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The moon has a profound effect on the Earth. It influences tides, weather, and more. One lesser-known moon phase is its effect on watches. The moon’s gravitational pull causes changes in pressure within the atmosphere that affect how watches operate over time.

There are different moon phases that have their own unique effects on watch operation depending on what type of watch you wear or which type of movement it employs. This article will explain all about the moon phases so you can understand your watch better!

What is a Moonphase Watch?

The moonphase watch is a type of timepiece that has a complication that shows the phase of the moon as it waxes and wanes. The concept was invented by French astronomer, mathematician, and inventor Jean-Baptiste Lepaute in 1765.

In 1851 Louis Moinet created the first modern version with his invention of a small seconds sub-dial to display the age (or number) of days since an event known as either New Moon or Full Moon. This allowed for more precise calculation than previous methods in which only hours were shown on the main dial combined with an equation that calculated how many hours there are between each full or new moon based on actual lunar cycles.

In order to function, this type of timepiece needs a rotating dial or disc with an aperture and pictures of the moon on it. The dial shows how many days have passed since new moon. And also displays where the current phase is in relation to new moon. This information can be extremely useful when planning future events. Such as fishing expeditions, hunting trips, planting seasons, religious holidays, etc.

There are two basic types of watches with moonphase complications. The most common is known as a “bosom” moonphase watch. And that takes a graphical approach by physically showing the moon in its various phases inside a crescent-shaped aperture. The other type is known as a “radial” moonphase watch. And it uses an indicator hand to track the lunar cycle.

How Does a Moonphase Watch Work?

All moonphase watches work by tracking the phases of the moon and giving users an in-depth look into what phase it is currently in, how long that phase will last, and what sign the next phase will be. This can often prove to be a very helpful tool for those who wish to learn more about astronomy as well as plan ahead. So they know when to expect new moons or full moons.

A moonphase watch typically has two dials: one showing time, minutes, hours and seconds; another with a rotating vernier scale which displays lunar month (moon), days elapsed since the last new moon; days elapsed until the next new moon; day of the week for sunrise and sunset times over three years at any latitude on Earth.

Moonphase watches are often considered to be luxury items. And most have features that make them more expensive than other types of watches. They also require much more maintenance than regular wristwatches. Because they need to be adjusted every so often in order to accurately reflect the current solar and lunar cycles.

Why You Need a Moonphase Watch?

The moonphase watch is an excellent timepiece to have for those who are seeking a more elegant and sophisticated accessory. This type of watch needs to be wound daily, but it can keep track of the date, month, day, year and phases of the moon as well as other astronomical occurrences. It’s a great way to know what time it is at night when you don’t want your phone on or need help finding out how long until sunrise!

This information can be used by sailors as well as astronomers to calculate tides, eclipses and other celestial events. In addition, it tells us when there will be full moons or new moons. And that are important days in various cultures around the world such as Chinese New Year or Ramadan. The significance of this knowledge cannot be underestimated because you never know when you could need it!

6 Top Popular Moon Phase Watches

It can be hard to get a sense of what the current moon phase is, but with these 6 top popular moon phase watches you will always know when it’s waxing or waning. Whether you’re a novice or experienced sun watcher, these watches are perfect for all your lunar needs.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Calendar 1558420 Moonphase Watch

Discovering a new watch is always an exciting endeavor. Whether it’s vintage or modern, it can be a great addition to one’s collection. The Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Calendar 1558420 Moonphase Watch is the perfect example of this notion. This timepiece features many of the unique qualities that make Jaeger-LeCoultre watches so desirable and sought after. And including complications such as perpetual calendar with month and day indication, moon phase indicator, date hand with cyclops lens on the dial side at 12 o’clock position for reading in low light conditions, and power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock position.

