8 Handbag Brands Making Vegan Leather Look Incredibly Luxe

vegan handbag brands

We are living in a vegan world. While veganism was once considered to be an extreme lifestyle, it has become more mainstream. People are not only vegan for ethical reasons, but also for health or environmental ones too. Vegan leather is one of the newest trends in fashion because it looks so luxe and expensive! 

When it comes to vegan handbag brands, there are a few that stand out from the rest. These vegan handbag brands have been able to create vegan leather products that look just as luxurious and high quality as their animal counterparts. In this article, we will discuss 8 vegan handbag brands who have mastered vegan leather production and why they’re worth checking out!

Simon Miller

Simon Miller has been carrying out their mission for over a decade. They are driven by the belief that living in a world without cruelty and exploitation is possible if we all work together. The firm’s bags, shoes, and accessories are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton canvas and recycled nylon which they purchase from suppliers who adhere to strict ethical guidelines about how workers in their factories should be treated.

If you’re looking for a new vegan bag, then the Simon Miller brand might be perfect for you. They make beautiful and stylish bags with all natural materials such as cotton canvas and faux leather. They believe in creating products for everyone, regardless of gender, age or lifestyle. One thing they like to do to make sure that they are meeting customer needs is through constant feedback. And staying up to date on what people want from their product.

JW Pei

JW Pei is an innovative vegan handbag brand. They make the best quality, most durable bags on the market with a focus on sustainability and kindness to animals. JW Pei is an up and coming, fast-growing luxury brand that specializes in creating cruelty free bags for all occasions. They have so many different designs, colors, and styles of handbags to choose from!

You can find a bag for any season or occasion at a really affordable price too! With their stylish designs and quality materials such as faux leathers and vegan suede made from recycled plastic bottles to help keep our planet green we’re sure you’ll find something perfect for you or someone you love!

Stella McCartney

A new vegan handbag company is coming to the public and they are called Stella McCartney. This brand has been in development for decades! They have a lot of different styles that range from very casual to dressy and come in many different colors.

Stella McCartney offers you beautiful designs that are made only from sustainable materials, such as recycled plastics and organic cotton. This ensures that your bag will not produce any toxic waste or harm the environment when it inevitably ends up in landfills. The company also strives to be environmentally friendly by using solar power at its headquarters and recycling all of its scraps onsite. All products are cruelty-free which means they do not involve any testing on animals.


As the number of vegan leather bags on the market is increasing, it can be hard to know which one will best suit your needs. Nanushka has been designing and manufacturing high-quality vegan handbags for over 15 years with a focus on sustainability and animal welfare. Their products are made from an environmentally friendly material that is 100% biodegradable. And their process is free from chemicals such as chrome, nickel, lead, formaldehyde and more. All of their products are also certified by PETA without any harm done to animals!

There are many different types of handbags available on their website including clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks, crossbody purses and more! These beautiful products are made from organic cotton or recycled materials like denim or nylon (polyester). You can find anything from vegan handbags to vegan shoes on their site.


Senreve is a vegan handbag brand that has been making beautiful, cruelty-free bags for years. They focus on simplified design and function to make their products versatile and timeless. All of the materials they use are eco-friendly and sustainable, including canvas cotton for their totes and backpacks, recycled plastic bottles for their water bottles, and recycled tires for their belts.

The company makes sure to maintain the highest level of transparency about where they source materials from as well as how they create each product. This ensures that customers know what they’re buying into before purchasing any of Senreve’s items!

House of Want 

House of Want is a vegan handbag brand with a motto to inspire and empower women. They use high quality materials, such as all-natural leathers, silks, and linens sourced from around the world to create their bags. House of want has an online store where you can purchase all your favorite products like purses, wallets, belts and more! 

They believe in ethical fashion and use only vegan leathers, including faux fur, silk, cotton or polyester for all their bags. Their mission is to make the purchase of ethically made goods more accessible to everyone everywhere. House of Want believes in living with intentionality and leaving an impactful legacy for future generations. They hope that through this site you will find a piece that will help you live your life with purpose and love!

Matt & Nat 

Matt & Nat is a vegan handbag brand that has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. They have a wide selection of handbags, wallets and other accessories to choose from. The mission of Matt & Nat is to make sustainable fashion accessible and affordable. That makes them a great option when looking for high-quality vegan leather products. 

They offer a wide variety of vegan handbags, shoes and other accessories that are not only cruelty-free but also environmentally friendly. Matt & Nat strives to ensure their products are made from sustainable materials. Such as organic cotton and recycled polyester and they do not use leather or animal skins in any of their products. All of these things make Matt & Nat an excellent choice for vegans looking for vegan handbags!

Mali + Lili 

Mali + Lili is a vegan handbag brand that has been around for over 10 years. It was started with the goal of making high-quality bags without harming animals or using any animal products. They have used sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton canvas. And ethically sourced leather to create beautiful purses, wallets, totes, and more. 

It’s not just fashion we’re talking about, it’s a commitment to the environment. That is why Mali + Lili was created. The bags are made from renewable and sustainable materials like recycled cotton canvas and organic hemp. All with no animal products ever used in production. Made from 100% cruelty-free materials with a design aesthetic that will have you swooning, these bags come in four different styles so you can find the perfect fit for your day-to-day life. From time to time they also offer up some great deals for their loyal customers!

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If you are looking for a vegan leather insole to go with your new handbag, consider one of the brands featured in this blog post. We hope that these 8 beautiful examples have inspired you and given you some ideas on what type of bag might work best for your needs.

Have any other questions about which brand is right for you? Let us know! One of our team members would love to help answer all your questions or find the perfect bag for you. You can reach out online anytime at SenseOrient.

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