17 Best Online Shoe Stores: Where to Shop for Footwear Online

online shoe stores

Shoes are a necessity for most of us. They’re the things that we put on our feet to get from point A to point B, and they’re also one of the first things you notice about someone when they walk into a room. And with so many different styles, shapes, materials and colors available today it’s easy for any person to find shoes that suit their needs and style preferences. 

With many online shoe stores to choose from, it is important to find a store that will have the type of shoes you’re looking for. With online shopping, there is no need to worry about trying on the wrong size or style; most online shoe websites offer free returns and exchanges! In this article, we will highlight 17 online shoe stores that offer great customer service and quality products.


Zappos is a company that specializes in selling shoes, clothing and other accessories online. It has grown to be one of the largest shoe retailers in the world. They have also been ranked as one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for. Zappos was started back in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn with only $1,000 and a desire to create an online store that would offer customers free shipping and 365-day return policy on all items.

Maintaining a strong customer service reputation has allowed Zappos to become one of the most popular shoe stores on the web today with over 30 million visitors peaking online each month. Today, they employ over 2,500 people at their headquarters in Las Vegas and continue to grow every year! 

The Zappos website has a wide variety of shoes for the whole family. They have a shoe stylist online available to offer advice and help you find perfect pairs of footwear online! Their selection is huge with over 100,000 different products in their inventory at any given time with new styles added every day, so there’s always something fresh and exciting just waiting for you to see it!

Foot Locker

Foot Locker is the largest shoe retailer in America. They have over 3,000 stores and online shops in North America. Online shoppers can find their favorite shoes from Nike, Jordan, Adidas Originals and more at FootLocker.com or on the app! 

It has changed over time with their latest store concept that now includes a kids section as well as an exclusive section for UGG boots! With all these changes it’s not surprising to see how many people visit FootLocker every day!  

Foot Locker is not just a shoe store. It’s the place to go for your athletic needs, and even fashion needs. Whether you are into basketball, running, or cross-training, Foot Locker has the right shoes for you! With their wide variety of brands, they have something for everyone! They carry all types of sneakers from casual to dressy so no matter what kind of mood you’re in there is a pair just waiting to be had. So if this sounds like you then don’t wait any longer and start shopping today!


DSW is a shoe store that has been in business since 1969. They have stores nationwide and online stores for those who cannot find them near their location. DSW offers the latest fashion trends, including shoes and accessories from brands such as Steve Madden, Nine West, Nike+, Kenneth Cole, Adidas and more! Their prices are reasonable without sacrificing quality. 

The easy to navigate website makes shopping simple with categories like Women’s Shoes | Men’s Shoes | Kid’s Shoes | Footwear Accessories | Sale Items available at the click of your mouse or tap on your phone screen. You can also use their Store Locator feature to see where they are located nearest you.

DSW is a one stop shop for all of your shoe needs. Whether you’re looking for an everyday work shoe or a pair of heels to wear out on the town, DSW has you covered. They even have shoes that can be used in professional settings and those that are appropriate for after hours events. With prices starting as low as $24, there’s no reason not to grab a few pairs today!


Ssense is a global online marketplace for luxury clothing and lifestyle goods. They carry an extensive selection of brands, including Balenciaga, Saint Laurent Paris, Lanvin, and more.

Ssense was founded in 2003 by Rami Saab with his two brothers to offer shoppers a platform that would provide them with access to high-end designer clothes without having to leave their home or office. With its headquarters located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; ssense has grown internationally with distribution centers spanning from New York City to Hong Kong. 

In addition to offering customers access to exclusive items at wholesale prices, ssense also provides experienced stylists who can help you prepare your online shopping order, and has a friendly customer service team available to answer your questions.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is the best place to shop for a wide variety of shoes. You can find everything from high-end designer brands like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin to athletic brands such as Nike and Adidas. Nordstrom rack has an extensive selection of shoes in all styles including flats, pumps, wedges, heels and boots.

They carry sizes ranging from infant up to size 16! I also love that they have shoe boxes available so you don’t have to lug them home in your car or on public transportation. You can find everything from sandals to boots, flats to heels, and more at discounted prices for men, women, boys and girls of all ages!

You can sign up for the Nordstrom Rack email list to receive updates on upcoming sales and new arrivals in your inbox. These emails are sent at least twice per week with information about discounts on specific styles or categories of clothing or shoes from their stores across the country. If you’re looking for the best deals on shoes without leaving your home or office, Nordstrom Rack is the place to go.

Online Shoe Stores


ASOS is a popular online shoe store that sells shoes for both men and women. They have the latest styles in dress shoes, sandals, pumps, trainers, sneakers and boots. ASOS has been around since 2000 and has grown to be one of the most popular stores in the UK as well as worldwide! 

