The Most Popular Luxury Brands Online 2024: An Incredibly Detailed List

luxury fashion brands

Luxury brands are popular for a reason. They use the most expensive materials, and offer unparalleled quality that most other companies can’t match. The most well-known luxury brands in the world are also some of the most lucrative. In fact, many people would say that these are among some of the most valuable brands in the world – and it’s not hard to see why!

This article will focus on what we predict will be some of these most popular luxury brands online in 2024. We’ve compiled an incredibly detailed list which includes information about each brand as well as their projected value by then. Read on to find out more!


Brand country: Italy

Founded in: 1921

Industry: Luxury fashion

Product categories: Ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewellery & watches, beauty, home decor

A well-known fashion house, Gucci has been in business for over a century. The company’s history is detailed on its website. And can be found by scrolling through the tabs at the top of their homepage. It was founded in Florence Italy in 1921 by Guccio Gucci who originally sold luxury leather goods. Such as handbags, luggage, shoes, and belts to wealthy customers.

Online interest for Gucci over time

The creative director of the company is Alessandro Michele, who was hired in 2015. And has had an immediate impact on the brand. He wanted to bring back his grandmother’s style with modern touches and make it more relevant for today’s world. One of Gucci’s most popular pieces right now are their platform sneakers with pastel colors like pink, yellow, or blue. They have been seen worn by celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna recently which caused them to sell out quickly online at $895 each!

Today it offers a wide range of products from clothing to accessories and fragrances. Headquartered in Milan, Italy with locations all around the world including New York City and London. This international most popular luxury brand continues to stay true to its roots while continuing to grow. The company’s success can be attributed to its timeless designs. And quality craftsmanship that has made it a staple for fashionistas from all walks of life. It is not only a popular luxury brand but also an icon of Italian culture which I find so intriguing about this company.


Brand country: France

Founded in: 1909

Industry: Luxury fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

The fashion industry is always changing and evolving, but one thing that has remained the same for decades is Chanel. The iconic brand has been around since 1909. It was established by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, a designer who had an eye for innovation and style in everything she did. Her designs were notable for their simplicity in comparison to what was popular at the time-the signature look of her clothing line is the little black dress with pearls. Coco’s simple yet elegant design continues to be worn by women all over the world today. All because it never goes out of style as one of most popular luxury brands around the world.

Online interest for Chanel over time

From her early days working as a milliner in Paris to designing a dress for Wallis Simpson that caught the eye of King Edward VIII of England, she remains an icon in the industry. It is said that “everything you wear has a story behind it”; this holds true for Chanel too. Her designs are timeless with their simplicity and elegance. They have stood the test of time. Because they embody what we all want: something beautiful and unique that makes us feel confident enough to go out into the world and do anything we set our minds to.

The Chanel logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It is often associated with luxury, wealth and beauty. The iconic symbol has been around for more than 100 years and it’s not going anywhere soon. In fact, when you see a woman wearing a purse or handbag that says “Chanel,” it’s likely that she’s carrying an expensive bag! 


Brand country: France

Founded in: 1837

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

Hermès is a luxury brand that produces high-quality, leather goods from their Parisian atelier. The company was founded in 1837 and now serves as the ultimate status symbol for those who can afford it. What many people don’t know about Hermès is they are committed to giving back to society. They donate 10% of its profits every year to philanthropic causes around the world with nothing set aside for shareholders or executives’ bonuses. This charity work has helped make Hermès one of the most admired brands on earth today.

Online interest for Hermès over time

The term “hermes” comes from Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods. The company now is led by his grandson Antoine Guerrand-Hermés, who also happens to be an international polo player. The company prides itself on their materials and quality control standards so much. So that they have never had to apologize for any imperfections in their products.  

They are known for their iconic Birkin bag which actress Jane Birkin helped design with them back in 1981. And it’s the time she was pregnant with her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg (who incidentally starred alongside her mother in the most recent Hermés ad campaign). The company has also expanded into perfumes and colognes, most notably their most iconic fragrance “Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte”. And that is a light fresh scent that was created to evoke memories of childhood. 


Brand country: France

Founded in: 1946

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

A French fashion house that was founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior, the company has been a leading international style icon for nearly 70 years. The Christian Dior label is one of the world’s most popular luxury brands and holds a reputation as one of France’s finest examples of haute couture. The House is well known for its highly sought-after clothing and accessories with luxurious fabrics at competitive prices. 

