Summer Holiday Outfit Inspiration: Men’s Edition

Summer Holiday Outfit Inspiration: Men's Edition

Escaping to a tropical land is the summer goal for many people. The sun, sea and sand are a great way to relax. But compared to what you need for the great British weather, your normal wardrobe might not cut it. Here are some outfits that you need to fit into your suitcase.

Wandering Around the Town

Exploring your local area can be the best part of a holiday. Wandering down those winding, cobbled streets and popping in and out of local shops means you will need to be cool as well as comfortable.

Shorts are a must on every warm holiday, so it is worth packing a few pairs – especially linen pairs. A nice tan colour will go with most other colours, meaning you can throw them on and easily look great with minimal effort. When thinking about walking, either a comfy pair of sandals or your favourite trainers will both look great. Keep your essentials close at hand with the 154 City Pack from GRAMS28.

If you are looking to stay out of the sun a bit more when out exploring, wearing a loose linen shirt over a t-shirt will help protect your skin. Colours at the lighter end of the spectrum will also help to keep you feeling cool.

Summer Holiday Outfit Inspiration: Men's Edition

Romantic Meal

A romantic meal for two can be the highlight of your holiday so it is important that your outfit matches the tone.

If the evenings are still warm, opt for a pair of chino shorts. Not only are they a bit smarter than linen or cotton shorts, but they are a bit thicker so as the evening winds on and the temperature drops, you will stay a bit warmer. Adding in a smart shirt will complete your look. If your chinos are a plain colour, you could switch it up with a patterned shirt over a white t-shirt for a classic but interesting look.

Accessorising can really enhance a look, and this is the perfect occasion to show off your style. Adding an OMEGA watch can help to add a level of sophistication to your outfit. Investing in an OMEGA watch, whether it’s preowned or an older model, can prove to be useful in the long run with many of the brand’s watches retaining its value over time. Alternatively, you could add some leather bands to your wrist for a bit of texture and a more casual feel.

Heading to the Beach

When you think of heading to the beach you will automatically think of swimming shorts, but you can wear other clothing. For example, covering up against the sun is a good thing. You may opt for some light linen trousers to throw on when you are walking to the bar across the sand. You could also match it with an unbuttoned linen shirt as well for an extra level of style.

Swimwear is one area of fashion where comfort is key. You can showcase your personality by picking different prints and patterns that you love. The cut of your swimwear does depend on what you feel comfortable with, but you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of trunks.

You can opt for a small compact crossbody if you’re worried about carrying a bulky bag at the beach.

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