The selection at ASOS is huge with over 50 million products across designer brands like Nike, Adidas Originals and Converse. You can also find your favorite celebrity’s shoe line here including David Beckham’s H by H&M collection or Kendall Jenner’s Kylie Collection from Pacsun. Whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of heels or some cute flats you’ll find it all on their site for an affordable price too!

If you’re looking for something specific like heels or flats, they have it! Or if you’re not sure what kind of shoe you want, just type in your size and gender into the search bar and voila! You’ll be able to scroll through every single style available in your size.

Online Shoe Stores


Shoes.com is a website for buying shoes online. They offer free shipping to the US and Canada with every purchase, making it easy to stock up on all your favorite footwear brands without breaking the bank! Shoes.com offers over 100 shoe stores, including Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Puma among many others.

With so many options at such affordable prices you’ll be able to find something that suits your style no matter what you’re looking for! If you are in the market for new shoes then this site is perfect for finding a great deal on everything from running sneakers to dressy heels and more.

Shoes.com claims to have been one of the first companies in the USA to offer free shipping and returns on all orders and you can find a wide variety of brands with everything from sandals to sneakers! You’ll also find that Shoes.com offers some exclusive deals too so be sure to check them out before you shop anywhere else!

Online Shoe Stores

END Clothing

END is the latest online shoe store that has been popping up all over my social media feeds. I’ve seen them in the likes of The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and even a few magazines at my doctor’s office. After doing some research on this new retailer it seems like they’re just another one of those fast fashion retailers but with an updated look and feel to their website.

However, after taking a closer look at the details of their site, it seemed as though END was trying to offer something different than other sites by giving customers more options for brands (including Timberland) and styles (from combat boots to sneakers).

They have a wide selection of shoes for all types of people with different lifestyles and budgets. Their prices are competitive as well! I love that they offer free shipping and returns on their products too. The best part is that you can order your size in any style without having to worry about sizing because they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Online Shoe Stores


Farfetch is an online store that sells shoes from many different designers. The site has been around since 2007 and was founded by Jose Neves, Riccardo Gayo, and Michael Sacerdoti in London. They offer free shipping for orders or free returns with no questions asked. There are several payment methods including credit card, PayPal and bank transfer/ international wire transfers.

They offer customer service in English only but does not have any minimum age restrictions on who can purchase items from the website. The company partners with retailers all over the world to bring their products to customers located near them which may be helpful if you’re looking for something specific like size 12 men’s shoes in Australia while living in Canada. Customers can also use the online store to find a retailer near them for any product they may be interested in.

With every style and size imaginable, there is always something for everyone. And we all know that when it comes to shopping for a new pair of shoes, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. With so many options and styles offered at affordable prices, this is one online store you don’t want to miss!

Online Shoe Stores


Nordstrom is one of the most successful retail store chains in America. With a little help from Nordstrom, you can now shop for shoes online! If you’re not up to coming into town for work or just need more time at home with your kids, Nordstrom has made it possible to buy all your favorite styles and brands online.

They offer a wide range of shoes for all occasions. Whether you are looking for dress shoes, athletic shoes or boots, Nordstrom has them all. They also offer different brands like Nike and Adidas to cater to specific needs. You will be able to find some of the hottest new shoe trends as well as classics like Nike Air Force 1s and Adidas Stan Smiths. No matter what style you’re looking for, there’s something here that’s perfect for every taste.

With their new Nordstrom Rack website they have even more deals on stores that were already discounted! You can’t go wrong with saving money while getting great quality and variety at the same time. The prices are unbeatable so check out what they have to offer today if you are in need of new pair of shoes right now!

Online Shoe Stores


Bloomingdales is one of the most popular retailers in America, and their online shoe stores are no exception. The company offers a variety of different shoes for men, women, kids, and athletes at affordable prices. They have everything from sandals to heels to boots! 

It has been open since 1861 when they were founded by by Joseph B. and Lyman G. Bloomingdale as a family business with only two employees. Today the company has grown into an international chain that employs over 12000 people worldwide, but their mission remains the same: to provide excellent customer service on every level while delivering quality products at competitive prices.

They offer a huge variety of fashionable footwear including all your favourite brands like Nike, Adidas, Steve Madden, Timberland and more. They have something for everyone and you’re sure to find just what you’ve been looking for in seconds!

Online Shoe Stores

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the most popular and well-known clothing stores in the world that has been around since 1970. They have a huge selection of clothes, accessories, home decor items, and shoes for both men and women.

The online shoe store offers you more than just your average pair of shoes with brands such as Vince Camuto, Nike Flyknit Air Maxes, Adidas Superstars , UGGs Classic Short boots, Steve Madden D’Lites booties etc. You can find all types of shoes from flats to high heels to sneakers on Urban Outfitters online shoe store.