Online interest for Dior over time

Many people are not aware that Christian Dior also created perfumes. And that has become just as iconic as their dresses and other garments. These famous fragrances include Poison (1957), J`adore (1999) and Miss Dior Chérie (2012).

It is important for people to know that this brand is different than others. Because it has led itself to have a high-end reputation when in reality their prices are not much higher than any other popular makeup company. All of their products are cruelty free. And that means no animal testing was ever done on these products or ingredients used in making these cosmetics.

Louis Vuitton

Brand country: France

Founded in: 1854

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

French fashion house Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world and with good reason. The company boasts a long history of innovation that has made it an icon. As well as luxury goods for every lifestyle. From their iconic LV monogram to limited edition collections like Monogram Eclipse or D-Series, they have something for everyone.

Online interest for Louis Vuitton over time

Founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854, the company has been very successful since it was started. It is now one of the most popular luxury brands recognized around the world today and its products have become iconic symbols of status and success. In recent years, LV’s designs have also begun to reflect a more modern look while still maintaining a sense of style that makes them timeless classics with wide appeal.

Louis Vuitton has stores worldwide including New York City; Paris; Chicago; Los Angeles; Tokyo; Seoul, South Korea; Beijing China and Taipei Taiwan as well as other major cities across Europe, Asia and North America. And they offer an unparalleled shopping experience for customers seeking high-quality products.


Brand country: Switzerland

Founded in: 1905

Industry: Watch

Product categories: Watches

Rolex is a most popular Swiss luxury watch brand. The company was founded in the year 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis. Rolex watches are recognized for their high quality and craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation with modern updates. They are also known for their accuracy as they have won many awards for being one of the most accurate wristwatches on the market today.

Online interest for Rolex over time

They are known for their high-quality timepieces. There are many different models of Rolex watches to choose from. So it’s a little bit difficult to decide which one you like best. Their most famous piece is the Submariner model which was first introduced in 1953. This collection features an automatic movement with a date function as well as waterproofing up to 100 meters. So it can be worn even when you’re swimming or snorkeling!

The company originally manufactured “wristlet” pocket watches with cases made of yellow gold or silver. It wasn’t until 1908 when Rolex started making wristwatches for people who wanted to be able to keep track of time while playing golfing or other outdoor sports activities; this became their primary focus from then on out. Today they offer several different lines of wristwatches including: Oyster Perpetual Datejust, Oyster Perpetual Day-Date President, Sea Dweller DeepSea, and Cellini.


Brand country: United States

Founded in: 1837

Industry: Jewellery

Product categories: Jewellery, watches, fragrances, and accessories

Tiffany and Co. is a most popular luxury jewelry brand that was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in New York City, with the goal of making elegant jewelry for America’s elite customers. The company has been headquartered at 680 Fifth Avenue since 1907 in Manhattan, NY. It has been owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) since 1993 when it merged with the French-based jeweler Chaumet & Co., which had acquired Tiffany two years earlier. In 2016, LVMH ranked as one of the world’s most valuable companies with a market capitalization of 219 billion euros ($227 billion).

Online interest for Tiffany over time

The company has grown to include various lines of jewelry, accessories and personal care products. However, before Tiffany & Co became as popular as it is today, there were some key moments that led to this success story. In 1905 when Louis Comfort Tiffany died, his son Charles Loring Tiffany took over the business and made major changes by expanding the company overseas. And introducing new collections of jewelry such as earrings and bracelets. As time went on, more things happened at the company including being taken over by an investment group who purchased shares from family members with a goal of making it even bigger than it already was.

The company has been around for more than 150 years with an impressive list of designers who have left their mark on this iconic name by adding their own unique flair to it over time. If you’re looking for premium jewelry or watches, then there’s no question about it: Tiffany and Co.’s line of products will make you feel like royalty from head to toe!


Brand country: Italy

Founded in: 1913

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

Prada is a luxury brand that has been around since 1913. It started out as a leather goods company in Italy. And it now also offers products such as glasses, watches, jewelry, and fragrances. The company’s founder was Mario Prada who had inherited his father’s shoe store. He then created the Mariposa line which was made of supple cowhide with hand stitching on the edges for durability and comfort.

Online interest for Prada over time

There are many different styles of shoes available from flats to heels to wedges to boots. Each style comes in a variety of colors including classic black or white options, vibrant reds, deep blues, or even bright greens depending on your preference. Prada is known for their ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation.