The dial is protected by sapphire crystal that has been anti-reflective coated to reduce glare on the dial when viewing under different light conditions. The case measures 40mm in diameter with a thickness of 10.95mm. And that makes it extremely comfortable on your wrist. Because you can wear it all day without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Moon Phase Edition “150 Years”

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Moon Phase Edition “150 Years” is one of the most complex, expensive and complicated watches in the world. It was created to commemorate IWC’s 150th anniversary. The watch features a hand wound movement that can measure up to six months. Plus an 18 carat gold moon phase display for up to 99 years (a total of three moons), and a dial with two separate time zones. 

In addition, this watch also has a power reserve indicator on its left side. And that shows when it needs winding again by using dots instead of numbers: 12 dots means it will last for about 3 days while 9 dots mean only 2 days! This timepiece is not just your average wristwatch. It is the perfect timepiece to celebrate this milestone in the brand’s history.

Panerai L’Astronomo Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time

The Panerai L’Astronomo Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time is the latest model from luxury Swiss watchmaker, Panerai. This timepiece features a hand-wound movement with a tourbillon regulator. And moon phases indicator, which are both exclusive to this model. The dial design has been inspired by the symbols found on ancient astronomy tools such as sundials, astrolabes and sextants. 

You can also see that there are two scales: one for displaying hours in 12-hour format (1 to 24) as well as another scale for minutes in five minute increments (0 to 50). The second hand completes one revolution every 60 seconds while the small seconds counter ticks once every second. This model has been used by astronauts on space missions. Because its engraved caseback can withstand extreme pressure differences between atmospheric conditions on Earth and those in outer space.

moonphase watch

Baume & Mercier Clifton 10055 Moonphase Watch

Baume & Mercier has been a leading Swiss watchmaker for over 190 years and is known for their fine craftsmanship. The Baume & Mercier Clifton 10055 Moonphase Watch is no exception with its 47mm stainless steel case, triple-faceted bezel, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This classic dress watch features hours, minutes, seconds, day of the week/date in an aperture at 3 o’clock on the dial with moon phase indicator between 4 and 5 o’clock.

It also includes a 24 hour chronograph function at 6 o’clock that can measure up to 60 minutes or 1/20th of a second. As well as 12 months from January to December indicated by separate date windows. It has a self-winding mechanical movement that can be seen through the transparent back cover – this will never need batteries! This watch also includes an exhibition caseback window to view the automatic winding rotor while it moves inside its own cage; it’s something you have to see in person to believe!

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Omega The Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph Watch

The Omega Speedmaster has been one of the most iconic watches in the world for over 50 years. It was worn by NASA astronauts during their extravehicular activities on the moon. And is still used today as part of a manned space missions. The Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph Watch is based on some of these original designs. And made with modern materials such as titanium and ceramic to ensure that it can withstand extreme conditions. 

The watch functions as an elegant daily wear piece. But also an incredible timepiece for any occasion thanks to its beautiful design, durability, and precision engineering. This high-quality gear will be sure to last you a lifetime without losing accuracy or getting beat up!

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Patek Philippe SA 5146G Moonphase Watch

The Patek Philippe SA 5146G is a stunning watch that features two complications: the date and moonphase. The watch offers an elegant yet classic design, with a white gold case, black dial, silver Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, along with small stars below the numbers indicating the month of the year. The date complication displays day and date in windows at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively.

The moonphase complication displays the day of week (Sunday-Saturday) on one half of the dial while displaying phases of the moon on another half. The hand-stitched leather strap completes this elegant combination for one very special timepiece! This watch has been crafted to offer both style and function for those who are looking for a timepiece that can serve as both an accessory or status symbol.

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Moonphase watches are an excellent way to get a glimpse of the wonders and beauty around us. The moon is such an important part of our lives. It’s only natural we wear reminders on our wrists that tell us what phase it’s in. And with so many different styles available from brands like IWC, Panerai, Omega and more – there’s sure to be something for everyone! If you’re looking for a new watch this holiday season or know someone who might be interested, take some time to browse through these gorgeous options at your local jeweler or online.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how awesome moon phase watches are and why everyone should own one! And have a better understanding about what the moonphase watch is and how it works. If you have any more questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us at SenseOrient. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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