Top 14 Linen Clothing Brands to Update Your Wardrobe

best Linen Clothing brands

Linen clothing is an excellent investment for summer wardrobes. It is lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear all day long. Linen shirts are perfect for the office or a night out with friends, linen pants can be worn at home or on vacation and linen dresses can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

With so many linen brands to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones will work best for you! We’ve compiled this list of 14 linen clothing brands that we love – scroll through them and find one that suits your needs today!


Based In | Lithuania

Ethics | Eco-friendly, organic, ethically made, small batch, carbon-neutral shipping

Price | $39 (pinafore apron) – $120 (robe)

I am a self-proclaimed linen lover. I love the way it feels and how versatile it is, but most of all, I love that there’s no need to iron! That’s what makes MagicLinen so great. They offer high quality clothes with no fuss for an affordable price. We love that these clothes are made with high quality materials and come in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for something new or just need some fresh attire, we recommend checking out this brand before shopping anywhere else.


Based In | Australia

Ethics | European Certified Linen, OEKO-TEX 100, Global Organic Textiles Standard, fully biodegradable, sustainable

Price | 149€ (top) – €489 (maxi dress)

Luxmii brings you sustainable linen clothing from the land down under. An Australian-born eco-luxury womenswear and lifestyle brand, it creates timeless essentials made from premium certified linen. From casual tops and pants to pieces crafted especially for maternity, Luxmii’s mission is to elevate your wardrobe with effortless linen elegance—ethically and sustainably. Despite being a premium brand, Luxmii often puts many of its pieces on sale because wearing premium linen clothing doesn’t always mean you’ll have to empty your purses.

Love and Confuse

Based In | Lithuania

Ethics | Ethically made, 100 percent natural fabrics, made-to-order, recycled packaging

Price | $55 (cami) – $102 (jumpsuit)

Love and Confuse knows we don’t have to choose between style and sustainability. They specialize in high-quality linen clothes but also have a wide variety of other products to choose from as well. Its gorgeous line of linen tops, dresses, and pants are made ethically by this family-run business and packaged with eco-friendly materials. Cut, sewn, and made to order, you can select from dozens of styles in nearly any color, made just for you—all through its online shop. Their goal is to provide people with quality clothes at affordable prices and they do an excellent job doing it.


Based In | Lithuania

Ethics | Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, ethically made, OEKO-TEX certified, low-waste practices

Price | $19 (belt) – $146 (dress)

Linenfox is a clothing brand that specializes in linen. They offer high quality, contemporary designs for men and women who are looking to embrace the natural fiber. Linen offers many benefits beyond being breathable year round, comfortable, and wrinkle resistant – it’s also eco-friendly! The fabrics are woven with 100% natural flax fibers which ensures their durability and breathability during hot summer months. These garments also come with the ability to be machine washed for easy care! 

Sugar Candy Mountain

Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Ethics | Natural materials, recycled packaging, ethically made in USA

Price | $78 (top) – $298 (dress)

Whether you’re wearing the belted and wide-leg pants, midi dresses, or puffed sleeve tops, the linen clothing from Sugar Candy Mountain is always 100 percent natural and pre-washed with organic non-scented soap. From embroidered dress shirts, to printed blouses,they have something for every woman. They also stock a variety of skirts and dresses in various lengths as well as necklaces and scarves. Some pieces are even adorned with ethically sourced natural shell buttons. Sustainably made in Los Angeles, these pieces are made to maintain their flowy shape over time, so you can enjoy them forever.


Based In | San Francisco, CA

Ethics | Organic linen, OEKO-TEX certified, ethically made in BSCI-certified factories

Price | $29.90 (top) – $49.90 (dress)

Quince offers some of the world’s most luxurious fabrics at super-affordable price points, including its linen collection. Find linen staples including boxy tees, drawstring shorts, and short-sleeved dresses here, in neutral colors perfect for any wardrobe. They have a wide variety of dress, shirt and pants that are perfect for every occasion! Whether you’re going to work or going out on the town, they have something for everyone. Quince offers quality products with low prices so you can get dressed up without breaking the bank!

Eileen Fisher

Based In | New York City, NY

Ethics | Certified B Corp, organic linen, eco-friendly practices, ethically made, gives back, secondhand shop

Price | $98 (top) – $278 (jacket)

Eileen Fisher is a clothing brand that specializes in linen clothes. They focus on natural fibers and sustainable production, working with fair trade producers to keep their prices affordable for all budgets. The ethically made, 100 percent organic linen apparel is made to last. Using flax from France, though the company ships internationally, Eileen Fisher’s neutral pieces can be mixed and matched for an effortless work-to-weekend wardrobe. They have an incredible selection of fabrics, styles, colors and sizes so you can find one that fits your personal style!


