How To Prep Your Locks For A Hair Color Appointment

How To Prep Your Locks For A Hair Color Appointment

Everyone deserves a good hair day. A well-maintained crowning glory can improve your style even if you’re wearing the simplest outfit. More so if you dye it in another color. 

Dyeing your hair takes days, even weeks, of preparation. Some people can do it on a whim, but the results could be better. Proper prep allows the dye to stick on each hair strand and stay vivid for as long as possible. It also keeps your locks healthy no matter how intense the color is.  

A successful hair color appointment and vibrant, beautifully colored hair require readiness. So, check out this article for valuable tips before heading to your local salon.

#1 – Get A Consultation

Nobody knows about hair better than a professional hair stylist. These people undergo training and receive certification to prove they’re good at their job. It makes more sense to get their advice when dyeing your hair.

Before anything else, visit the salon and look for a stylist who’ll happily answer your hair color questions and provide samples. They’ll let you understand your hair type and the steps in the dyeing process. Hair stylists are the ultimate go-to people for tips like preparing for highlights or getting a full head of different hues. 

You must get a consultation if it’s your first time coloring your hair. Hair colors aren’t as permanent as tattoos. But you’ll be keeping the colors for a long while until it fades or you decide to change it. You may also have unnoticed hair or scalp damage, which could delay a hair coloring session. So, don’t hesitate to ask for a stylist’s guidance. They’ll do their best to advise on caring for your hair before and after dyeing it.

How To Prep Your Locks For A Hair Color Appointment

#2 – Skip The Shampoo

A clean scalp is a healthy scalp. But if you’re planning to color your hair, avoid shampooing on the day of your appointment. Many hair colors have difficulty clinging onto freshly washed strands. The natural oils your scalp produces also provide a protective layer from irritants, like ammonia, from the dyes. 

However, feel free to wash your hair a day or two before. Shampooing allows you to give your scalp a well-deserved, thorough massage. It’ll help get your oil glands working better and clear the scalp of buildup for your hair to dye evenly.

For this reason, you could use a clarifying shampoo built for your skin and hair type. Strong shampoos with harsh chemicals may harm your scalp and make the dyes burn your skin a little.

#3 – Do A Patch Test

A patch test is necessary whether you’re coloring at home or at a salon. Not all dyes and brands work for all hair types and colors. Others may even cause allergies to your scalp.

Apply the hair dye to a small section of your hair. Expect the color to look slightly different from the packaging if your hair is already dyed. Your original hair color will also affect the appearance of the dye.

Then review these steps after the patch test:

  • Observe your skin and hair. There should be little to no irritation on your scalp, neck, and ears.
  • Check the vibrancy of the color. If it looks too dark, light, or ashy for your liking, consider using another brand or dye shade.
  • Wash your hair and skin immediately after feeling a painful burn or itch.

Before you commit to an appointment, see if the colors are vibrant, suit your skin tone, and don’t react with your skin. Most salons offer patch test services. So, book one with a trusted hairdresser for a session.

#4 – Give Yourself A Hot Oil Treatment

A week before your appointment, pamper yourself with a hot oil treatment. Many people can do it in the comfort of their homes. But you could have a professional hair stylist do the job for superior results.

A hot oil treatment offers several benefits for your hair and scalp to prepare it for a color session. Locks that undergo hot oil treatments are often much stronger and retain moisture better. After a treatment, you may notice you have less dandruff and frizz.  

Despite hot oil treatments usually incorporating plant-based materials, they may leave adverse reactions in some people. Like with hair dyes, do a patch test on the inside of your elbow for a few days. You may proceed with the treatment if it doesn’t make your skin itch or burn.

#5 – Snip A Few Inches

It’s normal for long tresses to have split ends. The tips of your hair are the oldest sections, while the parts near the roots are the youngest. Older hair becomes brittle, especially after several chemical treatments and exposure to the elements. You can get away with dyeing your hair despite having split ends. However, the colors could look more impressive on healthier locks.

Consider scheduling a dry trim before your hair color appointment. It’s better to get a haircut first rather than regret it later after you’ve already colored your hair. Your hairdresser will trim away the split ends and make sure your hair is in excellent condition for the hair dye.

How To Prep Your Locks For A Hair Color Appointment

#6 – Step Away From The Heat

When you have limp and unruly hair, it can be tempting to style it daily. Occasional styling with heating tools is okay, but not before a hair color appointment. Direct heat is one of the primary reasons for hair damage, and dyes are not ideal for dry, unhealthy locks.

Even a hair protectant won’t completely shield your strands from heat-induced damage. So, it’s best to avoid the irons and curlers for now. You’ll have all the time in the world to style your locks as you want after you get your dream hair color.

#7 – Leave Your Hair As Is

When it’s the day of your hair color appointment, refrain from styling your hair a certain way. Let it loose while you head to the salon. You can even cover it with a hood or cap to protect it from UV rays. Avoid applying other products, like gel or spray, too. The hairdresser needs your hair in its natural state to properly dye each section evenly.

How To Prep Your Locks For A Hair Color Appointment

Quick Recap

Coloring your hair is a fantastic form of self-expression. It’s semi-permanent, and you can change colors whether you’re growing your hair. However, you must remember that even if the hair has no nerve endings, it can still get damaged without proper care and preparation. So, keep these tips in mind before booking an appointment.

Most hair color appointments take several hours. Others sometimes take a few days to reach the client’s desired result. Therefore, preparing yourself and your hair is crucial. On the day of your coloring session, bring some snacks and a bottle of water. You’ll be sitting in the salon for quite a while.

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