Many luxury brands have struggled in recent years. But most of their woes can be traced back to one major issue: consumers are unwilling to pay for expensive items that they don’t feel will last them a lifetime (and most of these luxuries only last about three). Prada is still going strong because they understand that most people want a timeless look.


Brand country: Italy

Founded in: 1978

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. One of the most famous fashion designers in history, Gianni Versace, was shot and killed outside his Miami Beach mansion. His murderer had a grudge against him for designing clothes that were favored by celebrities who did not follow traditional values. This story illustrates how one man’s work can have such a huge impact on society today. Even if he is long gone from this world.

Online interest for Versace over time

The company was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978 with his sister Donatella. They are most well-known for their luxury clothing line. And also carry accessories such as shoes, jewelry, watches, eyewear and fragrances. In 1988 they were bought out by a group of investors who wanted to expand the brand into other categories. Such as home furnishings and furniture but this didn’t work out so well. Because people couldn’t afford to buy anything else from them so they went bankrupt in 1994. 

In 1997 the company was resurrected when it was sold to Antonio Ermirio De Moraes’ IDM company. They have since been operating under the name Donatella Versace, which is most well-known for its luxury clothing line and accessories. But they also produce home furnishings and furniture. The word of Versace now is synonymous with luxury, elegance and opulence. It means being beautiful and living in the moment while never forgetting where you came from. To embody the spirit of the fashion house founded by Gianni Versace, one must live life without limits or boundaries.


Brand country: Italy

Founded in: 1975

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, beauty

Armani is a fashion house that was founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani. The company offers ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, eyewear and jewelry for men and women. The brand is known for its sleek designs and luxurious materials. 

Online interest for Armani over time

Giorgio Armani has always had an interest in fashion from a young age when he would sketch clothes for his mother’s dressmaker during the World War II period when there were shortages of fabric. He studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano University before working as design assistant to Nino Cerruti on knitwear fabrics with Pierre Cardin in Paris. While continuing to work on his own evening gowns which he showcased at Rome Fashion Week.

The company went on to become successful and now includes many different product lines. That includes eyewear, perfume, watches, home furnishings and more! The Giorgio Armani line has been worn by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. It has also been endorsed over the years by various famous people including Kate Moss and Julia Roberts among others! With so much success in just a few decades, it is not surprising that this brand has been able to maintain their status as one of the most popular luxury brands online.


Brand country: Italy

Founded in: 1960

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, fragrances, beauty

The name Valentino is synonymous with luxury and the epitome of high fashion. The iconic brand was founded in 1960 by designer Valentino Garavani, who had a knack for bringing an elegant touch to his designs. He launched the line with just six evening dresses. And today, over 50 years later, the company has expanded its offerings to include ready-to-wear collections of women’s clothing as well as accessories such as handbags and shoes.

Online interest for Valentino over time

Coming from humble beginnings as a shoe salesman in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna, Valentino Garavani has now become one of the world’s leading designers. You may not have heard about him until recently when he designed Meghan Markle’s wedding dress for her marriage to Prince Harry but this isn’t his only project; he also designs clothes and accessories for men and women. His collections are full of perfect pieces that any woman would want to wear including dresses, jumpsuits, skirts or blouses. The colors are vibrant and fashionable with different textures such as lace or sequins on top of the most elegant fabrics.

The company has produced some of the most memorable and timeless pieces in history. Such as a red dress worn by Catherine Deneuve in “Belle de Jour” (1967) and Princess Diana’s wedding gown for her 1981 marriage to Prince Charles. Today, the company operates two couture houses: one on Avenue Montaigne in Paris and another on Via Condotti in Rome.


Brand country: Spain

Founded in: 1919

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, and accessories

Balenciaga is a high-end luxury fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga Eizaguirre in 1919. The company’s headquarters are located in Paris, France where the brand has been based since 1954. Its full name is “Balenciaga, couture parisienne”. It also has boutiques all over the world. And sells its products through other retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. 

Online interest for Balenciaga over time

Cristóbal Balenciaga was born on December 22nd, 1895 in Basque Country to parents of Spanish descent; he had two sisters who helped him with his sewing business that he started at age 15. He moved to Madrid during the Spanish Civil War and eventually settled down in Paris.

