7 Style Tips for Men That Your Father Should Have Taught You

7 Style Tips for Men That Your Father Should Have Taught You

It’s a sad fact that many men don’t learn about style until they’re well into their adult years. This can lead to a lot of fashion faux pas and embarrassing moments. If only our fathers would have taken the time to teach us about style when we were young! In this blog post, we will discuss 7 style tips for men that your father should have taught you. These tips will help you look sharp and professional no matter what the occasion!

Style Tip #1 Develop A Great First Impression

We all want to make a great first impression. It’s one of the most important things we can do in life. When meeting someone for the first time, we want to appear attractive, confident and interesting. In other words, we want to come across as someone worth getting to know. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make a great first impression. In order to make sure that your first impression is a good one, it’s important to put some thought into your outfit and how you present yourself. Here are three tips that will help you dress to impress:

1) Dress for the occasion

When you’re dressing for a first impression, it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. If you’re going to meet someone for coffee, don’t wear a suit. And if you’re going to a formal event, don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt. Dress according to the tone of the event you’re attending.

2) Take care of your appearance

A big part of making a good first impression is taking care of your appearance. Make sure that you’re well-groomed and looking your best, because it will make a difference in how people perceive you. If necessary, have someone help you pick out clothes and give you some advice on what looks good for you.

3) Match your socks to your pants

This is one of the easiest things you can do when it comes to fashion. When you’re wearing a suit and tie, make sure that your socks match the color of your pants. It’s an easy thing to do, but many people forget about it or don’t think it matters! Just remember, it does.

7 Style Tips for Men That Your Father Should Have Taught You

Tip #2 Leverage Style To Gain Confidence

In the previous blog post, we discussed the mistakes men make that kill their confidence. Armed with this knowledge, you can now put it to good use! In order to boost your confidence, start by incorporating key pieces that represent who you are. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, it will show in your attitude and demeanor. So go ahead and experiment until you find the right look for you. With a bit of effort, soon others will start to take notice of your confident new style! 

Style is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal when it comes to boosting our confidence. It can change the way we feel about ourselves in an instant, and send a message that we’re not afraid to be ourselves.

Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it can be found wearing a loud print or strutting down the street with head held high. Other times, confidence is quieter – dressing comfortably in simple clothes that make you feel good. No matter what your personal style is, there are ways to amplify your confidence through fashion.

7 Style Tips for Men That Your Father Should Have Taught You

Tip #3 Learn How To Get The Best Shave

For many men, shaving is an everyday ritual that they perform without much thought. However, there are ways to get a better shave and avoid common problems like razor burn, skin irritation and nicks and cuts. Now I’m going to share with you my top tips so that you can achieve the closest, most comfortable shave possible. Now, I’m going to share with you my top tips so that you can achieve the closest, most comfortable shave possible while also exploring various beard styles for modern men.

  • Make sure that your skin is wet before you start shaving. This will help to soften the hair and make it easier to shave.
  • Use a quality shaving cream or gel. I recommend using something that is enriched with aloe vera or other soothing ingredients, as this will help to keep your skin healthy and free from irritation.
  • Use a light touch. You don’t need to apply pressure when shaving – in fact, doing so can cause skin irritation and razor burn.
  • Shave in the direction that your hair grows. This will help to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation.
  • Use a sharp blade. A dull blade can cause skin irritation and razor burn.
  • Rinse your blade after every stroke. This will help to keep the blade sharp and free from debris.
  • Apply a moisturizer after shaving. This will help to soothe your skin and prevent razor burn.
7 Style Tips for Men That Your Father Should Have Taught You

Tip #4 Polish Your Shoes

In our previous posts, we talked about the importance of having a strong foundation, dressing for success, and carrying yourself with poise. In this post, we’ll talk about how to polish your shoes so they not only look their best but also last longer. 

Shoes are an important part of any outfit and should be taken care of in order to look their best. The easiest way to do this is by keeping them polished. Not only will this make them more presentable, but it will also help to protect the leather from drying out and cracking.

No one will take you seriously if you don’t dress the part. This is especially true when it comes to your shoes. If you want to make a good impression on potential employers or clients, be sure to polish your shoes and make them look their best. Here are some easy steps to help you get started.

1) Begin by removing any dust or dirt from the shoes with a brush

Be sure to use a stiff brush in order to get rid of any caked-on mud or dirt. This will make the polishing process much easier. If the shoes are wet, allow them to dry completely before proceeding.

2) Apply a small amount of shoe polish to each shoe

Use just enough to cover the entire surface area, but not so much that it runs off onto your pants or socks when you put them back on.

