10 Well-Known Designers of Jewelry: A Guide for the Fashionably Savvy

top designer jewelry brands

Fashion is a top priority for many people, and jewelry is often the top fashion accessory. It is a top accessory for any woman’s wardrobe. The top designer jewelry brands are known throughout the world for their quality and style.

It can complete an outfit, or make it stand out all on its own! But with so many top designers to choose from, how are you supposed to know which pieces will best suit your personal style? Well, we’re here to help! This article includes information about 10 top designer jewelry brands and their most popular pieces.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is the world’s most famous jewelry brand and has been around since 1837. This company offers a wide range of collections from diamond engagement rings to platinum wedding bands for every taste and budget. One thing that sets them apart from other brands is their dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and service which they have maintained throughout the years. Their goal was always about creating an emotional connection between their customers with beautiful products that are meant to last forever.

They are a top designer jewelry brand with over 600 stores across the globe. Including several international locations such as Hong Kong, London, Paris and Tokyo. In addition to their flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, Tiffany & Co. operates 18 retail outlets across the United States; they also have a presence abroad with more than 36 shops outside of America.

  • Famous Wearers: Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Reese Witherspoon
  • Price Range: $15,500-$15 million
  • Most expensive Tiffany & Co. piece sold at auction: A platinum round 3.09-carat diamond solitaire ring with VS1 clarity, sold at $60,000 in 2016

Harry Winston

Harry Winston is a world-renowned jewelry designer and retailer. They offer the most luxurious and exquisite diamond, gemstone, pearl, platinum and gold jewelry in the industry. With over 85 years of experience designing beautiful pieces for royalty all around the world. They know what it takes to make their crown jewels sparkle! Harry Winston doesn’t just design amazing jewelry. They also have an incredible selection of watches that will look fantastic on your wrist.

With a long history in the industry, this top designer has been making some of the most beautiful and luxurious jewels on the market for decades. From their opulent engagement rings to exquisite diamond necklaces, they have something to fit every person’s taste and budget. 

  • Famous Wearers: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Julie Andrews, Natalie Portman
  • Price Range: $4,000-$20 million
  • Most expensive Harry Winston sold at auction: The Gulf Pearl Parure, a 325-carat natural pearl and diamond parure, sold at $4,189,165 in 2006


Cartier is known for its high-quality jewelry and watches. Known as one of the most prestigious designers, Cartier has been around since 1847. The company was created in Paris by Louis-François Cartier and his son Alfred Cartier. They were a family business until 1953 when they became part of Richemont group. 

Some well-known pieces include their iconic Love line from 1969 which includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants among others pieces designed to represent love between two people or groups. Other popular items are the Tank watch with its rectangular face that covers half the wrist and first appeared in 1983. As well as the diamond necklace that was originally offered to Marie Antoinette but never delivered. If you want to be on trend, or simply give a loved one something they will treasure forever, then Cartier is your best choice.

  • Famous Wearers: Andy Warhol, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Zac Efron, Kate Middleton
  • Price Range: $1,000-$2.76 million
  • Most expensive Cartier sold at auction: A 25.6-carat Burmese Ruby, called the Sunrise Ruby. It was dubbed as the most expensive ruby, gemstone, and non-diamond gemstone in the world, and sold at $30,335,698 in 2015


Chopard is a Swiss producer of luxury watches and jewelry. It was founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who started making jewelry for the Russian Imperial Court and soon became popular among celebrities in Europe. The company has been supplying wristwatches to Olympic Games gold medal winners since 1968. Today, Chopard produces over 20 million timepieces annually with prices ranging from $400 to more than $1 million. 

The famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt received the “Chopard Man of the Year” award at a ceremony held at Rome’s Four Seasons hotel on October 26th 2015. This prestigious distinction rewards actors or directors whose work has made significant contribution to cinema culture around the world as well as those who have shown their support for Chopard. Chopard always has something new for you to choose from with such an amazing variety of products. Whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, earrings or rings, they have it all! You can also find some of your favorite celebrity favorites on their website as well!

  • Famous Wearers: Javier Bardem, Colin Firth
  • Price Range: $2,000-$16.26 million
  • Most expensive Chopard sold at auction: A suite of Emerald and Diamond jewels, sold at $1,171,932.51

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is an iconic jewelry brand known for its quality and luxurious pieces. It has been in business since 1896, when it was founded by a Belgian jeweler named Alfred Van Cleef and his childhood friend Charles-Armand Arpels. The company has since become one of the most renowned luxury brands in the world with stores all over the globe including New York City, London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo and Shanghai. Van Cleef & Arpels provides its customers with distinctive diamond jewelry designs that are designed to suit any occasion or fashion style. 

The brand also offers timeless timepieces such as watches and clocks to round out their selection of top designer products. Some notable clients include celebrities like Jennifer Lopez who wore a Van Cleef and Arpels necklace to the American Music Awards in 2003.