Based In | Sydney, Australia

Ethics | Handmade, small batch, supports Balinese & Indian women

Price | $100 (bandeau) – $320 (dress)

The company’s mission is to create timeless pieces that can be worn for years and through many different styles of dressing. They want their customers to have clothes they love, but also feel happy when wearing them. Posse takes pride in being ethical and sustainable with the production of their garments. They aim to use natural fibers such as linen, cotton, or silk because these materials are environmentally friendly and more breathable than synthetics which often cause skin irritation. Posse wants you to feel beautiful in your clothes without sacrificing your health!

Rachel Craven

Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Ethics | Made in the USA, low-impact dyes, biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging

Price | $120 (tank) – $310 (dress)

Rachel Craven is a linen clothing brand that specializes in making high quality linen clothing. They make many different styles of clothing, from jumpsuits to skirts and blouses. These clothes are made from natural fibers such as linen and cotton, which means they are eco-friendly as well as comfortable for the wearer. The Rachel Craven line features different styles and colors perfect for any occasion. You’ll be able to find everything from one-piece bathing suits with skirts attached, dresses, shorts, pants and more!


Based In | Nigeria

Ethics | Biodegradable & natural fabrics, made-to-order

Price | $60 (top) – $280 (dress)

Míe, a clothing brand that sells linen apparel, is an up and coming fashion line. Míe’s products are made from natural fibers which have been proven to be healthier for the skin. Their clothes are designed with little or no pattern so as not to irritate sensitive skin types. These clothes will allow you to enjoy your summer activities without worrying about getting sunburned or itchy! They are introducing themselves to the world of fashion with an eclectic mix of casual, dressy and formal clothing for men and women. Míe offers trendy pieces in various colors including dark navy, black, light gray, white, cream and brown.

Ode To Sunday

Based In | Lithuania

Ethics | Low-impact, ethically made, sustainable, made-to-order

Price | €48 (top) – €103 (dress)

Ode To Sunday is a company that specializes in making high-quality, affordable, and fashionable clothes for adults. They have an extensive selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits and more! I love their pieces because they’re so comfortable and easy to wear. One of my favorite things about Ode To Sunday is their variety of colors. Whether you want something neutral or bright and bold – they’ve got the perfect color combo for you! From dress shirts to shorts they offer an array of fashionable items at affordable prices so you can look your best all year round. 

Pyne & Smith

Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Ethics | Low-impact, eco-friendly, ethically made, made in USA, recycled packaging

Price | $122 (blouse) – $220 (overalls)

Pyne & Smith is a company that specializes in high-quality linen clothing. They offer the best of both worlds, with some of their products being made from 100% pure linen and others having a linen blend. The fabrics are sourced from sustainable plantations around the world, which ensures they are responsibly grown and harvested for use in our clothing. Pyne & Smith offers an array of different styles for men, women, children, and babies – all guaranteed to be soft against your skin! Pyne & Smith was created by design-minded entrepreneurs who wanted to create high-quality items that would last longer than most other brands out there today. They believe in making clothes that you can wear year after year without them going out of style or loosing their quality.


Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Ethics | Natural, ethically made

Price | $145 (top) – $510 (loungewear set)

It’s time to get back into style with Colomba, the world’s premier linen clothing designer. With their signature clothes made from all-natural materials and eco-friendly production processes, this brand is a great choice for any conscious consumer looking to make a statement about sustainability. Colomba incorporates traditional hand-made techniques into all their clothing to ensure that each garment has its own unique character and story. They use natural dyes to create colors that will fade over time just like nature does—signifying beauty through imperfection.


Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Ethics | Size-inclusive, made-to-order, ethically made, sustainable fabrics

Price | $129 (top) – $249 (dress)

Do you want to have a clothing brand that is eco-friendly and has gorgeous fabrics? Sotela is the perfect place for you! They create chic, affordable clothing with linen fabric. From elegant dresses to fun tops, there is something here for every woman’s taste. They offer tailored, timeless pieces for all occasions and lifestyles – from casual wear to formal attire. Their garments are made of 100% linen, which is renowned for its lightweight, durable nature. The natural fibers provide breathability and UV protection while maintaining an elegant look that will last you through any season or occasion!

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Linen is a versatile fabric that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. From casual to dressy, linen clothing brands are available in many styles and colors for any taste you may have. We hope our list of 14 top linen clothing brands has helped make your decision about what new clothes to buy much easier!

If you want an updated wardrobe this year but don’t know where to start, consider buying some linen pieces for your next shopping trip. You’ll be able to wear these fabrics all year round while keeping yourself comfortable with their breathability during hot months.

Which of these linens do you think would work best with your wardrobe? Leave your comments below at SenseOrient. And share our list with all your friends who could use some help updating their wardrobes too!

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