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There are a lot of fashion trends that come and go, but one trend is staying around for the long haul: sustainable living. With this in mind, many people don’t see it as a coincidence that tote bags and weekenders have been dominating the fashion industry lately. They’re perfect for those who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle while still getting their hands on stylish pieces!

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can find high-quality sustainable totes and weekenders without breaking your budget or compromising your style. Whether you’re looking for a weekender bag or just an everyday tote, there’s bound to be something on this list that fits all your needs and then some!

Angela Roi

Ethics | Vegan, cruelty-free, ethically made, eco-friendly practices whenever possible

Best For | Neutral totes & satchels

Price Range | $65–$265

Angela Roi has mastered the philosophy of timeless elegance and future-forward fashion. The company is an up and coming sustainable luggage company that has created totes and weekenders out of 100% recycled materials. They are also using plant-based leather for their bags instead of animal leather because it’s more ethical and environmentally friendly. Besides, they don’t use any harmful chemicals in the production process to create their products which makes them not only eco-friendly but healthy too! And lastly, the brand’s vegan and leather-free bags are ethically made by artisans who are paid fair wages in safe factories.


Ethics | Recycled & sustainable materials, ethical production, repair program, Leather Working Group certified

Best For | Elegant styles, monogramming

Price Range | $65–$595

Cuyana is a sustainable luxury company that believes in creating beautiful, high-quality products with the best materials and ethical production methods. They offer totes and weekenders made from 100% recycled cotton canvas or leather. Their designs are ethically produced at their own factories, where they work to create safe working environments for all employees. Simply put, Cuyana’s mission is to make the world better one bag at a time. As you can see from the photos on their site, these products are absolutely stunning! If you’re looking for a bag with an ethical side that will last for years then Cuyana is perfect for you.


Ethics | Ethically made by women, sustainable practices & materials, competitive wages, Leather Working Group certified

Best For | Upcycled leather totes & duffles

Price Range | $35–$300

ABLE understands that when we invest in women, families and communities are lifted up, too. More than 95 percent of its team is made up of women, including across Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, and India; all are paid fair and transparent wages. Their products are made of organic cotton canvas, which means they’re environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Plus, the totes are vegan-friendly because there’s no leather or other animal products used in their construction. The bags come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs whether you’re heading out for the day, packing up for an extended stay away from home or looking for a bag to take on your next adventure!


Ethics | Vegan options, packaging free of virgin-plastic, responsibly made in Italy, compostable packaging by 2023

Best For | Affordable leather bags

Price Range | $39.90–$89.90

Quince’s mission is to make sustainable totes and weekenders for a greener world. Quince is driven by their love of the outdoors, and they design products that are both functional and stylish. They use recycled materials from old fishing nets, industrial textiles, and other waste products to make their bags. These totes are an eco-friendly alternative for those looking to avoid plastic bags while shopping or traveling. Quince also offers custom totes that can be personalized with your initials or monogram! They also use environmentally friendly dyes for their products. These durable pieces are perfect for your daily commute or weekend getaway! Stop by their website today to learn more about this unique product! 


Ethics | Certified B corp, climate-neutral, Leather Working Group certified, fair trade, artisan-made

Best For | Leather clutches, wallets, & crossbody purses

Price Range | $50–$270

Nisolo is a brand that seeks to make an impact on the world through ethical values. They believe in using materials that are environmentally friendly, like recycled cork and canvas made from organic cotton. Their bags also come with minimalistic designs which allows you to stay trendy while still trying to protect the environment. You can even get your bag monogrammed or embossed with their logo for extra personalization! By buying Nisolo you’re not just getting yourself something nice, but also helping the environment and communities around the world who make these products possible.


Ethics | Certified B Corp, Leather Working Group certified, sustainable & recycled fabrics, gives back

Best For | Backpacks, weekenders, slings

Price Range | $39–$449

Bellroy wants to improve the way people carry their everyday essentials. They are committed to responsibly sourced materials, reducing their environmental footprint, and using production methods that are environmentally friendly. There is a focus on creating products with thoughtful designs for modern living. They also have a variety of vegan leather options for those who don’t want animal products in their lives. These bags come with a lifetime warranty that is free repair or replacement if anything should go wrong! Bellroy has been featured in major online publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Vogue UK & Vogue US! 

Pixie Mood

Ethics | Vegan, responsibly made in Asia, biodegradable & climate-positive packaging, gives back, recycled & sustainable materials

Best For | On-trend vegan bags, wallets

Price Range | $20–$130 

Pixie Mood’s handbags are socially responsible, sustainable, and stylish. Since 2010, this brand has crafted functional and fun bags made from recycled and solvent-free vegan leather. They make some of the cutest totes and weekenders that you will ever see! When you buy a Pixie Mood tote or weekender, you are purchasing an item that will last for years to come without the need to constantly replace it with cheap plastic alternatives. Pixie Mood also partners with organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for every bag sold, giving you peace of mind when shopping online.


Ethics | Vegan, ethically made in South Korea & India, upcycled & plant-based materials

Best For | Color-block bags

Price Range | $75–$295

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it can be difficult to find a balance between work and play. For those who are looking for an eco-friendly bag that offers functionality while still being stylish, GUNAS is a perfect choice. These bags are made from recycled materials like upcycled vinyl records, discarded plastic bottles, and old fishing nets that would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans. The founders wanted their company to make an impact on the environment through their products; they want to help people live more sustainable lifestyles by creating fashionable bags out of materials that were once thrown away without a second thought.


Ethics | Vegan, recycled materials & packaging, ethically made in China, nylon recycling program, waste-reduction practices

Best For | Reusable market totes

Price Range | $12–$220

Baggu is a sustainable, eco-friendly company that focuses on creating totes and weekenders for the modern woman. They are committed to environmentally-responsible manufacturing practices so you can feel confident that your bag has been made with care. They also have a lifetime guarantee on all of their bags!  Baggu offers affordable prices for such high-quality bags so they’re perfect for everyone – whether you’re looking for an everyday work or school bag or just something to keep in your car when you go camping!

von Holzhausen

Ethics | Animal-free leather, recycled materials, ethically made in the USA & Italy, gives back, vegan, biodegradable packaging

Best For | Plant-based & animal-alternative leathers, investment bags

Price Range | $75–$595

von Holzhausen reinvents what leather can be. They design and create eco-friendly, stylish totes and weekenders that are made from sustainable materials. The company was started when they were looking for something more than what they could find on the market to use as their own personal bags. They wanted something durable, but also fashionable and environmentally friendly. von Holzhausen uses organic cotton canvas lined with recycled PET plastic bottles, natural vegetable-tanned leathers, high-quality brass hardware, or nickel-plated zippers depending on the specific bag style.

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