It designs and manufactures haute couture garments, accessories and footwear for men and women. With some clothes sold as high-end ready-to-wear lines or part of prêt-à-porter collections at more accessible price points than typical haute couture items. And now It has become one of the world’s most influential brands and celebrities. Such as Beyonce, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing it on the red carpet. The brand offers high-end clothing for men and women including leather jackets, knitwear, shirts, skirts, dresses and more. 


Brand country: France

Founded in: 1847

Industry: Jewellery

Product categories: Jewellery, watches, accessories, and fragrances

Cartier is a luxury jeweler and watchmaker. It was founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. The company specializes in creating elegant jewelry pieces that are synonymous with the idea of luxury. Their iconic designs include the Lobster bracelet and the Tank Francaise watch. In addition to their fine jewels, Cartier also manufactures watches for prestigious brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe. They have been credited with inventing the wristwatch when they designed one for Caroline Murat Queen of Naples back in 1904!

Online interest for Cartier over time

They are best known for their iconic yellow gold “Love” necklace, which has been worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Rihanna and more. The company also owns Van Cleef & Arpels and Chaumet. The first Cartier store opened on the Rue de la Paix in Paris in 1907.

Today there are over 260 stores across the world including locations such as London, New York City and Tokyo to name a few. In recent years they have collaborated with a number of famous designers such as Karl Lagerfeld who designed this year’s Metiers d’Art collection or it bag designer extraordinaire Anya Hindmarch who designed the latest Cartier Clé de Cartier collection of bags. Cartier is most popular for their wide range of timeless and iconic jewelry pieces. However, they do also have a variety of other products such as watches, perfumes and most recently designed collections which are exclusive to select retailers around the world.


Brand country: United Kingdom

Founded in: 1856

Industry: Fashion

Product categories: Clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, fragrances, and beauty

Burberry, the iconic British luxury brand, is known for its scarves and trench coats. The company was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry who had a passion for building clothes that would protect people from the harsh and wet climate of England. He designed his first raincoat called “the Burberry” after noticing that one of his riding coat’s front flaps repelled water. His invention was so successful that he began making other types of waterproof clothing such as bib-and-brace overalls, trousers with suspenders to keep them up when wading through deep snow or mud, and long johns. 

Online interest for Burberry over time

Burberry has been around since 1890 and has grown into a global fashion powerhouse with revenues exceeding $2 billion per year. Burberry’s most popular global product is their trench coat which has been a staple of high-fashion for over 100 years and continues to be highly sought after because of its simple design, functionality, and luxurious feel. It was originally designed to withstand wet and cold weather.

It is best known for its iconic Burberry check pattern, which was originally designed by founder Thomas Burberry as a waterproof solution to protect soldiers from rain and snow during WW1. The brand’s flagship store on London’s fashionable Regent Street opened in 2006 and now spans four floors with over 11,000 square feet of retail space.


Brand country: Switzerland

Founded in: 1848

Industry: Watch

Product categories: Watches

The Omega company is a well-known company that produces luxury watches. They have been in business for over 100 years, with their first ever product being the creation of a pocket chronometer. The timepiece was so accurate it could measure within 1/8th of a second. Since then, Omega has created many more innovative and technologically advanced products to help people keep track of time throughout the day or night. In order to produce these quality pieces, they use only the best materials available including sapphire crystals and gold plating on steel cases to create some of the most beautiful watches around today!

Online interest for Omega over time

They are known for their high-quality, accurate watches that come with a variety of different materials such as gold, silver, or steel. These materials can be either polished to make them shiny or matte to give them a more classic look. Some famous models include the Constellation series which includes many different styles such as dressy and casual. Their prices range from $2,000-$25,000 so they are not cheap by any means but they are worth every penny for someone who values quality over quantity in this industry!

Watches have been used for centuries as a way to tell time. It is important to know the time of day because it can affect your ability to get things done. Omega watches are one type of watch that you might want to consider investing in if you wear a watch on a regular basis. One thing that sets them apart from other brands is their attention to detail when it comes to designing the face of the watch and ensuring its accuracy. If you’re looking for a new watch, take some time today and check out what Omega has available!

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We hope you found this list of the most popular luxury brands to be insightful and useful in your shopping endeavors. If not, we recommend checking out our other blog posts for more information on these companies or others that may interest you! Stay tuned as we continue to provide insights into what will happen with these top-tier fashion labels over the next few years at SenseOrient.

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