The Ultimate Guide to Reading Glasses for Men

The Ultimate Guide to Reading Glasses for Men

It’s not just in your mind; almost everyone wears glasses nowadays. A recent National Center for Health Statistics survey found that 62% of Americans have worn ‘some form of corrective eyewear’ since 2020. Although women are more likely to need glasses, it’s not something men can avoid entirely. 

Increasing digital exposure and more time spent indoors have led to a significant number of men across ages needing reading glasses, if not a full-on prescription pair. It’s no small mercy that the market has become so huge that eyewear brands can now offer many options. If you need your own pair, then you may as well figure out the best ways to pick the right style and strength. 

What to look for in reading glasses

Reading glasses may be more universally accessible than prescription glasses, but this still isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. There are several factors to consider before looking for the perfect pair. The most important one, of course, is the lens strength (commonly called reading power).

The power of lenses ranges from +1.00 to +4.00, which refers to the diopter of correction your eyes need to read clearly. To test the lens power, you try to read lines from a chart (or other reading material) about a foot away from your face. If you need to go closer to read, then you need a lower strength. Naturally, having to move farther away means the opposite. 

Once that’s out of the way, you should look at the type of lens, frame, and tint. It’s all about comfort, care, and how you use it. Some men may find more use in custom-made lenses built to provide multiple focal lengths. These computer-aided designs are usually better for people whose activities require them to wear their readers for most of the day and handle tasks at various distances. 

How to find the best readers

Now, it comes down to finding the perfect pair for your needs. These days, you may want to seek out reading glasses for men online, as this is a more convenient way of comparing different styles, brands, and prices. You can also easily sort items to your preferences, filtering out the extra fluff of designs you are not interested in. 

It helps to know what styles are trending and which are general bestsellers for a frame of reference. Don’t avoid looking at different types of frames because you can use readers for various occasions and looks. You could go for a classic thick black frame like The Red Bluff for work and then transition to a fun retro style like The Bookworm for casual moments. More stylized frames like The Sterling can add interest to any plain look. 

If you don’t know your reading strength, you may want to print out a diopter chart from a reputable source. Alternatively, you can take a browser-based test, so you don’t need to print anything. You must still ensure you are about 12 to 14 inches from your screen to get accurate results before referring to these numbers when buying your readers online.

As for material, acrylic lenses with acetate frames are a common combination for a lightweight and affordable option. If you tend to put weight on your glasses accidentally, metal is the way to go. 

Wearing your glasses with style 

Feel free to mix and match with your readers. It doesn’t mean it has to be boring because it’s functional. Putting together accessories that complement your glasses can elevate your aesthetic and make you look sharp. Ties, watches, and even lapel pins can be coordinated with your frames to exude a put-together sense of confidence.

You can also play with layers and invest in high-quality pieces that define the overall aesthetic. A tailored jacket, textured boots, and a flattering haircut with a frame that highlights your facial structure make an easy recipe for a go-to style that makes you stand out. 

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