Sustainable Wedding Dresses: Eco-Friendly Options for Your Celebration

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses SenseOrient

Weddings are a time for celebration and joy. They’re also a time when your dress is one of the most important decisions that you will make, so it’s worth taking some time to find something that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

The good news is that there are many options available with all kinds of different styles to suit every bride’s personal taste! In this article, we’ll explore 14 sustainable wedding dresses with eco-friendly fabric, construction, and care choices.


Based In | Worldwide

Eco-Friendly | Upcycled, handmade, vintage, carbon-offset shipping

Availability | Varies, made-to-order

Price Range | Varies

Etsy is a one-stop shop for everything wedding related. They have an expansive selection of eco-friendly and sustainable wedding dresses. The best part about the site is that the items are all handcrafted by the sellers themselves, which means there’s no shortage of unique options to choose from! Etsy has been around since 2005, so they’ve had plenty of time to cultivate their inventory into exactly what you’re looking for. With over 1 million listings on their website, it’s easy to find something you love at any price point. Whether your style is bohemian chic or vintage glamour, Etsy has got you covered with lots of new arrivals every day!

Christy Dawn

Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Eco-Friendly | Handmade from deadstock & organic fabrics

Availability | Sizes XS–XXL, petite & extended sizing available

Price Range | $198–$788

The bride-to-be has a vision for her wedding day and wants to make sure she’s wearing an environmentally conscious dress. Christy Dawn is committed to making sustainable, eco-friendly dresses that are also fashionable. Their designs are inspired by the consistent landscape and lifestyle of California (and Mother Earth!). The designer says, “There is something beyond the fabric I hold on to. Something honest about vintage. Something classic. And something timeless, that reminds me of home.” They work with their customers on designing the perfect dress or they can customize any of their designs based on what the bride wants. Their gowns are made from organic cotton, silk, linen, viscose rayon, and other natural materials so you know your purchase will be good for the environment as well as look beautiful!


Based In | Los Angeles, CA

Eco-Friendly | Sustainable production, rescued deadstock, eco-friendly, & vintage fabrics

Availability | Designed for women 5’6”–5’10”, petite, extended, & C-DD cup collections available

Price Range | $218–$598

Reformation has long prioritized eco-friendly & pro-social practices to create stunning, effortless dress silhouettes for all sorts of women. These wedding gowns are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester fibers, and natural latex rubber. The fabrics are sourced responsibly in order to minimize the environmental impact of production. Reformation offers a variety of styles for every bride’s taste at an affordable price point. Their “Made to Order” collection gives customers access to customizations such as neckline, sleeve length, hem style, fabric colors, and lace options – something that is not available with most other retailers offering bridal wear.

Rent The Runway

Based In | New York, NY

Eco-Friendly | Rental, eco-friendly garment wrapping, faux fur, toxin-free dry cleaning & cleaning bags

Availability | All sizes, availability varies, membership options available

Price Range | $30–$275

Rent The Runway is changing the way brides say “yes” to the dress, one rental at a time. Named “the Netflix model of haute couture” by The New York Times, RTR is the perfect place to shop for your sustainable wedding gown, as well as eco-conscious bridesmaids’ dresses, family wedding attire, and accessories. Their eco-friendly dresses are not only sustainable, but they also come in many different styles and colors. With Rent The Runway, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your dress after the event because all their rental options are dry and cleanable! So if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your special day, look no further than Rent The Runway!

Wear Your Love

Based In | Northern CA

Eco-Friendly | Organic cotton & bamboo fabrics, low waste

Availability | Made-to-order

Price Range | $680–$2,080

Wear Your Love’s vision is “for every bride to embody effortless beauty and femininity, in a classic and understated way.” At Wear Your Love they have a wide selection of eco-friendly and sustainable dresses for weddings that are not only stylish but also durable enough for any type of weather or activity! They offer everything from lace gowns, fitted sheaths, silk chiffons, and more so there’s something perfect for everyone! No matter how many times you wear it afterward, they’ll still look just as good as they did on your special day.

Once Wed

Based In | Online

Eco-Friendly | Secondhand dresses

Availability | Sizes up to 36W, varies

Price Range | $100–$20,000

Once Wed is a wonderful online listing service for secondhand wedding dresses. The company says, “We delight in the simplicity with a twist of modern innovation, infusing beautiful design with meaning and emotion.” With the use of organic cotton, bamboo silk, recycled fabrics, natural dyes and sustainable practices they offer brides an elegant alternative to traditional dress designers. Once Wed also offers custom design services so you can create your own dream dress with one of their talented team members. If you’re looking for something unique for your special day look no further than Once Wed!

Leila Hafzi 

Based In | Kathmandu, Nepal & Stavanger, Norway

Eco-Friendly | Sustainable production

Availability | Sold at retailers in Europe

Price Range | Varies, inquire for quotes

Leila Hafzi, a luxurious line of wedding gowns founded in 1997, has received praise as the first high-end ethical and sustainable fashion brand to also empower women and artisans living in recovering nations. The company was founded on the principle to use natural materials from renewable resources to reduce waste and promote environmentally conscious living. Leila Hafzi’s new collections include dresses made from organic cotton blended with silk or linen, plus she offers dresses made from upcycled vintage fabrics such as lace or chiffon overlaid onto tulle skirts so they can be worn again without wasting any more fabric. They are so unique because they are one-of-a-kind, individually handmade dresses created just for you!

