Things You Need to Know About Quartz Watches

Things You Need to Know About Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are one of the most popular options on the market for those looking to buy a watch.

Quartz movements have been around since 1967, and they were created as an alternative to mechanical or automatic movements. Because they are cheaper and require less maintenance than other types of watch mechanisms.

This blog is going to cover what you need to know about quartz watches before you make your purchase!

What’s Quartz Watch?

A quartz watch is a timepiece with an electronic oscillator that generates precise pulses of electrical energy. These pulses are counted by specialized integrated circuits which, in turn, control the movement of the hands on the dial to display the correct time. Quartz watches can be relatively inexpensive and require little or no maintenance.

The word quartz is derived from the German word “quarz” which means “crystal”. These crystals can be found in many places around the world including Brazil, Russia, Bavaria, and Eastern Europe. 

Quartz watches are an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a watch. It is often said that quartz watches are the most popular type in the world. All because of their affordability and high quality. Quartz clocks have been used for decades. So it’s no surprise that they’re still going strong as one of the go-to timepieces on the market.

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How Quartz Watches Work?

Quartz watches are made up of three parts – the dial, hands, and glass. The dial is what you see on the front of a watch and it tells time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

The hands are the two long thin lines that move around to tell time. And lastly, there’s the glass which protects your watch from dust particles or other things that might get inside and scratch it or make marks on its surface.

Quartz watches work by using an electronic circuit called a quartz crystal oscillator to regulate timing pulses generated by electric power to keep accurate time without ever having to be wound manually as mechanical watches do.

When you shake quartz with electricity, these tiny crystals vibrate at an exact frequency- 10000000 times per second! This can be measured as your watch’s ticking rate. We use this natural vibration to power our watch and create timekeeping accuracy for everyday life. Quartz crystal vibrations also make it easier to tell time without looking at your watch or wearing glasses! 

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Can Quartz Watches Last Forever?

It’s a question that many people ask themselves every day: can quartz watches last forever? We all know the answer is no, but what we don’t always know is how long they will actually last.

Quartz watches are made of very durable materials and have a higher water-resistance rating than most analog watches. With proper maintenance, your quartz watch could potentially keep ticking for decades to come!

Generally speaking though, quartz watches should last about 10 years before needing to be replaced with a new one if not subjected to any extreme conditions (such as being thrown in the ocean).

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Who Invented Quartz Watches?

The first quartz watch was invented in the 1930s and it is a revolutionary timepiece. The inventor was Max Hetzel, who created the prototype of this battery-powered timekeeping device for his employer, Bulova Watch Company.

In 1967, Seiko released their own version of a quartz watch that could be mass-produced more cheaply than previous models. Quartz watches are also known as digital watches. Because they digitally display the current time with an LCD or LED screen.

The idea for a watch that needed no winding came from the invention of the transistor, which had just been invented. It took more than 10 years for this new technology to be developed. And become popular with consumers because it was so expensive at first.

But over time, as production costs went down and technology improved, quartz watches became much cheaper. and are now today one of the most popular types of watches on the market.

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Can Quartz Watches Be Repaired?

Did you know that quartz watches can be repaired? The crystal, battery and other components of a quartz watch are small enough to replace without the need for any major repairs.

Quartz watches are delicate pieces of machinery. They’re a great alternative to mechanical ones because they are accurate and require minimal maintenance over the years. But just like any other piece of technology, sometimes they break down too.

If your watch is still working but the glass has been broken or gone missing then this could also be replaced with just a small investment in time and money. So next time you break your wristwatch it might not have to go straight into the bin!

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How to Store Quartz Watches?

Quartz watches are often the most popular type of watch due to their accuracy and low cost. However, these watches can be damaged if not properly stored. Follow these steps to store your quartz watch correctly so it will last for years. 

Dos as follows:

  • Make sure that you have a clean cloth or other soft material in which to wrap the watch before placing it in its case or container. Paper towels work well for this purpose, as do cotton gloves.
  • Place the wrapped watch face down on top of your hands with your palms touching together and fingers pointed outwards towards the sky (a “praying” position). Gently set the wrapped watch onto paper towels inside a drawer or closet shelf where no items will press against it from above.
  • Leave the wrapped watch in a drawer or closet shelf for long-term storage. This is preferable to leaving it on top of other items. Such as sweaters that may compress it from above and potentially scratch its crystal (stainless steel case) due to direct contact with the rough fabric. For short-term periodic use, wrap your watch in a cloth or soft paper towel and place it inside a drawer.
  • When an urge hits you for some reason (maybe at work) never take your watch off. And put it in your mouth to hold the minute and hour hands still. This is a major no-no that some people may do only once. But can cause irreversible damage to not just their watch, but also parts of their teeth enamel by the acidic fluids from saliva interacting with those tooth surfaces over time.
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Don’ts as follows:

  • Store your quartz watch with metal items such as necklaces that may scratch the leather strap (or bracelet) material over time.
  • Store your watch near anything wet which can damage its battery-powered function. For example, store it in a bathroom cabinet where moisture can condense on its glass face.
  • Expose the surface of your watch to extreme heat such as the sun or direct contact with heated pot handles that may warp and distort it over time.
  • Expose your watch to extreme cold such as placing it in a freezer where the temperature can cause clouding of its glass face over time.
  • Submerge your watch in any liquid environment. Because this will shorten its battery life and make it difficult if not impossible for you to read the numerals on the watch’s face.
  • Allow your watch to fall off a surface onto a hard floor or even the carpet. Because this will cause it harm and may mean that you need to replace its battery sooner than necessary.
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Quartz watches are great for people who need a watch that’s always on time. They’re also very affordable and easy to find in any store you visit. If the idea of wearing an old-fashioned wristwatch is not your thing, but you still want something timeless with modern features like a backlight, look into quartz watches at SenseOrient today!

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