5 Simple Touches to Add to Your Beauty Routine This Year

5 Simple Touches to Add to Your Beauty Routine This Year

As we step tentatively into the New Year that’s, yet again, shrouded in uncertainty, we’d do well not to put ourselves under too much pressure to uphold ambitious resolutions. Looking at the positives, many of us have been afforded a bit of extra time for our daily routines or paid more attention to our skin, nail and hair health whilst being cooped up at home. If you’re looking to add quick and simple tweaks to your beauty routine, we’ve had a look at some of the best tips and advice that can be easily worked in to your self-care habits.

Beauty Routine Touches #1 SPF Your Skin

Often lacking in skincare routines is the use of an SPF or products with a high SPF rating. To maintain youthful and healthy-looking skin, sun protection is vital, every day and all year round. We may think it’s an unnecessary addition during the colder months but we couldn’t be more wrong. The SPF rating we use should not alter throughout the year as skin-aging UVA rays remain the same strength no matter the season, no matter the weather. We would recommend either a separate SPF facial sunscreen or a moisturizer with a high SPF rating. However, it’s important to note what our skin applications contain when it comes to the effectiveness of anti-aging products. So check the ingredients as well as the SPF strength.

5 Simple Touches to Add to Your Beauty Routine This Year

Beauty Routine Touches #2 Promoting Hair Growth

We hear a lot about the better choices of hair-washing products we can make, ways we can manage certain hair types and how to best use hair-styling tools, but what about our scalps? Often forgotten, scalp maintenance should be part of our hair care routine and taking good care of your scalp, often leads to healthier hair. Exfoliating the scalp once a week is not only relaxing but it also stimulates growth. As we outlined in a previous article, there are many ways to spark natural hair growth and alongside eating healthily and exercising, massaging coconut oil into the scalp helps to promote healthy hair growth, moisturizes and also manages dandruff and dry skin.

5 Simple Touches to Add to Your Beauty Routine This Year

Beauty Routine Touches #3 Enhance Your Eyes

We all long for thicker and fuller lashes and whilst wearing false eyelashes can immediately solve this for us, they’re not for everyone. There’s often a knack that we can’t master, the risk of a rogue set of lashes coming loose and the inconvenience of lash glue! Looking at alternative ways to enhance our eyelashes, using a primer underneath a good quality mascara plus, with the right lash growth serum, the results of longer and darker-looking eyelashes can be quickly achieved. Using serums that can be applied at night also eliminates an addition to our morning routines, if time is a factor.

5 Simple Touches to Add to Your Beauty Routine This Year

Beauty Routine Touches #4 Nails on the Go

The frustration of chipping newly applied nail polish or the agony of waiting for it to dry is a regular bugbear for many of us. There’s a great selection of fast-drying products on the market but often, even if they feel dry to touch, they’re easily knocked and require some care whilst curing. A more popular option now available are pre-designed, press-on nails. For an instant manicure or an eye-catching, set of nails, these are quite literally a no fuss, little to no effort required option. Most brands are pre-glued, easily removed and reused plus they’re super sturdy and can be reshaped to suit you.

Beauty Routine Touches #5 Hydrate Your Hands

With the overuse of sanitizer amidst the chaos of the pandemic, our hands have suffered enormously. A lot of us have experienced extremely dry, sensitive and cracked skin from using harsh anti-bacterial products which is more than our skin can tolerate. We should be taking extra care of our hands during the winter months. But adding regular hand care to our beauty routines is a must, especially when the recommendation to continue using sanitizers is ongoing. Using balms regularly but massaging them well into the knuckles and nail beds can help keep your hands stay hydrated and also prevent hangnail. With our face and hands being most frequently exposed, a hand cream that contains UV protection will help against skin-aging.

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Whether you are looking to cut back on time spent in your morning beauty routine, or want a new way to spice up the daily rituals that keep you feeling fresh and fabulous all year long, these 5 simple touches will have you standing out from the crowd. We hope they inspire some ideas for how best to make use of your free time this new year! If any of our tips resonate with you, let us know in the comment below at SenseOrient – we would love to talk more about whether one of these products we referred could help take care of it. And if not, then maybe there’s something else that can really lighten your load when it comes down to beauty routines… Maybe another product is waiting just around the corner? Let’s chat soon!

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