Top 8 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Formal Men Suits

Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Formal Men Suits

Any man can clean up nicely when sporting a formal suit. A sense of unparalleled elegance comes with a well-put-together tuxedo suit. When designed and crafted to perfection, it makes a man look extremely dapper, respectable, and stunningly handsome. 

However, like any fashionable clothing, there are unspoken rules for wearing men’s suits. No matter how expensive the fabric is, if it doesn’t flatter your body type and build, your efforts will go down the drain. It’s crucial that you become aware of what mistakes to avoid when choosing your formal attire. 

If you’re wondering what fashion mistakes to avoid when wearing formal men’s suits, here are some of them.

Mistake #1 Oversized Jacket 

One of the most common mistakes when sporting a tuxedo is wearing a jacket too loose on the upper body. It’s probably the most common mistake since many people don’t know their measurements and what to look for. Since shoulders are an intricate part of tailoring, it’s essential to know how they fit. Custom tailoring can only be successful if the shoulders fit well. 

This problem can be avoided by fitting the coats before buying them. Whether you go for a ready-made or custom-made jacket, it’s key to ensure that the coat’s shoulder area fits perfectly. Make sure it’s snug and that its shoulder pads end at your collarbone. 

Shoulder seams should be at the edge of the shoulder, and sleeves shouldn’t crumple up. Having the right fit means you need the fabric to fall naturally off the shoulder. An overly large jacket will cause excess material to roll off and form an indentation, which is bad.

Mistake #1 Oversized Jacket 

Mistake #2 Wrong Sleeve Length 

Wearing the right clothes for the occasion allows you to get your style on point. And wearing suitable clothing also means staying keen on the finer details. Sleeve length plays a vital role in a suit’s appearance yet is often overlooked. 

Your shirt sleeve should protrude from the end of your jacket by half an inch. This allows you to compensate for the gap in your wrist. A sleeve that is too short will expose more flesh from your arm, while a sleeve that is too long will cover your hand too much. Hence, always ensure that your entire arm is covered with the perfect sleeve length.

Mistake #3 Prioritizing Brand Over Fit And Style 

Many men make mistakes by prioritizing brand recognition over anything else. Considering fashion formal men’s suits wearing, this is a hard mistake to blame, as companies and world-renowned brands make their products more enticing and appealing through proactive marketing. It’s understandable how some people associate brands with quality and what they need without even considering other variables and details.

Some brands will have a certain weight to their name when it comes to suits or anything else due to a reputation for quality. Indeed, men’s suits are branded and surely meet customers’ expectations. However, some offer poor fit and style. 

Whenever you shop for a suit, the way it fits you and how it appears on your body should be your goal. The brand is not really part of the crucial considerations you’ll need. Remember that even when you purchase a branded suit, the outcome will still depend on the fit and style. 

Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Formal Men Suits

Mistake #4 Choosing The Wrong Tie 

A lot of men wear incorrect ties with their outfits. This is another mistake to avoid, as such a trivial detail can make or break the entire formal clothing look. 

The color and pattern of your shirt and suit should complement each other. Try to consider the color combination of your jacket, shirt, and tie when selecting which one to go for. Read some guides on buying suitable neckties to avoid fashion disasters.

Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Formal Men Suits

Mistake #5 Wrong Trouser Length 

Just like the sleeve length, the wrong trouser length can also ruin your overall formal look. A man will fail to look dapper when his pants are too short or long. 

Many people use the term ‘break’ when talking about how a pair of trousers should fit. To put it simply, a break occurs when the bottom of your trouser leg meets the bottom of your shoe.

There are two basic ways to ensure you have the right trouser length while discussing the ‘proper’ length. The first option is to ensure that the trouser is slightly touching the top of your dress shoe. And another option is to give it a bit more break, which means the trouser is a bit longer but not enough to touch the ground. Choose the one that looks great on your body frame and makes you move comfortably. 

Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Formal Men Suits

Mistake #6 Not Getting Rid Of The Stitching 

This next mistake is very subtle but is a surefire way to ruin your formal attire. Removing the stitching is a common mistake for many men. Take a close look at the jacket before wearing it outside and start eliminating anything that isn’t supposed to be there. 

This is primarily applicable when you buy off-the-rack coats, as they usually have stitching and other loose threads that come with the production. You should pay attention to the outer chest pocket, sleeve, and back vents. During transit, this stitching helps maintain the jacket’s shape, but it should be removed once worn. 

Mistake #6 Not Getting Rid Of The Stitching 

Mistake #7 Overemphasizing On Fabric 

Indeed, you should also consider the fabric material of your suit. Generally speaking, a suit made of natural fibers will be softer and more comfortable than a suit made of synthetic materials. 

However, some men overly emphasize dwelling on materials, forgetting other vital considerations. While it’s crucial to opt for a suit that comes with the best fabric material, don’t let that entirely determine how you choose a suit. 

Top Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Formal Men Suits

Mistake #8 Using The Wrong Accessories 

To look good in menswear, you should make an effort to accessorize to complement the style of your formal look. The truth is, accessories help elevate your handsome outfit. Although this fact is true, it’s essential not to go overboard, as over-accessorizing will only ruin your outfit. 

It’s essential to emphasize it but not overdo it. Wearing three accessories should be the maximum limit. If you’re unsure how to style your outfit, wearing accessories with a similar motif is a great tip. 

Depending on your tie color, you can go for a pocket square that’s perfectly matched the color of your tie. Another helpful accessory is using a belt that can touch up the elegance of your formal wear. 

Mistake #8 Using The Wrong Accessories 

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Remember to look your best when attending a formal event. When preparing your formal attire, you must become mindful of the fashion mistakes above. Beware of trivial or bigger details, as anything can break your dapper look easily. With the right suit, you can take your look from day to night. But with a bad selection or a poorly fitted suit, you’ll be too self-conscious for an evening out on the town. Avoid these fashion mistakes in formal men’s suits wearing and find yourself looking sharp in no time!

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