Rita Colson

Based In | West London, UK

Eco-Friendly | Vintage lace & silk, sustainably & ethically sourced materials

Availability | At select boutiques, bespoke made-to-order dresses available

Price Range | £1,500–£3,000+

A Ghanaian-British designer, Rita Colson launched her bridal-wear brand in West London in the late 2010s. Ever since, she’s been a go-to for wedding dresses that are simultaneously stylish, modern, and oh-so-dreamy. Not only are her dresses sustainable, but they also provide comfort and style for your wedding day. You can find a variety of different styles, colors, and features with just a few clicks of the mouse! She has been featured on “The Knot” as one of the top 10 eco-friendly dress designers to watch. Her designs have been featured on popular TV shows such as “Say Yes To The Dress.” If you’re looking for a green option at an affordable price, Rita Colson is here to help!


Based In | South London, UK

Eco-Friendly | Eco-friendly silk & lace, deadstock fabrics, zero-waste cutting techniques

Availability | Made-to-order

Price Range | £500–£1,900

For every bride, there’s a dress. A perfect gown to symbolize their love and marriage. But not all dresses are created equal. Some of them come with more than just the price tag – they come with environmental and social responsibility as well. At Indiebride they believe in having a positive impact on those around us, so they’ve made it their mission to provide sustainable wedding dresses that help save the environment for future generations while also supporting local business owners worldwide! They offer handmade dresses in a variety of styles and colors to suit any bride’s personality. The materials they use are sourced from all over the world and our unique designs ensure that your wedding will be one-of-a-kind. You can find more information on their website or contact them directly through email or phone!

Borrowing Magnolia 

Based In | Chicago, IL

Eco-Friendly | Secondhand dresses

Availability | Varies, sizes from 0–18+

Price Range | $350–$3,500+

Borrowing Magnolia is a sustainable and eco-friendly online boutique for wedding dresses. They have been in the industry since 2014 and have found ways to make their dresses both beautiful, and environmentally friendly. In today’s day and age, it can be overwhelming to find an eco-friendly dress that you love. Borrowing Magnolia has done all the work for you! All of their gowns are made from recyclable materials such as organic cotton or hemp fabric while using low-impact dyes that don’t require any harsh chemicals during production. Not only do they use these natural fabrics but they also cut out any excess fabric by utilizing a “trimless” design process which eliminates waste from being produced on the outer edge of each gown.

The Cotton Bride

Based In | Long Island City, NY

Eco-Friendly | 100 percent natural fabrics

Availability | Made-to-order

Price Range | $2,160–$2,775

The bride is the most important detail of a wedding. Part of what makes weddings so special are the details, and one detail that stands out in weddings today is sustainability. The Cotton Bride offers eco-friendly, sustainable wedding dresses made with organic cotton fabrics for brides who want to have an ethical wedding dress. One of the most popular aspects of our sustainable gowns is their timeless style. These dresses will never go out of fashion because they are designed to be worn by future generations too! Couples can feel confident knowing that when they purchase one of our sustainable gowns, they are making a difference in both their future lives and in protecting the environment for years to come. 

Leanne Marshall

Based In | New York, NY

Eco-Friendly | Handmade in or local to NYC, sustainable practices & materials, responsibly recycled scraps

Availability | Made-to-order, ready-to-wear up to size 20

Price Range | $1,390–$5,266

Leanne Marshall has created sustainable and eco-friendly wedding dresses for the past 10 years. They are visionary with an eye on sustainability, ethical production, and creativity. All of their gowns are made using organic materials that are sourced locally to reduce environmental impact. Leanne’s designs have been featured in Vogue Magazine as well as other publications.  Their mission is to bring beauty back into the world by creating beautiful garments with less waste for any occasion! Leanne creates all of their pieces from start to finish without outsourcing or relying on outside help which means they pay attention to every detail ensuring quality workmanship and materials for their designs.

Pure Magnolia

Based In | North Vancouver, Canada

Eco-Friendly | Sustainable fabrics, locally made, responsibly recycled scraps

Availability | Made-to-order

Price Range | Varies, inquire for quotes

Pure Magnolia is an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion company that specializes in designing and sewing wedding dresses. All of their gowns are handmade and made from 100% organic cotton, silk, and linen. They offer a variety of styles to fit any bride’s needs – whether you want something simple or extravagant. Each dress is tailor-made to fit the bride’s style, body, and wedding. Pure Magnolia is especially committed to making something that perfectly fits the bride’s vision and priorities with a stunning eco-friendly dress. If you’re looking for a dress that will stand the test of time, look no further than Pure Magnolia! 

Tara Lynn Bridal 

Based In | Vermont

Eco-Friendly | Natural, organic, & repurposed fibers

Availability | Made-to-order, ready-to-wear

Price Range | Varies, starts at $1,000+ & custom dresses start at $6,000+

Tara Lynn Bridal is committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly wedding dresses. They believe that every bride deserves a dress that she can wear again, or pass on to someone else. Their collection of eco-friendly dresses is made from organic materials like bamboo, silk, tencel and cotton. Tara Lynn’s brides also have the option of purchasing an environmentally friendly wedding gown preservation kit for their dress so they can preserve it in order to extend its life after the big day! Wedding guests will love this style because it’s more unique than typical bridal stores with white gowns on hangers. Tara Lynn Brides is your one-stop shop for any bride who wants something different!

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While shopping for a wedding dress, it’s important to consider the environment and how your decision will affect not only you but also future generations. With 14 eco-friendly options that are both stylish and sustainable, we hope this article has given you some insight into what is available in sustainable wedding dresses today. Have any of these caught your eye? Let us know at SenseOrient!

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