Urban Outfitters even carries wedges! The men’s selection includes classic sneakers that are completely redone with new colors and designs to give them a fresh feel while still maintaining their cool, casual vibe. Whether you’re looking for an everyday work shoe or a trendy new pair of running shoes or even sandals for summertime wear, you’ll be able to find them online.

Online Shoe Stores


Coggles is a company that has been able to create a niche in the online shoe industry by providing quality shoes at an affordable price while also giving customers the opportunity to be involved with every step of the process from ordering, designing their own customized pair of shoes and even returning them after they’ve worn them for up to 30 days. With free shipping available, Coggles strives to make buying shoes simple and easy without having any hidden fees or costs. 

In addition, because Coggles wants its customers to feel like they’re part of something bigger than just shopping for shoes, it offers opportunities through contests and giveaways where members can win prizes such as free pairs of shoes or even cash if they refer others who buy products from the online store.

Coggles focus on making it easy for customers to buy products online by providing them with the best deals as well as having a huge range of options available for their customers – from trainers to sandals and everything in between! Coggles also have lots of collaborations with designers which means there’s always something new coming out that you won’t get anywhere else!

Online Shoe Stores

Saks Fifth Avenue

If you’re in the market for a new pair of heels, wedges or dress shoes, Saks Fifth Avenue has you covered. If you are looking to find something specific, their site allows you to search by brand name and then refine your search based on style and heel height.

You can also filter by color to narrow down the results even further. For example, if I’m looking for black pumps with a heel height of 3 inches or less that are from Gucci’s “G” line- they have me covered! With over 800 pairs of shoes available online only at Saks Fifth Avenue there is no need to leave your home office chair!

Saks Fifth Avenue has a great assortment of shoes for all occasions. They have a large selection, and also offer some online exclusive brands not available in their brick and mortar stores. They are one of the best places to find designer shoes on the internet because they carry many shoe lines that you can’t find anywhere else.

Online Shoe Stores


Sneakersnstuff is a Swedish company that was established in 1999. They are one of the most well-known and respected shoe retailers in the world. Sneakersnstuff has two stores, one located in Stockholm, Sweden and another store located on Lafayette Street in New York City. Sneaker lovers from all over the world visit these stores to purchase their favorite sneakers or just to see what’s new at Sneakersnstuff!

In addition to selling footwear, they also offer clothing like sweatshirts, hats and t-shirts with popular brands like Nike or Adidas on them. If you’re looking for a place where you can find your next pair of shoes or clothes then look no further than Sneakersnstuff because they have everything you need!

They ship all over the world too which is great for customers from other countries who want to buy from this site. Sneakersnstuff offers a variety of payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal so it’s easy to order what you need with just a click of a button. 

Online Shoe Stores


Gone are the days of having to walk into a store in order to purchase shoes. Now, with just a few clicks of your mouse or taps on your phone screen, you can purchase any style and size shoe that you want from anywhere in the world. One of the most popular online shoe stores is Reebok. This company has been around since 1958 and offers shoes for every occasion – whether it be running, walking, playing sports, or even going out!

With the growing popularity of online shopping, it is not uncommon for people to be looking for a shoe store that offers both quality and affordability. Reebok has many different styles and colors available on their website. So there’s something for everyone. What sets Reebok apart from many other retailers is the fact that they offer free shipping service.

They are known for their quality and durability, as well as a large selection of styles. Reebok has created an online store that offers some of their best shoes at discounted prices. If you’re looking to buy new sneakers this season, check out these great deals!


Skechers is a company that specializes in shoes. They are best known for their line of running and walking shoes, but they also offer other types of footwear. Skechers has been around since 1992 and was founded by Robert Greenberg. The company offers many varieties of shoe styles including dress, casuals, boots, sandals, wedges as well as more traditional sneakers and tennis shoes.   

Skechers has expanded its market to include international markets over the years such as China and Australia. They have also created stores specifically for these two countries with sizes tailored to each nation’s needs which makes it easier for customers who live abroad to find the perfect pair!

Whether you’re looking for casual or dress shoes, Skechers has something to offer everyone. It doesn’t matter if you need a shoe for work or play because they have both. They also carry an assortment of sandals and heels that will please any customer’s taste! 

Online Shoe Stores

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When you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes, your best bet is to visit one or more online shoe stores. Whether you are searching for a certain style, color, brand name or size, there’s an online store that has what you need at prices that will suit any budget.

And if it doesn’t have what you want in stock? You might be able to find it on sale with free shipping and returns! We hope this article helped shed some light on which sites offer the widest selection at competitive prices so now all you have left to do is decide where to shop first!

Have any other online shoe stores that are worth mentioning? Let us know here at SenseOrient! We want to help people make informed decisions about what they buy and have found these 17 sites all reputable sources for finding great footwear.

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