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Boots are a staple for the winter. They provide warmth and protection from snow, salt, and dirt that get kicked up on sidewalks. They come in many styles- some more fashionable than others. But what about sustainable boots? Sustainable footwear is defined as “footwear with features that minimize environmental impacts.” This article will explore 9 different brands of mens boots that offer these sustainable features!

Octobre Editions

Based In | Paris, France

Ethics | Natural & sustainably sourced materials, vegetable-tanned leather, fair production, gives back, recycled packaging

Sizes | 40–46 (US 7–12)

Price Range | €180–€290

Octobre Editions is a sustainable company that specializes in menswear including men’s boots. These boots are made from natural materials and the company is committed to environmentally-friendly practices. The goal of Octobre Editions, according to their website, is “to provide high quality products while minimizing our impact on the environment.” This brand creates shoes with innovative design and technology, which will help you stay comfortable for hours on end without sacrificing style. Octobre Editions has been featured on some of the most popular fashion blogs for their high quality footwear – look no further than what they have to offer!


Based In | Nashville, TN

Ethics | Certified B Corp, climate-neutral, fair production, Leather Working Group certified tanneries & responsibly sourced leather

Sizes | 8–13

Price Range | $150–$260

Nisolo’s a certified B Corp fusing fashion and social responsibility. Not only is all the leather certified by the Leather Working Group, but every purchase is sustainably made and climate-neutral. They are committed to making sure their products are made by hand with materials sourced responsibly. The company was founded on the principle of helping people be more conscious about how they spend their money and wear their clothes. Nisolo offers high-quality, stylish shoes at an affordable price point without compromising quality or ethics. If you’re looking for durable boots that will last – look no further than Nisolo! 


Based In | Braga, Portugal

Ethics | Vegan, OEKO-TEX certified & sustainable materials, ethically made in Portugal

Sizes | 39–46 (US 6–13)

Price Range | €74–€179

We all deal with the same problem. We want to keep our feet warm and dry, but we also want a fashion statement. For me this is especially true since I live in Maine where it rains nearly every day for most of the year. But now there’s an answer – FAIR Boots! Their footwear is made from natural materials such as organic cotton, recycled rubber and leathers from European hides. They offer a wide range of styles for men, women and children in both dress shoes and boots. The best thing about these shoes? They’re durable! FAIR offers a 1 year warranty on all their products which means you can keep them longer than other brands with no worries.

Red Wing Shoe Co.

Based In | Red Wing, MN

Ethics | Responsibly made in the USA, traditional techniques, owned tannery, free repair program

Sizes | 4–18

Price Range | $154.99–$379.99

The Red Wing Shoe Co. is a sustainable men’s boots brand, based in Minnesota since 1905. They have been making boots to last for generations and are still family-owned today. It all started when Charles Beckman was looking for a solution for his sore feet from working on the production line at a shoe factory in Massachusetts where he had just lost his job after an argument with his boss about pay rates. He walked into a cobbler shop and asked them to make him some shoes that would be comfortable, durable and affordable enough so that he could afford to buy more than one pair of boots at once. The company has thrived ever since as they’ve made their boots right here in America (where it all began) by crafting every single pair with hand-cut leathers, handmade soles and time-tested methods.

Beckett Simonon

Based In | Bogotá, Colombia

Ethics | Leather Working Group Gold-Rated certification, sustainable materials, made-to-order, responsibly made in Colombia

Sizes | 7–14

Price Range | $239

Beckett Simonon has been producing sustainable men’s boots for over years, and their commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every pair of boots they produce. Beckett Simonon works with small artisans around the world who are committed to preserving traditional skills and making high-quality products. Their business model is built on a foundation of sustainability that extends from the materials they use all the way through delivery to customers. For example, Beckett Simonon buys leather from tanneries that have an ecological approach to production, while ensuring no child labor or animal cruelty takes place in any part of their supply chain. In addition, Beckett Simonon produces their shoes without harming natural resources by using only water-based adhesives and sealants.


Based In | Kent, WA

Ethics | Recycled & sustainable materials, some vegan, some made in the USA, co-op business model, gives back

Sizes | 5–15

Price Range | $70–$1,250

In the past, men have been left out of sustainability efforts. But with a growing focus on eco-conscious living and a greater awareness of the effects our lifestyle has on the environment, it’s time for men to step up and adopt sustainable practices too. REI is leading that charge by offering a variety of durable boots made from recycled materials that are sustainably sourced. From hiking to fishing or just going about your day in town, you can now do so without guilt as these boots will last longer than those made from traditional materials. Get outside this season and start feeling good about what you put on your feet!

NAE Vegan Shoes

Based In | Lisbon, Portugal

Ethics | Vegan, sustainable, organic & recycled materials, ethically made in Portugal & Spain

Sizes | 36–47 (5–13)

Price Range | €115–€155

Based in Lisbon, NAE Vegan Shoes carries men’s sustainable vegan boots, sneakers, shoes, and sandals. NAE vegan shoes are made of organic cotton canvas uppers with leather insoles and rubber outsoles for maximum comfort on all types of terrain. All of their boots are waterproofed using plant-based ingredients to ensure they remain water resistant through the harshest conditions. This company has the goal of reducing our impact on the environment and to promote animal rights. NAE Vegan Shoes believes in making quality products that are made with eco-friendly materials. The company also strives to provide an affordable product for all customers without sacrificing quality or design.


Based In | Union City, CA

Ethics | Responsibly sourced & sustainable materials, Bluesign & Leather Working Group certified, gives back, repair program

Sizes | 6–16

Price Range | $94.95–$559.95

Ariat is a brand that takes pride in its sustainable practices. They are an American company that specializes in producing footwear for men and women, as well as equestrian gear. Ariat uses sustainable practices to make their boots, which can be seen through the leathers used and recycled parts. They use recycled plastics and soy-based products, as well as recyclable packaging for their men’s boots. The recycling process for this company has been created with the environment in mind to protect our planet for generations to come. The Ariat team continues to work hard on new designs and innovations so you can feel confident knowing your purchase supports sustainable practices without sacrificing style or durability.


Based In | Saint-Jean-de-Moirans, France

Ethics | Natural leather, responsibly made in France, traditional techniques

Sizes | UK 5–12.5 (US 5.5–13)

Price Range | €390–€480

Paraboot has been making quality boots for over 110 years. One of the things that makes Paraboot boots so special is their commitment to sustainability. They are committed to being environmentally responsible by using organic cotton, natural rubber, and recyclable packaging materials whenever possible. Paraboot produces high-quality products, such as their iconic footwear line, using traditional craftsmanship methods. They are also doing their part to help protect the environment by making sure they use eco-friendly materials in all of their production processes. All of these aspects have contributed to them becoming one of the most sustainable brands in footwear today!

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The 9 sustainable men’s boots we’ve showcased today are perfect for any man who wants to live in style while also living sustainably. They come at a variety of price points and will keep your feet feeling happy with every step you take. We hope that these options have inspired you to breathe new life into your fashion sense by switching up the way you dress, even if it is just on occasion! If not, we’ve got plenty more articles like it ready and waiting for you right here at SenseOrient!

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