also have a company motto: “We love what we do so you can love where you live” which signifies their commitment to giving back in every way possible. Fashion keeps changing but any woman can maintain an elegant and ladylike charm when holding a Pixie Mood handbag.


Ethics | Recycled & upcycled materials

Best For | Elegant styles, free shipping, monogramming

Price Range | $95–$395

Cuyana lives by a simple mantra: “fewer, better”. The ethical handbag and purse brand believes that style is more important than fashion, and quality trumps quantity. They are committed to using sustainable materials, taking care of their employees, protecting our environment, and giving back. Their leather bags are made from 100% vegetable-tanned leather which is much healthier for the planet. Because it doesn’t use any toxic chemicals or heavy metals found in chrome tanned leather. They believe that their products should be of the highest quality, free from toxins and made by skilled artisans who are paid fair wages. Cuyana’s commitment to ethical sourcing will not only change the lives of those within our supply chain but also make a difference on a global scale as we work towards a more sustainable future for all of us.


Ethics | Made by women in fair environments, competitive wages, sustainable practices

Best For | Leather weekenders & totes

Price Range | $45–$300

ABLE understands that when we invest in women, their families and communities can be uplifted. More than 95 percent of their team is made up of women across Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, and India, all of whom are paid fair wages. They offer a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs, as well as vegan options for those who prefer leather alternatives. They are committed to sustainability and provide eco-friendly bags made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, or high-quality faux leathers. Their team has been working tirelessly for over 2 years to bring you this line of beautiful, functional and timeless pieces designed to last a lifetime! Every piece sold helps provide employment opportunities for women who would otherwise be unemployed due to disability or other life circumstances.


Ethics | Ethically made in China and the USA, nylon recycling program, waste-reduction practices

Best For | Reusable market totes

Price Range | $10–$220

Baggu is a brand that you may not have heard of, but it’s an ethical bag company with stylish and durable products. They believe in using quality materials, ethical production, and minimal packaging to create beautiful products. All of Baggu’s products are made with recycled materials, which helps reduce the use of raw materials like cotton, water, and fossil fuels. They have a variety of designs in their collection from classic to casual or fun prints for any occasion. Baggu also has a selection of accessories such as wallets, belts, jewelry cases and more! For men and women who want to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle or make small changes for the betterment of the environment, Baggu has great options for everyone.


Ethics | Vegan, cruelty-free, ethical manufacturing, upcycled materials

Best For | Bright, feminine handbags

Price Range | $109–$295

The GUNAS handbag & purse line is a fashion conscious, ethical brand that has been leading the sustainable luxury movement for years. Known for their quality leather goods made, this company provides jobs to low-income women in rural areas who are usually unable to find work elsewhere. With a focus on sustainability and long-term thinking, GUNAS pursues manufacturing methods that have been created by artisans from all around the world. This includes using recycled materials when possible or partnering with other small businesses to produce eco-friendly products out of 100% organic cotton fibers. In addition to being environmentally friendly, each product is inspected before it leaves the factory so that you can feel confident about your purchase! The best part? You will also be able to feel good knowing that you are supporting women who have been empowered by the opportunity to work at GUNAS.


Ethics | Fair trade, artisan-made

Best For | Leather styles, classic essentials

Price Range | $80–$270

Nisolo is another brand on the market with a goal to create ethical handbags and purses. They have been in business for over 10 years. And they are growing quickly due to their high-quality products that also happen to be ethically made. Nisolo is committed to making sure that all of their products are sourced from vendors who pay fair wages and respect the environment. The company has partnered with various South American groups around the world. So they can get access to higher quality materials at more affordable prices than what you would find in stores. These partnerships have allowed them not only offer these handbags at lower cost, but also provide job opportunities for people who need it most.

Melie Bianco

Ethics | Vegan, fair wages, a safe & healthy work environment, profit-sharing

Best For | Affordable vegan bags

Price Range | $49–$122

Melie Bianco provides high-quality, handcrafted purses and bags for women who want to make a statement without sacrificing their ethics. The company uses organic cotton, sustainable leathers and recycled metals in order to maintain the best possible standards for the environment and society as a whole.  All products are ethically sourced, responsibly produced, and beautifully designed. With a focus on sustainability, each bag is constructed with high-quality vegetable tanned leathers which means they will age beautifully over time rather than wear out quickly like cheaper synthetic alternatives often do. They also make sure their products are free from any animal cruelty by using vegan materials. All of these practices allow customers to feel comfortable knowing they’re buying a product that respects people and our environment without having to spend too much money on it!

The Little Market

Ethics | Fair trade, artisan-made, empowers women

Best For | Fair trade beach bags

Price Range | $42–$240

With the goal of supporting small artisanal producers, The Little Market creates products that are both beautiful and sustainable. The company provides fair wages to their artisans in developing countries. As well as supporting women’s economic empowerment by providing employment for at-risk women. They offer a wide range of styles, from classic to quirky, for women who are looking for something different than the mainstream. All products are handmade by skilled craftsmen with sustainable materials. They also partner with non-profit organizations like World Vision who provide clean water solutions to communities around the world. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, the Little Market has the perfect bag for you!

Angela Roi 

Ethics | Vegan, cruelty-free, ethically made, eco-friendly practices whenever possible

Best For | Neutral totes & bucket bags

Price Range | $195–$255

Angela Roi has mastered the philosophy of timeless elegance and future-forward fashion. They are committed to designing, developing, producing and retailing products that are not only sustainable but also stylish. The company was founded by Angela herself with her husband Roi who have always had a passion for fashion which they believe should be accessible to all women no matter what their budget may be. They take pride in using natural materials such as real leathers, animal-friendly faux leathers, organic cotton canvas and recycled fabrics which they believe will last longer than other materials on the market today. You can feel better about your purchase knowing that it’s not harming animals or contributing to environmental degradation. They also have a wide range of styles for all price points so you’ll find something perfect for any occasion! 

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