How To Choose The Right Style For Your Engagement Ring: A Complete Guide

How To Choose The Right Style For Your Engagement Ring: A Complete Guide

There’s no better feeling than deciding to tie the knot with your partner. It’s where you feel at peace and want to spend the rest of your lives together. But before you get to the exciting part, you must get down on one knee and present your partner with a ring. While it seems easy, choosing the perfect ring is more complicated than it looks. An engagement ring symbolizes your love and appreciation for your partner. It’s also something they need to wear every day. With that, you need to choose a design that lasts a lifetime. 

Choosing the perfect engagement ring style is tricky. You need to ensure that it matches their personality and style. Depending on their lifestyle and preference, it also needs to be something they can wear. To help you out, below are some tips for choosing the perfect style for your engagement ring:

Decide On The Shape

The stone’s shape (known as cut) sets the ring apart from every design. It’s what makes up the entire ring and gives off the mood and personality you want it to have. As you try to find engagement rings, you must first decide what shape you want them to have. You can choose round, oval, emerald, princess, heart, or cushion cut.

The most popular shape for an engagement ring is round. A round cut gives off a sleek and clean look. They’re also classic and traditional. It’s perfect for people who like their ring simple, classy, and sophisticated. However, a round cut is also the most expensive as they’re more intricate to polish. Alternatively, going with emerald or pear cut is a more affordable option. They can also provide great style to add personality to the ring.

See Different Carat Size

Along with the shape of the gemstone, you also need to consider the rock’s size (known as a carat). It sets the price and appearance of the ring, depending on how small or big the stone is. You can base your carat size on your budget and see which size you can work with. 

However, if you’re on a tight budget and you can’t delay it any longer, you can always consider proposing a pre-owned engagement ring. That can give you a lot of options to choose from.

Check Different Style Settings

A diamond will sit on the ring’s band in plenty of ways. You can use a solitaire, Channel, Tiffany, Cathedral, halo, or bezel setting. 

A solitaire ring is a classic look for an engagement ring. It uses a soft band with a single stone in an elevated prong. A Tiffany setting has a knife edge on the ring, adding depth and character. On the other hand, a Channel setting adds smaller diamonds to the wedding band to add more sparkle. A halo also adds more diamonds; however, it goes around the central stone. It gives off the illusion of a bigger ring and adds more sparkle.

How To Choose The Right Style For Your Engagement Ring: A Complete Guide

Consider Other Gemstones 

Most engagement rings use diamonds as the central stone. It gives off a classic and romantic look that would work perfectly with everyone. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to diamonds, as you can freely choose other gems

A cheaper alternative to diamonds is moissanite. Moissanites look precisely like diamonds but are more pocket friendly. They’re also durable and sparkly. Apart from that, you can also use colored gemstones. You can use ruby, emerald, sapphire, or opal as your main stone. With a colored stone, you can make your engagement ring unique. It’ll be perfect for those who like something extraordinary and glamorous.

Check Ring Design Trends

If your partner enjoys the latest craze, you should consider the ring design trends. You can check various articles online about the latest designs for engagement rings. It could be using different colors, adding multiple stones, or playing with shapes and sizes. 

When choosing a design trend, ensure that it’ll be something that fits your partner’s style. It shouldn’t just be beautiful but should also speak of their personality. You can also choose something that’s trendy but still gives off a classic look. It could be going with a halo setting, as it’s modern and sophisticated at the same time.

How To Choose The Right Style For Your Engagement Ring: A Complete Guide

Imagine The Ring With A Wedding Band

Some people continue to wear their engagement ring even after getting married. It’s where they wear their engagement and wedding bands simultaneously. When this situation is likely to happen, you must choose a ring matching the wedding band. 

Of course, you still can’t guarantee what kind of wedding ring your partner will choose. But it’ll be helpful if they can easily match it with various designs. Ideally, your ring should have a high setting, allowing the wedding band to sit still. You can try checking your engagement ring with an eternity ring and see how they sit well with each other. You can see if the sparkle and design are too overpowering or just right.

Choose The Right Band Color

Apart from the stones, you also need to choose the ring’s color. You can choose from the three most popular options white, gold, or rose gold. 

The most famous band color is white gold, as they complement diamonds perfectly. However, you can choose yellow gold instead if you’d like to add color. A rose gold setting would be ideal if you’d like to add color but keep it soft. You can also choose if you’d like them shiny or matte to add character.

How To Choose The Right Style For Your Engagement Ring: A Complete Guide

Decide How Many Stones To Add

A traditional engagement ring only uses a single stone for the entire band. You can just play with its size and let it give off a romantic and classic mood. However, know that you’re not limited to a single stone. Depending on your style and budget, you can always add more gemstones to your ring. 

You can keep a single stone as your primary setting and add smaller diamonds to the band. It gives off more sparkle while still giving off a classic look. Alternatively, you can use two or three stones to add more character. You can play with different shapes and sizes and see if they still give off the engagement ring look.


Finding the right engagement ring is hard, especially with the number of options. But with the guide above, you should know what style your engagement ring should have. You can play with different shapes, sizes, colors, and settings. Above all, ensure you choose a design that best represents your love. You must also keep your partner’s personality in mind so that the ring matches them perfectly. It’s hard to find the perfect ring. But mix and match various options and allow yourself to have the ideal ring for your partner.

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