If you are unsure about how much to use, start with less and build up from there until the desired result is achieved

Then, use a clean rag to rub the polish into each shoe until all of it has been absorbed by the leather.

Be sure that you don’t get any on your pants or socks! If this happens, wipe them off immediately with another rag before putting them back on so that they won’t stain over time.

Once all traces have been removed, allow the shoes to dry completely before putting them away.

If you don’t have time to polish your shoes every day, at least give them a good cleaning once a week using a damp rag and some shoe cleaner or soap.

Tip #4 Polish Your Shoes

Tip #5  Maintain Your Clothes

Most men know the importance of taking care of their cars, but many don’t think about taking care of their clothes. Just like a car, your clothes need regular maintenance if you want them to last long and look good. In this post, we’ll give you five tips for maintaining your clothes. Follow these tips and your clothes will stay looking great for years to come!

1) Wash your clothes regularly

This one should be obvious, but many men don’t wash their clothes often enough. Washing your clothes removes dirt, sweat, and oils that can damage the fabric over time. If you wear a shirt or pants multiple times without washing them, they’ll start to look faded and worn out.

2) Wash your clothes on a gentle cycle

Use the delicate or hand-wash setting on your washing machine. This will keep the fabric from getting damaged by agitators during the wash cycle. If you only have one setting, use cold water with mild detergent and don’t leave them in for too long so that they don’t shrink!

3) Hang dry your clothes

Drying machines are damaging for men’s clothing, so don’t use them. This includes jeans! They can shrink up to 20% from being dried in a hot machine too often and aren’t meant to be washed this way anyway! Instead of using an expensive dry cleaner service that uses harsh chemicals on the fabrics of your clothes, hang them outside to dry in the sun or use a clothes rack inside. The fresh air and natural light will help your clothes last longer!

4) Invest in a good-quality suit

A nice, tailored suit is an investment. It will last you many years if it’s taken care of properly and can be worn to any formal event. Make sure to get your suit fitted by a professional so that it looks its best on you and don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more for better quality fabric.

5) Get your clothes tailored

A good tailor can turn an ordinary piece of clothing into a custom fit for your body. You’ll look and feel more confident wearing something that fits you well rather than trying to squeeze yourself into off-the-rack sizes! If you have any questions about what kind of alterations might work with different types of clothing, ask your tailor for advice.

Mistake #1 Oversized Jacket 

Tip #6 Master Tying A Tie

Looking sharp is all about the details, and one of the most important details is how you tie your tie. Most men know how to tie a tie, but not all of them know how to do it well. In order to make the perfect knot, follow these simple steps.

  • First, find the correct length of the tie for your body type.
  • Next, fold the tie in half and drape it around your neck. The wide end should hang down about 12 inches below your narrow end.
  • Now, hold the wide end in one hand and use the other hand to wrap it around the narrow end two or three times.
  • Finally, tuck the wide end behind the loop you just created and pull tight.

You’re done! With a little practice, you’ll be able to tie a perfect knot in no time at all.

Daily Habit #9 – Live In The Present

Tip #7 Building A Wardrobe Takes Time

It’s often said that it takes a long time to build a great wardrobe. And while that may be true, it’s well worth the effort. A well-put together wardrobe not only makes you look good, but it also makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier. So if you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, here are seven tips to help you get started. 

  1. Start with a few key pieces – A well-rounded wardrobe starts with a few key pieces. Think about the things you wear most often and start from there. A good starting point is a versatile pair of jeans, a nice shirt, and a blazer.
  2. Keep it simple – When building your wardrobe, you want to make sure that the things you buy are versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, a good pair of Aztec jeans can be dressed up or down depending on how you wear them. If you’re wearing a shirt with jeans, try pairing it with a button-down shirt and blazer.
  3. Make sure everything fits properly – don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small, but rather something that’s just right for your body type. And remember to always get measured at least once a year so you know what size shirt to buy!
  4. Shoes are not just for walking – make sure they’re comfortable enough to wear day after day without causing blisters or pain. If you’ve been wearing sneakers all summer long, now would be an excellent time to switch them up with something new like oxfords or loafers that will look good on almost any occasion!
  5. Get a good tailor – it’s worth the investment to have at least one suit or sport coat tailored to fit you perfectly. It’ll make you look slimmer, taller and overall more put together.
  6. A belt should always match your shoes – that means no brown belts with black shoes or vice versa.
  7. A good watch is an investment – not only will it keep you on time, but it can also be a stylish accessory.
7 Style Tips for Men That Your Father Should Have Taught You

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The seven style tips we’ve outlined are essential for any man looking to improve his look. While they may seem like common sense, it’s surprising how many men don’t follow these guidelines. If you can start implementing these tips today, you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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