How to Transform Outfits with the Right Accessories

How to Transform Outfits with the Right Accessories

Accessories can be such an overlooked aspect of fashion and style, that most people don’t think much in the way of which watch, scarf, hat to wear on a day out. After all, accessories are usually small in size, displayed with enough subtlety that it can complement the clothes we wear, or add enough detail to the overall look that it elevates the fashion.

Like all other parts of style and fashion, accessories (and how they are worn) come and go from our personal wardrobes, following changes in fashion trends. While monitoring the latest fashion trends used to be an exclusive activity for those who have front-row access to high-fashion events, today the task of keeping up with fashion trends has trickled down to more accessible spaces on the Internet such as TikTok. This includes the ability to track fast-paced micro-trends in fashion, and even resurgences of past trends like low-waisted jeans, as part of the Y2K aesthetic.

The accessories you need often depend on the overall look or aesthetic, and because of constantly shifting trends, there are no hard yes-and-no rules for accessorizing. Below are some simple yet effective things to keep in mind to choose the right accessories, no matter the look and trend.

Accessories as Statement Piece

A fashion statement piece is often the first thing someone sees in your overall look. Accessories, when used well, make effective statement pieces that can spice up an otherwise conventional outfit. The good news is, a statement piece can work whether you’re going for a hip and complex look, or a plain and simple ‘fit.

When you pair a statement piece with a plain outfit, you can definitely make a fashion statement. Interesting handbags, funky trainers, unique sunglasses, a pop of bright color, or an accessory with a loud print can easily be the star of your look — without going too overboard. Statement pieces can also be a way to put a fresh twist on an existing fashion trend, making an ensemble more aligned with your personal taste. Choosing the right statement piece for your look depends on what you’re going for, but having an eye for what stands out is a good place to start.

Accessories as Extension of Our Personality

We’ve talked about women’s fascination for fashion jewelry in a previous post, and why they make for effective and affordable accessories when compared to other types of jewelry. Aside from its versatility, jewelry is one of the most popular forms of fashion accessory, because they are a subtle way of showing off our personality, without needing a slogan t-shirt on. From choosing jewelry with our birthstones on it for a pop of color, to novelty shaped pendants and bracelets, a piece of jewelry can go a long way in elevating our looks and showing off our personality. Relatively smaller than other accessories like hats and handbags, when it comes to jewelry, less can sometimes be more.

Accessories as Useful Technology

If the term “wearable tech” sounds unfamiliar, then maybe the Apple Watch or Fitbit may ring a bell. While not initially developed with fashion and style in mind, wearable gadgets like smart watches and fitness trackers have become fashion accessories for some. This is the perfect option for women who may not want flashy or traditional bling, and value function along with fashion. The affordability of smart watches these days make it a fast rising form of accessory for women who may seek gender-less accessory, or a means to track their footsteps and health stats while looking stylish.


Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit, and with a little bit of creativity you can use them to transform even the most basic pieces into something special. By experimenting with different accessories and combinations, you can find new outfits that suit your style and personality. So get creative, have some fun, and see how many different looks you can create with just a few simple accessories.

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