7 Beanies Style Hats for Men or Women: Winter Poetry Poets

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The winter season is upon us, and it’s time to put on your beanies. If you are looking for the perfect hat to go with any outfit, this list of 7 beanie style hats will help you find what you need. From a classic black knit cap that goes well with both men and women, to a stylish pink fur pom-pom earflap hat in honor of Valentine’s Day, there is something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking for something warm or just want some new fashion trends for this year, these hats have got it all.


Made In | Lima, Peru

Ethics | Ethically made, responsibly sourced materials, gives back, carbon-neutral shipping, plastic-free packaging

Materials | Alpaca wool

Price Range | $43.28–$69.25

We all know that winter is coming. The cold air bites at your nose, the wind whips through the trees, and it’s time to get ready for winter. One of the most important things you can do when preparing for winter is getting a good pair of beanie hats! I personally love Mamacha because they have so many different options to choose from. They are also really soft and cozy which makes them perfect for this type of weather. If you’re looking for some new beanies or just want to see more about what they have to offer then check out their website for exploring! Whether you prefer Canadian-style toque hats, bright berets, or cable-knit alpaca wool beanies, this brand has what you need.

Ally Bee 

Made In | Scotland

Ethics | Recycled & responsibly sourced materials, low waste, ethically made, plastic-free packaging

Materials | Lambswool

Price Range | £55

Ally Bee, named eponymously after its owner, launched in 2014 in London as a luxury knitwear brand. The company offers a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics for you to choose from. The best thing about beanie hats is that they’re not bulky like other types of winter wear which makes them perfect for keeping your hairstyle intact during these cold months. These are perfect for running errands around town during these colder months or adding an extra layer when you go skiing this year. No matter what your style is or how much time you have before winter arrives, they have a beanie for everyone! They also make for a great gift idea if you’re looking to buy something special for someone this holiday season.


Made In | Peru & China

Ethics | Responsibly sourced & organic materials, fair trade, gives back

Materials | Cashmere, wool, & organic cotton

Price Range | $48–$78

Outerknown is a company that has been making beanies and hats for many years. They are most known for their winter line of clothing, which includes outerwear such as jackets, fleece zip-ups, and beanies. Outerknown wants to help people keep warm during the cold months with their high quality products. They are focused on making high quality winter beanies hats for people, with the goal to improve their lives through comfort and style. Outerknown has created a bunch of different styles of winter hat including pom-poms, slouchy beanies, woolen caps, and more! The materials used in these hats include 100% cotton, acrylic yarns and blends of wool and cashmere.

winter beanies hats senseorient


Made In | India

Ethics | Fair trade, organic & responsibly sourced materials, recyclable packaging, repair & take back programs

Materials | GOTS certified organic cotton

Price Range | $49 AUD

Kowtow is a New Zealand brand focused on doing things right. They offer high quality, durable and stylish headwear to keep you warm this season. This company not only offers great products but also provides excellent customer service and they are always there to help you out with any questions. Their mission statement: “Kowtow is committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible by providing professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service”. They have a variety of styles, materials, and colors to suit any style or need. Their winter line includes both acrylic and wool as well as other materials such as cotton. If you’re looking for something fashionable this winter then Kowtow has what you’re looking for!

winter beanies hats senseorient

Krochet Kids

Made In | Peru & Uganda

Ethics | Ethically made, responsibly sourced & recycled materials, gives back

Materials | Recycled polyester, responsibly sourced wool

Price Range | $14–$50

Krochet Kids is a company that specializes in creating high quality, eco-friendly and affordable beanie hats. They’ve designed their products with comfort and functionality for all ages in mind. Krochet Kids touts itself as the “original social good headwear brand.” All of the hats are hand-made in Peru & Uganda by women who earn a living wage, which helps them out with food, shelter, healthcare, education and more! They believe that these winter accessories can be an important part of someone’s style while staying warm and cozy all year round. If you’re looking for an amazing gift this winter season or just something special to keep your family warm this winter season then check out these great hats made of Alpaca wool!

winter beanies hats senseorient


Made In | China

Ethics | Certified B Corp, Fair Trade certified options, sustainable & recycled materials, ethical & eco-friendly production, gives back

Materials | Recycled cotton, wool, nylon & polyester

Price Range | $35–$49

Patagonia is a company that has been making high-quality clothing for men, women and children since 1973. They are committed to corporate responsibility, environmental activism. Patagonia offers different styles of hats including knit caps, ear warmers, wool hats, fleece hats and more. And beanies are one of their best sellers this winter season because they come in an array of different colors and styles. They offer a wide variety of beanies for men, women, and kids in different colors with their signature logo. From lightweight fleece to heavy-duty wool, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking to purchase a hat this winter or any time of year that’s perfect for snowboarding or skiing then check out Patagonia today!

winter beanies hats senseorient

Organic Basics

Made In | Scotland

Ethics | Certified B Corp, ethically made in Europe, recycled & responsibly sourced materials, eco-friendly production, gives back

Materials | Recycled wool or cashmere

Price Range | $60–$80

Are you looking for a winter beanie hats brand that is organic? If so, then look no further than Organic Basics. These are the perfect winter accessory to keep your head warm while also being eco-friendly. They are made with cotton and wool, which makes them 100% organic. This Denmark-based brand designs its pieces in-house then responsibly produces them in factories in the UK. Here you’ll find both recycled wool and recycled cashmere beanies in up to eight colors to match your wardrobe. Help get waste out of landfills and into your closet this season.

winter beanies hats senseorient

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Beanie are the perfect winter accessory. They keep your head warm, look stylish and can even be used as a fashion statement! If you’re looking for some new beanies to spice up your wardrobe this season, check out these 7 styles of men’s or women’s hats that will have people turning heads everywhere you go.

Choose from knitted wool caps, chunky knit pom-poms, lace trim snoods or more traditional fur trimmed ones with removable ear flaps – the choice is yours! If you need help deciding which beanie is right, our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you! Have any favorites already? Let us know below at SenseOrient.

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