  • Famous Wearers: Queen Marie Jose of Italy, Margot Robbie, Cameron Diaz, Mariah Care
  • Price Range: $1,500-$490,000
  • Most expensive Van Cleef & Arpels sold at auction: 8.24-carat Ruby and Diamond ring, sold at $4,226,500 in 2011


Graff top designer jewelry brand is a company that designs and manufactures diamond, gemstone, and natural pearl jewelry. The company has been in business since 1960. They have successfully created some of the most luxurious pieces of jewelry around the world. Their pieces are exclusive to only high-end customers who can afford them.

They have become an iconic name in the industry with their signature style still seen on celebrities and royals around the world today. Their success is a result of their dedication to quality-crafted pieces that are timeless classics with a glamorous edge. Whether you want to design your own custom piece or purchase one off the rack, Graff has something for everyone!

  • Famous Wearers: Melania Trump, LMFAO, the late Princess Diana, Princess Charlene of Monaco
  • Price Range: $1,350-$46.2 million
  • Most expensive Graff sold at auction: The Graff Pink, a rare 24.78-carat pink diamond, sold at $46 million in 2017

David Yurman

David Yurman is one of the top designer jewelry brands for men and women. The company has been in business since 1980 and produces their pieces from precious metals, gems, as well as recycled metal. They are known for their diamond engagement rings, gold chains, earrings that range from studs to hoops to dangling styles.

The company also offers a selection of watches designed with Swiss parts and powered by quartz movements. These timepieces offer both analog or digital displays so you can find your perfect type of watch. You will also find a great selection of bracelets at David Yurman which come in different colors like black onyx with diamonds set in platinum or rose gold plating with pavé diamonds set in sterling silver. 

  • Famous Wearers: Kate Hudson, Shakira, Brad Pitt, Jessica Simspson
  • Price Range: $300-$50,000
  • Most expensive David Yurman sold at auction: 18K Gold, Diamond, and Citrine interchangeable necklace, sold at $7,380


Buccellati is a famous Italian jewelry company that has been around for over 100 years. They are known for their high-quality, luxurious and timeless products. They use only the finest materials including gold, platinum, silver, gemstones, diamonds and pearls to create their designs which will always be timeless. The company offers a wide variety of styles from modern chic to classic elegance that can work with any lifestyle or occasion. So you’ll never be left without something fabulous on your arm!

What sets Buccellati apart from other brands is the fact that they make all of their designs in house ensuring only the best quality. If you’re looking to invest in something especially fine, I recommend taking a look at this brand!

  • Famous Wearers: Dwayne Wade, Sheika Mozah, Celine Dion, Ian Somerhalder
  • Price Range: $2,000-$50,000
  • Most expensive Buccellati sold at auction: Gold Buccellati bracelet, sold at $72,100


Bvlgari is one of the most well-known and respected designer jewelry brands in the world. They have been producing jewelry for over a century, which means they are extremely experienced in what they do. Their pieces are known to be glamorous and sophisticated. They are perfect for anyone looking to show off their wealth with a little bit of subtlety.

Their impressive collection ranges from necklace pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, cufflinks and more for men or women of any age group. Bvlgari also offers some of the most innovative fashion pieces like their line of sunglasses which come in different styles such as cat eye or aviator frames for both men and women. If you are looking for an upscale gift idea this holiday season, consider picking up an item from the top designer jewelry brands for your loved one.

  • Famous Wearers: Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, Monica Vitti, Keira Knightley
  • Price Range: $1,000-$12 million
  • Most expensive Bvlgari sold at auction: 57.72-carat Bvlgari Sapphire Suitor, sold at $5,906,500 in 2011


Boucheron is a French jewelry designer that was founded in 1858. The brand has been widely known because of the iconic Jardin Boucheron location they have. It’s located right on Place Vendome and it is now one of Paris’ most well-known landmarks. You’ll find plenty of beautiful designs for both men and women, including watches, accessories, perfume, and so much more!

Just like every other luxurious brand, Boucheron has a wide range of designs that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for an earring or necklace to wear to work or something more formal for a night out on the town, Boucheron has what you need.

  • Famous Wearers: Queen Elizabeth, Duchess of Cornwall Charlotte Le Bon, Salma Hayek-Pinault
  • Price Range: $1,000-$285,000
  • Most expensive Boucheron sold at auction: Diamond, Emerald, and Enamel Brooch, sold at $55,974.57

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As you can see, there are many different ways to be fashionable. Whether your style is classic or avant-garde, the jewelry that you choose will help define who you are and what makes you special. We hope this list of 10 top well-known designer jewelry brands has helped spark some ideas for how to find a designer whose aesthetic aligns with your own. So that together you can create a unique look all your own!

Let us know if we’ve been able to give any guidance in helping answer that question by commenting below at SenseOrient! Which one of these designers do you love the most?

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